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 Ophélie Robichaud Application (Accepted)(MIA)

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Ophélie Robichaud Application (Accepted)(MIA) Empty
PostSubject: Ophélie Robichaud Application (Accepted)(MIA)   Ophélie Robichaud Application (Accepted)(MIA) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2007 7:58 am

IC Intro:

Dear Most Esteemed Officers of the Highland Confederacy,

I am interested in joining because, while I am of French descent, I have a long personal connection with Scotland and with your cause in general. I am a merchant of much experience, and feel that your organization offers a perfect match in terms of history, commerce, and camaraderie. As foreigners flying under the French flag, you will no doubt be in need of my ability to talk with your French brothers-in-arms. Finally, and most importantly, I hate the damnable English!

Character Description:

I was born in France but moved to Scotland at a young age. It was there that I was trained as a navigator and merchant, doing business initially in Africa before coming to the Caribbean. Being of French blood and Scottish upbringing, I'm a bit of a cross-cultural pariah.

Player Description:

I'm 21, from New Orleans but currently living in California as a history major. Eventually I'll be a lawyer...someday Wink.

Official Forum Name: ShrineGuard

Profession: Merchant (I might switch! Not positive, but almost certainly a merchant).

RP to me: RP is simply being able to have fun, something I never take too seriously. At the same time, I love to RP, so I'll never turn it down. I also like to put effort into my RP, so even though I'm just in it for fun, I still like to make sure I know what I'm talking about. In the end, my RP is always flexible to the needs of others. My immersion isn't broken by an OOC comment, but I won't take my own perspective on RP as the norm.

Why join:

Well, I was drawn in by the back story, even with so little of it presented. I do have some background in this particular time period in British history, so I know I can make a character work near-effortlessly with the background I know will be provided. Beyond that, you already seem to be friendly and fun, so I know that I really can't go wrong. I look forward to a happy future ahead!
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Hamish MacBane
Hamish MacBane

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Character sheet

Ophélie Robichaud Application (Accepted)(MIA) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ophélie Robichaud Application (Accepted)(MIA)   Ophélie Robichaud Application (Accepted)(MIA) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2007 8:50 am

Dear Madam,

It is with great interest that we received your letter. The French have certainly been kind to us and we would be happy to speak with you about how you might further help us and perhaps we might help you. For there will be ample chance to pursue the English dogs if sailing with us. We are sending this to the post mark where we received it, in hopes it will find it's way to you. I do not know your location, but please find us currently sailing out of Martinique in the Lesser Antilles. Ask for Hamish or Dermid, we are known. Someone will bring you to our attention.

Captain Hamish MacBane
Highland Wind

OOC: Great app, as was Jon's. I'm excited about the people coming to this group so far! Oh, don't worry about needing to RP the story further unless you want to in the Copper Penny Publishing. I just wanted to give an RP response.
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Ophélie Robichaud Application (Accepted)(MIA)
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