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 *holds her jacket close and brushes wet hair out of her eyes

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PostSubject: *holds her jacket close and brushes wet hair out of her eyes   Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:13 pm

Nicole clutched her jacket close; water soaking into it as the rain beat down in waves. The ship pitched and tossed and caused even her experienced feet to shift for balance. Her ponytail poured water down her neck and she brushed loose hair from her eyes as she squinted into the waves looking for the damn pirate that was running from her.

" Gaah damn Rat. I gonna catch ye if it takes me all night an yer gonna pay for making me sail in this cursed storm." Lightening struck almost on que as if God himself was sending a warning to her for cursing. "I should not be sailing in this storm. Lightening is going to bring the mast down or strike a gunner too close to the cannon."

((Sorry mes amis- I had to shut down fast a couple times today. We have been getting spots of thunderstorms all day. Who woulda figured rain and lightening on the East Coast at this time of year.... and global warming isn't occuring- yah right. Hopefully I will be on tomorrow and there will be clear skys and birds chirping.))
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*holds her jacket close and brushes wet hair out of her eyes
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