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 At least a little positive news...

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PostSubject: At least a little positive news...   Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:51 pm

From today's devlog:

I had hoped to use the Commendations to allow dedicated players to obtain ships outside the usual economic channels. What’s become clear is that it isn’t dedicated players doing this – it’s everyone. What’s more, the gameplay experience when you get a ship that way is either uninteresting because the ship is too cheap, or it’s aggravating because of all the commendation grinding you have to do to afford it. Even if we manage to hit the sweet spot between those extremes, we’re still seeing the market for any ship given out via commendation crash into a below-cost pile. That means that the ‘free’ ships are the preferred ships, because they’re always cheaper than the ‘non-free’ alternatives. In hindsight, this is a pretty obvious and inevitable outcome. I’m therefore removing all the free ships from the commendation exchanges. The writs aren’t changing, but the endless piles of Bermuda sloops are going away.

Now if they will just do something about the no-sink upgrades...

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PostSubject: Re: At least a little positive news...   Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:49 pm

Good news for the economy. It did not make sence to me to 'give' ships or anything created by a player as a reward.
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PostSubject: Re: At least a little positive news...   Mon Apr 07, 2008 4:03 pm

The fact that they still offer shot, fittings and the like is still a problem. I hate to compare PotBS to EVE-O but when it comes to PvP/RvR and Economy done right EVE-O is the perfect example of it done perfectly. The main difference is that the scale in PotBS is too small. EVE-O has thousands of way to set up a ship. PotBS has dozens. Because of this EVE-O can better absorb the nominal faction upgrades that players can earn through missions whereas in PotBS a decent player can get replacements fairly cheaply and not touch the normal economy.

No free ships is an excellent first step. A giant first step. But it isn't nearly enough. The rest of the article shows they're just expanding the PvP economy with the idea that it is somehow going to help the normal one. There should have one, period, not two.
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PostSubject: Re: At least a little positive news...   

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At least a little positive news...
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