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 Event Ideas

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PostSubject: Event Ideas   Event Ideas Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2008 6:56 am

I have a few ideas so let me get opinions on them.

First of all a Ladies tea and a gentlemans social.

The Ladies tea is where al the women (PC) would get together in formal dresses and have tea,or rum, or scotch. and just socialize. While in High Fashion.

along time ago I hung out in a goth crowd and the ladies did this. I was not there to witness it but when I went to pick a few up and drive them home they were trashed but having a blast.

so we got all the gothy guys to do the same we got black tie apparel and went to a cigar bar. The fun part was letting people who wore lots of make up metal and leather (much like someone from 1720) be formal and play dress up for adults.

Another Idea is A thunder run or pub crawl we start in charlesfort hit every bar until belle isle. The winner would say be the one who makes it to belle isle in one piece while rping intoxicated

I am also going to look into period parlour games.
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Event Ideas
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