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 The Story So Far. . .

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Merchant Captain
Merchant Captain

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Locations: Belle Isle, New Orleans, Irish Point
Production: Shot, Cannons, Fittings, Powder, Unrest Supplies
Requirements: Saltpeter, Limestone, Doubloons

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PostSubject: The Story So Far. . .   The Story So Far. . . Icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2008 1:38 pm

Deoiridh (pronounced Dory) D'Alembert hails from the area of Inverness. The death of her French husband left her with little money once his debts were discharged; however he had possessed a couple of struggling munitions enterprises in the Caribbean, which prompted his wife to travel to the New World and administer them herself. She arranged for letters of introduction to the Highland Confederacy's Proprietor-General, Hamish McBane through a mutual friend, Duncan Lochartte, and bid a sad farewell to her sister Alanna, married to a doctor and living in London. Travelling Light is a regularly updated thread that tells part of Deoiridh's story through letters, especially those between Alanna and Deoriridh, and also includes portions of Deoiridh's journal.

In what may, or may not, be a significant detail, a close friend of Alanna's husband is one James Lamont, who was present in his youth at Namo Larkin's wedding.

Deoiridh's arrival in the New World was delayed by Atlantic storms, allowing some disturbing news to precede her arrival. The Early Post describes how Simon "The Fox" Fraser, scheming head of Lovat's Frasers (a historical figure and, sadly, a distant relative of mine) wrote to different officers of the Confederacy trying to secure support for his double-dealings. All the letters, however, contained one disturbing factor in common: the allegation that Deoiridh had killed her husband.

No one in the Confederacy has yet raised the issue of these allegations, although several members have come close. However the suspicion they occasioned, coupled with several attacks on Confederacy property that coincided with her arrival led to Benoit Bontecou confronting her at gunpoint in the upper floor of The Albatross.

Deoiridh was strangely absent from the momentous Confederacy masked ball, for reasons that seem to have to do with a mixture of distaste for the aristocracy and discomfort with her appearance (she walks with a marked limp, has a glass eye, and the best makeup cannot quite conceal some facial scarring). Society members have been gracious enough not to comment outwardly on her appearance, although there has been private speculation as to the nature of her deformities.

She has currently staged a rather dramatic appearance in The Albatross in torn and blackened clothing, covered in someone else's blood. This may or may not be related to a recent abrupt departure from her ship off the port of New Orleans. As her crew gathered in concern and the details of an attempted assault on Deoiridh emerged, she finally confessed that while there were some mitigating circumstances, she had in fact willingly and enthusiastically hastened the departure of Monsieur Gustave D'Alembert from this mortal coil.

Deoiridh D'Alembert, Freetrader.
Merchant Captain of Le Rire de Dieu
out of Belle Isle, New France

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PostSubject: Re: The Story So Far. . .   The Story So Far. . . Icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2008 8:25 am

Unfortunately, I have not written any of my stories yet. They exist as outlines and as notes taken in the huge number of boring meetings I attend.

Here's a brief synopsis of my 2 characters -- with an attempt to leave out the surprises:


Edeor MacGregor was born in 1669 and spent the first 19 years of his life as "Edeor Bobbitt", the name "MacGregor" being risky to carry at the time, and indeed outlawed at one point during this time. He grew up in Glasgow raised by his mother early on, and aunt and uncle until he was 12. His uncle was a scholar and trained the boy in Latin, Greek, French and Mathematics.

At the age of 12 he began working on a fishing smack owned by a kindly old man known only as "Hammond" (actually his paternal grandfather) . The old man died when the boy was 16.

Edeor then made his way to Eyemouth (East coast of Scotland, south of Edinburgh) where he was hired to work on the ships of a merchant based there. Since he was fluent in French and Latin (though his English made the Londoners stare) he was appointed cargomaster after his third month, and within the first year he was the master of one on the company's Chasse-Maree Channel cargo ships.

In 1688, now 19, he suddenly left his employer and disappeared. He turned up in France a few months later and received an unusual appointment as a warrant officer in the French Navy.

He distinguished himself several times in battles during the War of Spanish Succession and was promoted to the highest position possible for a non-French to reach in the Navy.

In 1718, at the age of 49, he terminated his service amicably and received letters of marque as a private man of war, whereupon he headed for the Carribean. At this time he finally took up his ancestral name of MacGregor.


Bognor Regis was born in 1695, the third son and fifth child of a minor aristocrat in the eastern lowlands of Scotland. He spent much of his early life in France and at the home of his mother's family (Campbell) in western Scotland.

His best friend and companion was L'Dave McGraw, born also in 1695, to Hamish McGraw. The McGraws were at one time retainers to the Regis family, though the relationship was somewhat tenuous in these more modern times, and the older McGraw had spent most of his life in military service in France. In their mid-teens the boys spent a couple of years at the tiny McGraw estate, near Paris, though with little oversight their education did not proceed as their mothers would have quite preferred. (L'Dave's mother in fact had died at his birth.)


It should be apparent that I like Edeor's story better than Bognor's, but Bognor is more fun to play. Edeor is always so sad...

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PostSubject: Re: The Story So Far. . .   The Story So Far. . . Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 1:05 pm

As an orphan, Chantilly Angevin (then named Celestine Hayes) grew up under the watchful eye of a convent in her birthplace of Marseilles. She was entrusted with many duties there as an adult, but in a desperate act of immature love, stole a sum of money from the convent and booked passage to New Orleans. It ended badly.

A group of local pirates, fascinated that such a small, meek woman was capable of such crimes, took her into their crew, and taught her to fight. She was dubbed "Mean Celestine" by the locals and they terrorized the Louisiana coast. However, her time with the pirates came to an abrupt end when the captain decided to take from her what she had been denying him.

She took a new name to hide her former life, and was invited to join the Highland Confederacy. She spent some time with them and grew close to Emile deMontfort, the liasion to the French Navy. He is able to have her crimes pardoned on account of his station; however, their relationship becomes strained.

She nearly missed the Masquerade Ball after she learns that her friend Seamus has been captured by the English at Port Royal. She joins with Cathern and Marcus to mount a daring rescue.

After the rescue, Chantilly begins to suffer an affliction of the mind that causes her uncontrollable spells. She often sees confusing things that appear to be the past or the future during the spells, but she isn't able to put it together into anything coherent. Soon afterward, she and a number of captains disappear and are hired by a mysterious company called the Compagnie des Iles Occidentales. Any time she is seen by her former colleagues, rumors fly wildly at her bizarre behavior.

... Mysterious events transpire that are lost in the haze of time...

Chantilly reappears a little less than a year later, obviously worse for wear. Chantilly runs into Emile, who has been in Europe during her absence, and Deoiridh. Emile and Chantilly are surprised to see one another. Emile is very contrite and regretful over events that have transpired. After some time recuperating and readjusting to life, she asks to rejoin the Highland Confederacy, who accept her reluctantly, noting that she is much different than when she left.

She begins to abuse laudanum in an effort to control her affliction and deal with her past, especially over the death of her lover, Marcus. This causes her to become even more erratic than before. This concerns her friend Seamus, who mounts an intervention.

A mysterious figure from Chantilly's past attempts to kill Emile. The attempt fails, however, and the fallout drives yet another wedge between the two. Another mysterious figure appears that seems to know where Marcus is buried, and she resolves to put that chapter of her life to rest.

She strikes up an unlikely friendship with an outspoken revolutionary named Langford, finding herself intrigued by his ideas while wary of the level of trouble he seems to find himself in. When the magistrate in St. Augustine sends the Royal Guard to arrest him, Reynaud relies on Chantilly to save his life as a whirlwind romance develops.

However, the relationship splinters when Reynaud and Emile go head to head in St. Augustine over their differing viewpoints. Chantilly originally supports her revolutionary, but once she realizes that Reynaud's attack is against her home port and Emile, whom she's always cared for, she feels betrayed. She is unable to return to St. Augustine before the revolution happens and fails.

After the attack, she decides to head north to deal with Marcus' death, which she has been putting off for too long. Upon her return to Florida, is caught off-guard by the Marquis, who has been frantically expending resources to find out what had happened to her. His relief quickly gives way to anger that she'd neglected to tell him she was all right, and the ensuing revelatory argument sends her reeling.

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Namo Larkin
Namo Larkin

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Character sheet
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Production: LV, Teak, and Ships
Requirements: Hulls or Parts for Hulls

The Story So Far. . . Empty
PostSubject: Namo Larkin   The Story So Far. . . Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 2:38 pm

A series of unrelated circumstances has brought Namo Larkin to the Caribbean. In search of his youngest son Danivar he runs into a group he thinks has knowledge of Danivar's where abouts, The Highland Confederacy. I will get to the reason in time but when he sees a group of them in Grenville he finds on old acquaintance in one Emile deMontfort one of the officers. On one of his early missions to Leogane he spots Emile with Marie Honor which triggers "Returning to an earlier time in my life" and so begins his recall of his youth. The dreams continue for a few days until he returns to Tampa.

Then in the normal flashback in time he recalls the events of the New Years Ball in the story of "A Comming of Age" and his friendship with Emile is changed from fearful to friendly. So much so he invites hmi to attend his upcoming "Wedding". During "The Ceremony" his old friend Ralph says goodbye. Then Namo's life crosses Emeline a strange girl afflicted with a second sight. While he tries to reach out to help her on his new wife's behalf it proves uneventful.

It is not long before Namo gets his first real job working for his Father and a Captain D'Alembert. In the story "The Job" his knowledge of the seas and merchant transport is guided by the Captain, but at the same time their differences on how to view Woman's place in the world divides them.

Later when the Highland Confederacy is divided by the departure of several of the members and officers it was his connection to the remaining leader that keeps him with The Highland Confederacy. One Deoiridh D'Alembert the wife of his earlier Captain and now the Proprietor General of the Confederacy needed help. He offers his knowledge to keep the remaining merchants working together.

A few contacts with the French Navy come and go when surprisingly Namo's oldest son Danto is assigned duty with the Confederacy.

((more to this to come as the stories are written but that is where I am at this time))

Namo Larkin
Ship - Auberean
Normal Tour - M-F 8-10-East S-S off and on.

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PostSubject: Re: The Story So Far. . .   The Story So Far. . . Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 4:30 pm

Seamus O'Flynn was born in Ireland but spent his early years in Scotland fostered to his mothers uncle the Cheiftain of the Clan McKendrick. Seamus' father was an officer in the French Army's Irish Brigade and his service kept him on the continent for much of Seamus' childhood.
When Seamus was 12 years old his mother died of the plague and he was sent to Paris to join his father and begin his education. Seamus was given the typical education of a young man from an aristocratic family. Whenever he wasn't in school Seamus stayed with his father amd the regiment he commanded. While there he learned a great deal about the military arts as well as how to handle the sword and the pistol.
At the age of 20 Seamus joined his father's regiment as a cadet in the cavalry company.
Seamus served in the Irish Brigade for 8 years having risen to the rank of Lieutenant in command of a light cavalry squadron before he mustered out. Seamus' father was retiring from the army and intended on settling outside of New Orleans on a large plantation that the Crown had granted him as a reward for his service. Seamus had decided to join his father and make a life in the New World. Sadly thier ship was attacked by an English privateer not far from Grenville. Seamus and his father joined the fight against the English boarding party and while they were victorious his father had been mortally wounded. Determined to have revenge Seamus sold the plantation and all it's goods, using the proceeds to outfit his first ship. His military connections made it fairly simple to get a Letter of Marque and Seamus began his life as a Privateer.
After 4 years in the Carribbean Captain O'Flynn was approached by the Highland Confederacy because of his reputation and his relation to the McKendricks, a clan long known to be Jacobites. Seamus accepted thier offer and swore his sword to the service of King James and the Confederacy. Among the Captains of the Highland Confederacy Seamus found stalwart comrades and a motley but fiercely loyal new family.
After helping to plan the first Confederate's Ball with Madame Baudelaire Seamus had the misfortune to be caught in a storm that severly damaged his rigging leaving his ship almost helpless when an English Royal Navy patrol stumbled across him. Plucked from the sea after the sinking of his ship they hauled Seamus to Port Royale as a prisoner.
Once there they began torturing Seamus in order to extract information about the Confederacy and it's meeting places, agents, and captains. Before they could break Seamus he was rescued by a combination of Highland Cofederacy captains and a small group of Irish mutineers who joined his crew after the escape.
When Chantilly was recruited into the Ordo Custodes Fidelis he followed her sensing the danger of her new life and determined to repay her for helping to save him from Port Royale. Seamus escaped the fall of the Custodes by luck, he had been sent to Copenhagen to pick up a relic when the Ordo Umbra struck. After his contact for the relic tried to kill him Seamus fled by land staying on the move to dodge the Umbra's killers.
It took him 6 months to be shake thier agents and get passage to Scotland where he sought refuge among the Clan McKendrick. After a few months of peace the Umbra found him again but rather than try to infilitrate his Clan they turned to the Clan Campbell. Long time enemies of the McKendricks they were easy to incite threatening to go to war against the McKendricks unless Seamus was handed over. The Clans Cheiftain refused to turn him over and ordered the McKendricks to prepare for war. It was well known that the whole of the Clan could be outlawed or destroyed for this course of action. Seamus begged his great uncle to turn him over rather to let him be the cause of such great suffering. He still refused telling Seamus that no man who was raised in his house would be turned over to the Campbells while he was the Cheiftain.
This exchange was overheard by the Cheiftain's son Connor who had been like a brother to Seamus during childhood. Connor tried to convince his father to accept Seamus' request but failed so he attacked and killed his father with his dirk because he felt he had to save the Clan. Seamus was returning to to tell his great uncle that he was leaving so they wouldn't have to fight over his fate. Finding Connor standing over the body Seamus
went into a rage and drew his own dirk after Connor fell under his blade Seamus fled knowing that no one would believe Connor had killed his own Father. To this day most of the Clan think Seamus killed both men. Seamus slipped out of Scotland and into Ireland booking passage in Cork to return to the Carribbean.
Reuniting with the Highland Confederacy Captain O'Flynn has also reunited with those who saved him back in Port Royale so he has redoubled his efforts to repay the debt of honour he owes to them. As well as resuming his active role in the war effort against the enemies of Scotland, the Confedracy, and France.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story So Far. . .   The Story So Far. . . Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 6:47 pm

Reynaud's life is a life of conflict.

He was born in 1697, Bristol County, England. His father was a soldier, and his mother an unsuspecting tradesman's daughter. Born as a bastard son of Albion, he was abandoned early in his life when his mother died of smallpox and his father left to campaign abroad, all but forgetting his child. Left in the care of the city fathers, he was taken up as apprentice to a local printer.

Much of his youth was spent setting type and working the press in his master's shop. It was a childhood full of books, and it sparked a lifelong love of the written word. After teaching himself to read, he tore through anything he could get his hands on. Bibles, political pamphlets, as well as the works of Virgil, Shakepheare, Homer, Milton, Malory, More, Hobbes, and Locke. From an early age, he had a keen memory and a gilb tongue, taking delight in writing silly rhymes and small observations on scraps of paper.

Whenever he could, he escaped from the shop and wandered the streets of Bristol. He listened to sailors spin yarns of far-flung nations, watched as misers begged for scraps of food, delighted in the pomp and ceremony of the local government, and watched the tradesmen toil to meet the next quota.

((Need to run - to be continued.))
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PostSubject: Re: The Story So Far. . .   The Story So Far. . . Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 2:56 am

Full Name: Cathern Flowers (la Fleurs)
Nicknames: Cat, Cathy
Date of Birth: 20 Sep 1696
Age: 25
Country of Origin: England
Affiliation: France
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5í2
Weight: 115

Place of Residence: Tampa
Place of Birth: Hastings, England
Known Relatives: Luc and Philippe (half brothers)

Ship's Name: several
Ship Type: several
Additional Ship Information: several schemes

Life Outlook/Philosophy: The Old World behavior and expectation for women can be destroyed by women of courage in the New World.

Occupation: Privateer
Society Affiliation: The Highland Confederacy
Society Rank: Regular Member

Likes: Flowers, education, forging her own path,
Favorite Foods: Honey and nut covered biscuits, smoked meats
Favorite Drinks: Scotch
Favorite Colors: Dark shaded colors, pinks
Weapons of Choice: Cutlass & pistol
Dislikes: Pompous nobles, British aristocracy, Royal Navy
Hobbies: Writing, taking in the scenery at ports of call.

Physical Features: Her skin is marred by a number of battle scars though fortunately, they can be covered up easily under her clothes.

Positive Personality Traits: Confident in her abilities, intelligent, good situational awareness
Negative Personality Traits: Conflicted between the woman she wants to be and the woman the world expects her to be
Misc. Quirks: Plays with her hair when in thought or nervous

Played by What Famous Person: A young Rebecca De Mornay
Theme Songs:

History: Product of a cross channel romance/marriage. Her mother was English, father was French. Cathernís mother inherited an import/export business. Cathernís father owned a shipping company. The two were business partners and ended up wed. Her mother became Catholic to get married. An English lord used that and trumped up charges that money was owed him to seize the business in England. The family moved to France but hard times set in though by no means were they poor, having more money than many nobles. Seeking better business opportunities they relocated to the New World.

Cathernís father often taught Cathern the ways of the sea despite her motherís disapproval. Shortly after getting established in Tampa a hurricane killed her parents. It was only later she discovered she had half brothers, product of an affair her father had going on. More recently fell in love with Hew McDraig but he has disappeared for months, she assumes lost at sea and has found the unknowing and waiting more than she can bear and is ready to press on with her life.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story So Far. . .   The Story So Far. . . Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 5:06 am

((Note: This profile is from the perspective of his ex-Naval Intelligence Lieutenant, Ray-Jean Houle,))

Given Name: Kaeldurn Le Roche
True Name: Good luck.
Nicknames: "La Roche"
Date of Birth: May 28th, 1692 (Supposedly)
Age: 27 ((I don't remember the exact year it is in game))
Country of Origin: France
Affiliation: French Navy
Gender: Male
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Blue with flecks of Green
Weight: 220 lbs at full gear

Place of Residence: No permanent homes but he frequents New Orleans, Grenville, and Port De Paix. He seems to have contacts and friends there.

Place of Birth: Will not say, seamen who've worked with him long will tell you a different tall tale each time you ask. The most colourful being "He punched his way out of the womb of the Virgin Mary.", they try not to mention that around the Spanish.

Known Relatives: "I have a mother back in the homeland." is all that's ever been mentioned, I wouldn't ask his crew, either. Lest you wish to hear another tale about womb punching or some such absurdity.

Previous Ships: "Poule Rouge/Red Hen" - Heavy Snow (Damaged beyond repair, skuttled with no honors), "La Moissonneuse/The Reaper" Bermuda Sloop (Sold), "Intercepteur/Interceptor" Mediator sloop (Sunk in battle with pirates), "L'Ardent/The Ardent" Xebec (Sold) "Coureur de Vin/Wine Runner" Stripped Lexington (Sold), "Vengeance" Mastercraft Stralsund (Sold), "Le Bord/The Edge" Mastercraft Corsair Xebec (Sold)
(These are the ones he admits to captaining, not those he served on.)

Current Ships: "ConquÍte/Conquest" Defiant, "Cutlass" Mastercraft Arcadia Xebec, "Revy" El Dragon Barque

Additional Ship Information: He currently commands the Conquest as his "Flagship", however before leaving he was considering putting in a build request for a more powerful flagship. I have no idea why he owns the Barque, or why it's called "Revy" ..Perhaps someone he cares for?

Life Outlook/Philosophy:

Honestly, placing this isn't easy, but I suppose a few things he's said to me would give you an idea. I took the liberty of putting in more clear speech

"Breeding, and Royalty mean nothing if it is not backed Honor and Deeds."

"Honest dubloons weigh less, Lieutnaut."

"This ship, and the men on it, are not just another layer of wood and bodies to be thrown at convoluted plans, I wish those damned fools at the Admiralty knew that."

Occupation: Naval Officer in Service of France

Society Affiliation, Current: Highland Confederacy
(I have no information on this organization, I would request information on them should I be serving under Captain La Roche again.)

Society Affiliation, Previous: The Damned Yankees
(I haven't even heard a word of this Society, however from what I gathered, they were a powerful group quite focused on plundering Spain's holdings here. From what I have seen, few Spanish ports will allow him to dock.

The Society has disbanded, apparently, but he continues to fly the flag and unfurl sails holding their symbols, a coiled snake, and blue white stars upon the sails. The flag is merely a faded red and white striped flag, though he has mentioned he wishes to personalize it.)

Enemies: I can't say he has any powerful enemies, at least from what I have seen during my 8 months aboard his ship. He has mentioned none, and we had not been harried by any. It may be that his foes, much like the Yankees, have left these waters.

Likes:Honestly, aside from Rum, and a Good fight, I have seen nothing really change the way he holds himself. The former usually meaning he grows slightly less professional, and far more sarcastic. The latter means he will be sporting a rather deranged grin on his face.

Favorite Foods: He is fond of Limes, other than that, I have seen nothing that he really favors. That said, he will often put slices of lime or the juice from a fresh lime into anything he drinks.

Favorite Drinks: Rum, and Grog are his frequently quaffed beverages. He doesn't really seem to favor wines or other drinks. Though I admit I spent precious little time with him at port.

Favorite Colors: Dark Red and Blue

Weapons of Choice: Cutlass, Numerous pistols, Grenados, a knife and small pouch of flash powder stucked away in his sash. At least that's what I've seen him use. He carries so many weapons about that I begin to wonder where he keeps them all.

Dislikes: He seems to have a great disdain for the Spanish, or more specifically those who are overly religious or superstitious. He's had some sailors of spanish origin on his ships before, they either learned to curb overly-pious actions, or were left at the next port we dropped anchor at with a month's pay.

He distrusts most forms of "free" captains, thinking most are potential pirates. However in these waters this isn't abnormal, or is it incorrect. Those who fly the Brethren flag are at best kept at blade-length, or cannon-length, depending on the situation. He's quite fond of hunting down fugitives working for the Brethren, but less so with the other independent pirate crews.

Another major factor is that he does not take any form of disloyalty sitting down. Crewman who've been caught in such acts are punished harshly.

Hobbies: Dice playing, though I will admit that I only saw this happen during the one time I went ashore with him. Oddly, he didn't gamble much money, despite his pay.

Physical Description: If you met him walking down a road, you would quickly make your way across to avoid him. At first glance, he appears to be nothing more than a ruffian. His face is painted almost constantly by an disinterested stare and a frown.

His hair is bleached by the sun, and his skin is tanned and scarred from his life at sea, suprisingly enough, his clothing does not reflect the same wear. While it is rarely fitting attire for an officer of the Navy, it is kept in good repair, and despite what you would expect from him, often quite clean.

That said, it causes him to look even more imposing than he normally is. He rarely seems to change up what he wears. That being a long sleeved shirt, a vest, often striped, a pair of breeches, and thick boots with a large cuff, which has once concealed a knife. He ties a Dark red cloth around his neck, and a large sash of the same colour around his waist, these two pieces of clothing are constantly worn, though it is thought he has several of the same pieces. I often wondered if perhaps this was a 'uniform' from his previous society, but I have my doubts. Over this, he always wears a volumnous longcoat. He seems to favor a blue and white striped coat, especially in battle. However he has been seen in a Lieutenant-Commander's coat, though this is when he must be formal. He seems to dislike official officer's wear.

When he is in ports or suspects battle, he is armed to the gills, those these weapons are often concealed within his longcoat and sash. That said, as he walks, you can often hear the soft clanking of various pistols, grenados, and various knives.

Positive Personality Traits: Despite what many in the Intelligence office may think, he is quite trustworthy. He doesn't even seem to consider dishonesty or disloyalty. Every pact and promise I saw him make, he delivered upon.

He is fair, and honest to his crew, and seems to have their well-being in mind more often than the mission.

If you were to hear him speak upon his ship, or amongst the common folk, you wouldn't think he is even capable of speaking French correctly, however he seems to be able to speak and act quite according to what the situation requires. His appearance and personality allowing him to blend in quite well in port. His Patois and English are second to none, his Spanish seems to be highly slurred, however. He does seem quite capable of speaking eloquently as well, but I don't think he see's the point in it.

Negative Personality Traits: His pride is immense, despite what I assume is a low birth. He does not take kindly to unfounded pride. I've found he's very, very sarcastic, especially with Sailors of Captains he trusts.

However, while in battle I myself tried my best to avoid him, especially if it was a Boarding action, or a mission in-port. His expression and aggressiveness is unnerving. I still wonder to this day if that is his true nature, and if he's just holding back because he finds the reactions entertaining.

Misc. Quirks: Several crewmen have coined him a "Combat Pragmatist", he doesn't feel a quick strike or dirty tactic is beneath him, especially if the foe is dangerous. One told me that he once shot a Spanish captain who wished to settle a battle on a duel between commanders, while he was kneeling to pray before the fight. This was apparently effective as he claimed that the enemy ship gave up immediately. Though, this was the same sailor that later told me he punched his way out of a certain religious figure's womb, take that into advisement.

He has a knack for producing a lime on his person quite often, Considering his ability to hide weapons, a lime wouldn't be that difficult, especially considering how much he seems to favor them. I do believe I've seen several in a small bowl in his quarters as well.
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The Story So Far. . .
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