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 A Day in the Life of Athos and Faye

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A Day in the Life of Athos and Faye Empty
PostSubject: A Day in the Life of Athos and Faye   A Day in the Life of Athos and Faye Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 6:18 pm

A day has passed in which Faye remained on land to negotiate some trading post routes and Athos went in search of bounties. The sun is setting on the waters when Captain Athos Renard of the Le Fils de Renard returns to Tampa. He can see Faye's dockyard as he sails up to the city.

Standing on the deck, he watches the workers as they sail into harbor. Faye's Girls, as she has called them, all seem to be tucking it in for the night. They call back and forth to one another; little dockrats with lots of attitude. He recognizes a few of them. There is Gizane Frey, her striking lieutenant. She's known to Faye as her right-hand-gal and looks unmistakably dangerous. And Yvaine Rousseau full of strawberry blond ringlets and earnest countenance. Then Sidonie Severin, a swashbuckler to be sure and cool as ice.

There are others but he has yet to learn their names. They all came with Faye or gravitated to Faye once here. They are all young women who have limited futures but good minds and strong bodies. Under Faye's guidance they learn by apprenticing to other ladies in her employ.

But he grins to himself, amused. Just the sorts Faye would keep around her. He steps down to oversee the men as they set into harbor and drop anchor. He has plans to meet Faye at the Tavern. She's probably drunk as a skunk by now and full of tales of "diplomacy" for him. They always prove interesting.

Once the ship is anchored and the crew heading ashore he turns off down the road toward the tavern. The tavern's bustling with life. It's warm and inviting and Athos can't help but notice Faye in the midst of a lively crew of her gals, like some faerie queene in an evening revelry. They are drinking and laughing, some of them dance or sing with the fiddler and piper. A rowdy little crew, but well-loved here and well-mannered to be honest. They're free and it shows in their high spirits.

It seems Faye's been waiting for him. Her back's to the wall and her face to the door. She looks up as the three patrons ahead of Athos stroll in first, watching eagerly to see if it's really Athos who enters behind them as the other men shamble off to find seats. A change comes over her face just seeing him. A warmth reserved only for him spreads across her cheeks and her eyes shine with a happy light not easily extinguished.

He smiles back and makes his way over toward the gaggle of girls and their leader. Faye rises to greet him and holds out her hands for him to take. He takes both in his and raises them to his lips to kiss. The girls giggle and scatter like winds.

"How do you fare?" she asks in her sweet French-Breton accent. Anything spoken always sounds like a song. And she is as Athos expected; quite three sheets to the wind.

"Busy day. And quite profitable. Very long, though."

"Drinks?" she asks.

"Please. A little something to wet my whistle would be appreciated. Just about as much as your company. How was your day?"

"It was as I expected. Too much talking."

Athos laughs. "Ah, poor Faye. Sounds like I need to take you back out and around again."

"I would like that. Anything to get off land for a little while. As you can see, I started drinking without you. But I intend to finish with you, one way or another."

She smiles up at Athos in her delightfully friendly way, leaning in as if for a kiss. She is all flirtations. He smiles back.

"Well if you want in on some easy work, I can prowl the seas around St. Augustine and keep an eye out for Bloodyarms and you can help me bring them in."

"Are you suggesting I go aflirting with other men?" she teases and smiles.

"Only with me looking over your shoulder, luv." He grins at Faye playfully, the Highland brogue in his voice coming out now.


"Damn straight. I ain't sharing with anyone."

She laughs outright. He smiles, very warm hearted. By flirting she means opening fire without remorse and that the name of her ship is more irony and sarcasm than truth. When she tells her crew to "turn about and blow them a kiss," it means to give them a full out broadside. Most men run.

The barmaid brings around his stiff drink and he slips back into a more proper French accent around her, downplaying his Scottish brogue.


After the girl leaves, Faye proposes a toast. "To grapes and coffee beans. May I never have to plant them, understand them, or wait for them, to earn money from them."

He chuckles and raises his glass. She was a trader through and through -- not a merchant -- and he expected nothing less. And it was clear from her tone that she'd heard one too many detailed analyses today. She clinks her glass to Athos's and drinks. He also drinks.

"The Pillow Talk's been idle too long and the shipyard is coming along well. I can leave it with the girls for a day."

"I saw it from the decks as I came in. It'll be a fine yard alright. Start small and work your way up."

She nods. "Ah, he'd be very proud if he could see it," she says almost to herself and takes another large drink.

"Who'd be proud?"

She gasps and looks at her cup. "I'll ... tell you later."

Her cheeks are bright red. He looks a bit surprised to have hit upon something so personal, but nods and lets the subject rest as it is, turning to another drink.

"And what do you plan to do after the yard is built and the trading routes established?"

"I thought I'd find a nice Catholic boy and settle down to get married."

He chuckles, looking at Faye playfully, a twinkle in his eye. That wasn't going to work. For he was neither good nor Catholic.

"Non?" she asks, clucking her tongue afterward. "There I thought I might have something going but I suppose not."

She takes another swig before she continues. "But you're right. I will settle down only so far as you know my nature will abide."

"Namely in a port where you can readily take off again at a whim."

"Someone has to test the ships, mais non?" she reasons.

"To be certain."

"Still, thanks to these merchants, I ought to make a nice little pocket of change, and all for a good cause."

"Excellent news! I've been looking into supplies. I think I may invest in some land."

"Oh, tell me all about it. It will be just as exciting tomorrow when I'm sober I'm sure!"

He laughs. "I'll spare you the details, but I've come into the possession of some deeds. If I can find some fir and oak merchants in the area as well, I can easily supply your line with resources."

Her jaw drops.

He grins. "Did I do good?"

"Considerably so! I am floored." Though that could have been the chouchen.

He smiles, looking pleased with himself regardless and took another drink.

"If things look well, I can move my resources over from Charlesfort and get started."

"Ahh! I could kiss you!"

He leans over the table for her. She does not hesitate and presses a soft kiss to his lips.

"It looks as if I may have a hard time in Sisal soon," she says then. "I also may need to go scouting territory to relocate."

"Yes, I've heard talk around the ports that with the current political climate here the crowns at home may have to to negotiate over their colonist's zealousness." He looks rather amused. "I guess we'll see how that goes. I'd be happy to help you relocate if you need it."

"I must admit I may need your help, Athos," she confesses. "It was a big establishment to set down. There are many resources that will need transfer."

He nods. "Just name a time and a place to meet and I'll be there."

"First I must choose a new home. And my time is running out." She exhales like a little pony.

He smiles. "What are your options?"

"I have too many -- that's the problem." She laughs sweetly and sucks down more chouchen.

"I'll do what I can to narrow it down for you then."

"Plus a few of my girls are coming into their majority soon. They will need to be given their inheritance."

"Well tell your lasses that common supplies for ships include anchors, cannons, canvas and riggings, and wood of various sorts. So a forge is certainly in order. And a plantation for hemp harvesting along with manufacturing of sails. These are the necessary investments."

She nods, considering it all, her mind slowly growing more clouded by the chouchen and pleasant company. It is better to look at Athos sometimes than to talk business with Athos; so her mind is telling her right now.

"Well then, enough business. More pleasure!"

She waves over another round. He smiles and with a nod sets aside his empty glass to make room for the next.

"You have been subjected to business all day too I imagine," she says.

"Indeed I have. And while I much prefer your business, I prefer your pleasure more."

Her eyes sparkle. But at that moment, a cry of young voices comes to them from the door.

"We're leaving, Captain!" Seven lasses were waving over to her. She looked over and waved back.

"Do be careful now that it's dark!" she called back. "The boys can't see you coming!"

As if they would -- what -- trip on them? They were fearless as Faye had taught them to be. Her "girls" laughed uproariously and walked out. They were armed and dangerous, and had nothing to fear.

"Lock up your sons," Athos says, amused. "The La Roux girls are on the town."

"Gizane will look after the boys with a nice big stick if necessary." She grins like a cat at Athos. "Chase them home."

"I think that's what most of the men are hoping for."

"Mais pas, Athos," she replies playfully. "That is just your own perverse brand of enjoyment. Wild women with wild tempers who go too far."

"Mais oui." He grins at Faye playfully over the rim of his glass. Faye grins back.

And so the night unfolds much like it always does, and their fond rememberance of it grows hazy and dreamlike by morning. That is the way of the Caribbean seafarer, the way of freedom and of drink, and of the passionate pair who find time for each other at local taverns between daunting tasks.
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A Day in the Life of Athos and Faye
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