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PostSubject: Sea Urchin   Sea Urchin Icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2008 10:21 am

Hew was guided through the dilapadated house. The sour faced woman brought him to a room. This is the girl Captain. Hew looks at the girl. "Your name is Sara is that right girl?" Hew asked of the urchin. The girl nods. "Can you sew, and do domestic chores? She nods again finally looking Hew in the face. "Can you read and write? speak french or spanish?"
The girl finally speaks "only some patois sir"
Hew turns to the orphanage matron. "she will do have her belongings packed and take her to my ship."
"Sara girl you are to come to Tampa and be the ward of my dear love Cathern. She can be very strict but also very kind and loving. You will get an education maybe even sent to europe for schooling" Hew addressed the now demure girl. "Do you understand Sara?" The girl looks up "yes sir i do understand." "get your things we are off to tampa. First new clothes to get you out of those rags"
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Sea Urchin
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