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 The streets of Charlesfort are flooded with small leaflets..

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PostSubject: The streets of Charlesfort are flooded with small leaflets..   Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:38 pm

~: Allegory of the Caged Tiger :~

Man, above all else, is animal. We are all born of the earth in a perfect state of nature, and we will all return to it. A natural philosopher will argue that animal needs only nourishment and shelter to survive. Yet there is another component that both human and animal require to live; freedom. A tiger caged with steel will languish and die. A human, caged by cruelty, oppressive laws, taxation, corruption, and squalor can do little but struggle to live. Far better to live a short life in freedom than a long life of servitude to an empty cause and a fickle king.

What, then, challenges man’s inherent claim to freedom? Many would blame the nobility. They tax the common people relentlessly with no thought for the health and welfare of the lower classes. Born into positions of luxury and influence, they take to the erroneous assumption that wealth and ancestry can determine logic and reason. True leadership is not determined through birth or divine right, but rather through acumen and a mandate from the masses. If the aristocracy put half as much time and money into administration and leadership as they do into petty warfare, easy women, and extravagant lifestyles, many of society’s problems could be easily alleviated. They are the keepers of our cages, deaf to the cries of the sans-cullote and blind to the misery surrounding them. Despite this, a simple coup against the ruling class would prove bloody and fruitless.

No, it is our ideas which cage us, and our ideas which must set us free. Our servitude is of our own choosing; we accept the gilded lies which we are given, the lies that tell us ‘this is how life was meant to be, and this is how life must be’. Are we men? Or are we children, suckling the sour milk from the cold teat of a mother nation, clinging to the remnants of a corrupt society? A system that chokes us, starves us, and leaves us to die? A system reeking with blatant injustice?

Viva libertie! Equalitie! Fraternitie! Let ‘freedom’ be our new creed, and let ‘liberty’ be our battle cry! Let men and women, equals in the eyes of the Revolution, break through the cage and shape the fate of the New World!


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PostSubject: Re: The streets of Charlesfort are flooded with small leaflets..   Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:10 pm

The odd sound of crinkling paper under her boot against the dock snapped Chantilly out of deep thought on her way back out of Charlesfort. Irritated for the interruption, she moved her foot to the side to push the paper off into the bay.

Suddenly she stopped mid-push, the title catching her eye. "Allegory of the Caged Tiger"? She stooped down and picked it up, smoothing the creases with her fingers while skimming it quickly. "Langford..." she whispered to herself. Chantilly's head snapped up to scan the docks for his presence, but the docks were oddly quiet for the the time of day, and she was sure that if he was nearby she'd at least be able to spot some commotion or another.

Sighing, she folded the leaflet and neatly tucked it away for later perusal. As she resumed walking down the dock to her ship, one corner of her mouth perked upwards in an unreadable cross between a smirk and an unfinished smile.
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The streets of Charlesfort are flooded with small leaflets..
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