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 A tattered sheaf of cheap parchment, tacked to the inn door.

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PostSubject: A tattered sheaf of cheap parchment, tacked to the inn door.   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:02 pm

~: The Necessity of Revolution :~

"What is the purpose of government? To bind, shackle, and oppress? No –it is to lead, to guide and to administrate. Government exists for the people, and by virtue of the people. Men of authority are not masters, but rather servants – they serve the greater good of society, not their own self-interest.

Therefore, it is a citizen’s obligation, to both himself and his country, to speak out against the crass injustices within our faltering system. When the law is unjust, there are times when the only just course of action is to break it.

We are slaves to our old ways of thinking, shackled shadows of ourselves, grown meek and complacent in the face of stifling authority. The more we receive, the more we take for granted. But the time draws near for us to bite the hand that feeds us. The time draws near for us to break the chains of ancient dogma, to join as free brothers and sisters in the establishment of a new society. A society founded on the strength and free will of the individual, a society in which rights and freedoms are recognized and defended. The freedom to speak out, the freedom to think, the freedom to live a full life. Life, liberty, and property. This is no treason, but rather loyalty – loyalty to ourselves, and loyalty to the human spirit. No revolt, but a revolution – a revolution of free thought, and age of reason and

Our ideas are what cage us, and our ideas are what will set us free.


Since it was hung up, the parchment had attracted the attention of an illiterate urchin, a stray cat, and a handful of unamused seagulls.
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A tattered sheaf of cheap parchment, tacked to the inn door.
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