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 Flower delivery

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PostSubject: Flower delivery   Flower delivery Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 8:14 pm

A young boy runs up to Chantilly's cabin and knocks nervously on the door. He waits for the door to open. When he does, he presents a bouquet of purple hyacinths to Chantilly. Not just any bouquet, but a massive bouquet. It is all the young man can do to hold the flowers in his arms. Attached to the bouquet is a not with the letters CM on it. The young man holds out his bare hand and smile at Chantilly. Whatever could he want?

She took the bouquet from the young man, then turned the note over in her fingers a few times. She blinked in confusion. CM? Who was... It took a minute before dawning on her. Conagh MacLoran.

An apology? For the other day? But... she bit her lip in uncertainty. His words still echoed at her, and although their edge had dulled over time, she found them still capable of cutting. 'Ice queen.' Is that how people perceived her now? Cold, distant? Unable to make a human connection? Perhaps it wasn't altogether unjustified. She found it difficult to trust anyone after the last few months. So much betrayal. So much... loss.

She realized the young man was still there, and she stared at him for a moment. "Do I... owe you for the delivery?" she stammered, reaching for her coin purse.


The street urchin who delivered the flowers returned to MacLoran.

"Well lad, did she say anything? Did she like the flowers? Did ye see anythin' in her eyes that might tell ye what she be thinkin'?"

"Non, monsieur," said the lad, "She only asked if she owed anything for the delivery."

"Damnation!" burst MacLoran, "Now she probably be thinkin' that I am sendin' her flowers an' havin' her pay for em! What did ye say lad? An dinnae lie to me or I'll box yer ears!"

"Oh, no Monsieur! I told her that she did not have to pay for the flowers, but I did say if she would like to give me a sou or two for bringing them to her that I might buy my widowed mother and my frail sister a crust or two of bread."

"Does that ever work for you, lad?" asked MacLoran.

"Usually it works well, Monsieur!" said the imp, showing MacLoran the coins Chantilly had given him.

Ha! MacLoran thought to himself. The lass does have a heart buried in there after all. I thought as much. Now... how do I touch that hidden place? MacLoran handed the boy 5 doubloons.

"Monsieur! I cannot take so much money!" exclaimed the boy.

"To have seen a smile on that angel's face would have been worth ten times that amount to me lad. Go home now. I may have need of yer services again some day." MacLoran closed the door to his cabin and returned to his charts.


Chantilly nearly laughed for a moment as she shut the door and put down the bouquet on the nightstand. How... absolutely bizarre, she thought to herself, sinking down onto the bed. She studied the hyacinths for a moment - they truly were a magnificent color. She'd never seen any like them before.

Of course, she also wasn't much for flowers, truth be told. They were a depressing sort of reminder, their color fading and leaves growing crisp and dry with each passing day, as if to say, "Even what is beautiful and vibrant will die, and crumble to naught." Solyne would chastise her for that opinion, she knew. Something about appreciating such things while they last and not focusing upon their ultimate demise. But Sol had been talking about relationships, and did that wisdom really translate to dying plants?

Chantilly shrugged to herself. It was an odd way to express regret when a simple "Je suis vraiment désolé" would have done just fine - and that was if he really owed her an apology at all, to be fair. It hadn't exactly been a one-sided flurry of less-than-kind jabs. Still, she supposed it was gentlemanly of MacLoran... just an odd gesture, to be certain.

It didn't matter. She'd have to remember to thank and return the apology next time she saw him. She sighed heavily, then stood, grabbing her jacket and preparing to head out for the evening. Her usual nightly headache was coming on, and she needed a drink.


((log from in-game mail exchange. fun times Very Happy ))
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Flower delivery
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