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PostSubject: Revolution   Revolution Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 12:10 pm

They came from over the land in quiet carriages, and across the seas in silent ships. They came with books and journals, parchment and quill. They came with dreams and hopes and fears and passions, with lofty goals and old ideals. They came with burning eyes and hungry looks. They were the writers, the thinkers, the fools and the madmen. They came to raise hell.

There is an hour between dusk and dawn when time seems to slow. The world holds it's breath, and only the murmur of the wind can break the deathly silence.

There is a moonlit street where only lost men go. Beggars know of it, and guard the secret well. Crumbling buildings line a narrow lane, and phantom faces leer from empty windows.

It was at this hour and to this empty street that the wanderers journeyed, to a ramshackle house with a flickering lantern in the window. It was here, by the light of a sputtering taper, that they spoke of Tomorrow.

"Kemp, what are our armaments?"

"Two hundred muskets and seventy-nine crates of shot."

"Enough for a peasant's revolt, but not a people's revolution. Our ships?"

"Two cutters. My men are building gunboats as we speak..."

"...not enough to face the royal navy. These are trained fighters, not wooden soldiers. Langford? What news from Tortuga?"

The first speaker was a tall men, his hair cropped short, face criscrossed with jagged scars. The younger revolutionary was perched atop a packing crate, his face illuminated by the dim candlelight. His old look of amusement was replaced by an expression of calm determination.

"Brothers, I bring good news. The captains of the Brethren Court show an interest in our cause. They, like us, value freedom above all else."

"But will they aid us? How much are they willing to sacrifice?"

"I can't say. But Kidd has promised to send his aid, provided that his captains will share in the victory. I assume that by 'victory', he meant..."

"...spoils of war?" The elder dissident shook his head. "I wish there was another alternative. But without ships, without men, and without guns, our revolution will be quickly crushed."

"This isn't a conquest or military campaign, Roberts. If we are to preach peace, then..."

"Langford, your ideas are noble. You are an example to us all. But the time for words draws to a close. If we value our freedom, we'll fight for it. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Liberty is won in blood."

There was a low murmur of assent from around the table.

"Then we are agreed, brothers - the time to act draws closer by the hour. We'll show them our teeth, and let them feel our sting. To liberty!" A cheer rose from the gathered artists, thinkers, and madmen.

It had begun.
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