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PostSubject: Chantilly Logs   Chantilly Logs Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 11:09 pm

((Now that I have chat logging enabled... it'll make it easier for me to post our little impromptu works of fiction here. Some of them may be written up as narratives later, others not.

More of my quest to continue making all the RP that goes on more visible. ^_^ ))
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PostSubject: Re: Chantilly Logs   Chantilly Logs Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 11:11 pm

Chantilly Angevin knocks on the outside door of the Marquis' office and lets herself inside.

[Emile deMontfort]: *From behind his desk on the far wall, and without even looking up, Jacques Danton says, "I am sorry, but you will have to come at another time. The Commodore is quite busy."

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I... I know he's busy. But if you could just tell him Chantilly is here... I won't take long."

[Emile deMontfort]: *At the sound of her voice Danton's pen pauses midstroke.* Ah... Mademoiselle Angevin... Lieutenant! Please let the Commodore know Mlle. Angevin is here to see him." Without another word, Danton returns to his writing.

Chantilly Angevin shifts her weight uncomfortably, her arms folded in a nervous gesture as she waits.

[Emile deMontfort]: *After a few moments, the lieutenant decends the stairs taking the steps two at a time before returning to his seat behind his own desk. "He is ready to see you Madmoiselle Angevin."

Chantilly Angevin inclines her head apologetically as if to thank the lieutenant, then climbs the stairs and tentatively steps inside the office.

Emile deMontfort's desk, usually free of any sort of clutter, is coverd by numerous charts, maps, and what appear to be reports. At its center lies an unfinished letter.
[Local] [Emile deMontfort]: Chantilly... I would ask what trouble Langford has gotten himself into now if I did not already have a fair idea...

Chantilly Angevin looks at the disorderly state of the office with a bit of alarm. "You... you do?"

[Local] [Emile deMontfort]: Oui, I do.

Chantilly Angevin cannot hide the look of confusion mixed with fear on her face. "That's... impressive. Considering he hasn't told *me* what the trouble will be..."

Emile deMontfort is mildly surprised at this confession, but gives no real sign of it.
[Emile deMontfort]: He had the courtesy to tip me off himself.
[Emile deMontfort]: Which leads me to believe that he is either suicidal, or that he is really a damned fool.
[Emile deMontfort]: Either way, seeing as you have no knowledge of his plans, what is it that you came to speak to me about.
Emile deMontfort, no longer bearing any great interest in the conversation begins scanning what appears to be a map of the port.

[Chantilly Angevin]: Her gaze falls back onto the maps and papers with a dumbfounded expression.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "I... I guess I just wanted to say goodbye."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "And... that I'm sorry. For ever involving you in... all this."

Emile deMontfort looks up, once more, this time visibly surprised, and perhaps a bit distraught.
[Emile deMontfort]: Goodbye? What in God's name do you mean by that?
Emile deMontfort's tone isn't harsh, but inquisitive.

Chantilly Angevin sighs deeply, looking away. "You saw the scene Mme D'Alembert made the other evening. Continuing to associate with Reynaud has made me... persona non grata. And I'm only bringing the Confederacy trouble.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "That wasn't my intention when I chose to help him, but... it's the path I'm on now, and..."

[Local] [Emile deMontfort]: And...?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "... Well..." She shrugs, still not looking at him. "I guess I'm going with him... Reynaud. In his 'suicide mission'."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "That you seem to know more about than me." She laughs, forced, uncertain.

Emile deMontfort scoffs at the situation.
[Emile deMontfort]: Then you are the damned fool. To follow him will mean death for you and all the others he has taken in with his naive ideals.
[Emile deMontfort]: And it will be beyond the scope of my powers to prevent.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I know that." She finally looks at him now, her face conflicted. "That's why I came to say goodbye, and that... that I'm sorry. For this, and for... for everything."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "I didn't want to go marching off to my death without at least saying that much. Maybe I should have said it a long time ago."

Emile deMontfort sighs heavily.
[Emile deMontfort]: It is... appreciated.

Chantilly Angevin sighs, the short response stinging her, as if she'd expected or hoped for something else.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "You should... thank your brother." She smiles a little bit. "Obnoxious as he is, he tried hard to do right by you the other night."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Maybe if he'd showed up sooner..." She trails off, uncertainly, leaving the end unsaid.

[Emile deMontfort]: I will thank him, then, and pass on your regards.
Emile deMontfort's face has become a disinterested mask, giving no hint at the turmoil in his mind.

Chantilly Angevin seems to flinch at the coldness, and she turns away. "You're busy. I'll... I'll leave you to it. Whatever it is that's so important."
Chantilly Angevin's voice has taken on an almost bitter tone, and she's turned to conceal that tears have started to form.

[Emile deMontfort]: These... preparations... are perhaps the hardest I will ever have to make... they are very important indeed.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I'm sure," she mutters, barely audible, "very important." She begins to walk out.

[Local] [Emile deMontfort]: Adieu... Mademoiselle Angevin...

[Chantilly Angevin]: She stops for just a moment. "Adieu... Emile." She walks out of the office, then tears down the stairs and practically runs out of the office, trying to get out before she loses her composure completely.

Emile deMontfort holds his temper until he hears the door downstairs slam shut behind her, and then, with a yell of anger, frustration, and even pain, upturns his heavy mahogany desk scattering papers and ink everywhere.
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PostSubject: Re: Chantilly Logs   Chantilly Logs Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 9:01 pm

Marcus Villnius is rowed up to the docks as he surveys the damage.
Marcus Villnius steps up to the docks.
[Marcus Villnius]: have the men offload the gear and get to the warehouse see what the damage is

Chantilly Angevin speaks to a few dock workers.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "What do you MEAN you don't know where the body was taken?"

[Marcus Villnius]: no leave the books for now I'll go through them later...

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Why do I care? WHY? She tried to kill me, you idiots."

Marcus Villnius looks throught the bustle of people on the docks for the familar voice

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Look, I'm not just the 'victim', all right? I'm her next of kin."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "So if you don't mind..."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Could you please point me in the direction of someone who WOULD know where you put her body?"

Marcus Villnius nods the men off towards the ship

Chantilly Angevin folds her arms crossly as the dockworkers shrug and cower.

[Marcus Villnius]: good to see up and about again Captain

Chantilly Angevin stops berating the workers and turns her attention behind her.
[Chantilly Angevin]: Oh, Mr. M.
[Chantilly Angevin]: I don't know whether to thank you or throw you off this dock.

Marcus Villnius tilts his head

[Marcus Villnius]: neither are necessary

Chantilly Angevin sighs. "Then I won't bother with either one."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Some bloody revolution it turned out to be..." She looks around at the relatively peaceful-looking town.

[Marcus Villnius]: hmm fortunate, I was expecting far worse
[Marcus Villnius]: though I imagine most of the citizens were quite rattled none the less

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I heard the Marquis managed to put down the unrest... nearly peacefully..."
Chantilly Angevin seems a little stunned as she thinks about it.

[Marcus Villnius]: well the crown would not have put him at his position if he was not good at it

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Haven't heard exactly how he did it... have you?"

[Marcus Villnius]: no only that the pirate fleet was put in a quick retreat to more...sociable waters

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Cowards." Chantilly spat. "I told Reynaud not to trust them."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Still, I'm glad they turned back."
Chantilly Angevin looks back towards the town again with a sad expression. "I wish... I'd have been here." She looked at Mr. M. "I know you found it amusing, but... I still think I could have made a difference."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Could have convinced him to stop. That it wasn't worth it." She sighs. "I suppose it wasn't necessary in the end, but..."

[Marcus Villnius]: you might have been able to, or you might have bleed to death in the attempt

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Would that really have been the worst thing?"
Chantilly Angevin sighs. "I promised him I'd help. No matter what. My life... inconsequential."

[Marcus Villnius]: are you so eager to die? find some release from your mortal trappings

[Chantilly Angevin]: "No... I'm not. But I was prepared for it. And at least... in this, it would have meant something."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Now... with Reynaud in custody, I've lost him, and the cause with him."

[Marcus Villnius]: have his cause already been lost...then perhaps it was nothing but a selfish dream...

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Selfish... maybe. I don't know anymore."

[Marcus Villnius]: if the man dies with his dream then it was merely a mirage...if his dream lives on in the people, never to be forgotten then, it is a dream worth sharing

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I don't know which of those his will be."

[Marcus Villnius]: maybe you can still make a difference...
Marcus Villnius stops short as if some distant memory is recalled

Chantilly Angevin looks at him in curiosity.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Are you all right, monsieur?

[Marcus Villnius]: I..." shutting his eyes "...I...m alright... just" clears his throat "a little parched"

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Perhaps... you should see yourself over to the tavern, then..."

[Marcus Villnius]: yes... all in due time" the momentary lapse dissaperars behind the facade again, "I must see to my warehouse make sure some pillot hasn't decided to take advantage of the recent distractions

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Of course..." She smiles tautly. "And I need to get back to tracking down an old woman's body. I'm hoping they didn't dump her into the sea, but it's... looking that way."

[Marcus Villnius]: I had no idea who she was...I submit my appology for not bringing...her with us when we left

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I... appreciate that." She sighs and looks down. "Seems I have a habit of losing my family's bodies, anyway."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "My father was lost at sea... my grandmother... Marcus, though he wasn't technically family. Close enough at the time."

[Marcus Villnius]: mademoiselle
Marcus Villnius bows respectfully to you.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Anyway, I'm keeping us both with my rambling." She smiles.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Be well, monsieur."

[Marcus Villnius]: may you find that which you've lost
Marcus Villnius tips his hat to you.
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PostSubject: St. Augustine Tavern, a week and a half after the uprising   Chantilly Logs Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2009 7:44 pm

Seamus O'Flynn sits at a table with a glass and a bottle of red wine before him
Seamus O'Flynn is staring down at the table lost in thought

Chantilly Angevin walks into the familiar bar and gives a faint smile at the quiet sound of music coming from the balcony.
Chantilly Angevin scans the patrons, searching, then spots Seamus across the room. A mixed expression flashes across her face.
Chantilly Angevin approaches and says quietly, "Seamus."

Seamus O'Flynn snaps his head up "Thank God!"
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Chantilly it's good to see you alive.

Chantilly Angevin smiles. "You were worried."

Seamus O'Flynn smiles back "Aye i was mo Chera"
[Seamus O'Flynn]: You're healing well i trust?

Chantilly Angevin pats her left shoulder. "She was a poor shot."
Chantilly Angevin has tears in her eyes, and reaches out for a hug.

Seamus O'Flynn shakes his head and embraces Chantilly
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Who'd have thought it
Seamus O'Flynn blinks back the begining of tears

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I killed her..." she sniffs. "It's over."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: You did what you had to.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "She was right, though... she was trying to stop me from joining Reynaud."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: At least when i forced a choice on you i didn't shoot you.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "True. But you wanted to, if it would've stopped me... didn't you."

Seamus O'Flynn shakes his head "Never that i would've taken a bullet for you not put one in you"
[Seamus O'Flynn]: That's why we drugged you, I couldn't draw steel on you and forgive myself

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Bah... semantics." She pulls away, a sad smile on her face. "You should've. I've been such an idiot, blind... how did I not realize he was going to attack here?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: In all fairness i didn't think he'd make a target so personal
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Seemed more like a grudge then a revolt
Seamus O'Flynn shakes his head sadly "You know i had to salute Emile and call him Sir"

Chantilly Angevin snorts and supresses a grin. "Oh no, your pride. Quite the casualty."

Seamus O'Flynn chuckles softly "Well at least he was polite about it."
[Seamus O'Flynn]: but i swear if he calls me Lieutenant i'm going to shoot him."

[Chantilly Angevin]: "No gloating?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Very little by his standards
[Seamus O'Flynn]: And it's not even lent
Seamus O'Flynn laughes and motions to the barmaid for another glass
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Glass of wine?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Please."

Seamus O'Flynn takes the glass from the barmaid and pours a helthy portion for Chantilly sliding it over.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Merci... for not following me in my stupidity." She smiles.

[Seamus O'Flynn]: You're the one who made me stay

Chantilly Angevin shrugs. "Merci for assisting the Marquis as well," she says, taking the glass and sniffing at it a bit.

[Seamus O'Flynn]: It's safe see i'm drinking it too
Seamus O'Flynn grins and takes a deep drink

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Just taking in the aroma..." She smirks. "Damn Irish don't know anything about wine, do they."

Seamus O'Flynn strikes his hand to his chest "You wound me my dear, Was i not schooled in Paris?"

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Supposedly," she teases.
Chantilly Angevin takes a sip and sets the glass back down, her smile fading a bit. "Did... the Marquis seem all right?"

Seamus O'Flynn I've never seen so much fire behind so much ice
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I think he really cared there for awhile Chantilly
[Seamus O'Flynn]: But more importantly how are you?
[Seamus O'Flynn]: You seem in better spirits then i've seen in a long while.
[Seamus O'Flynn]: And it does my heart good

Chantilly Angevin sighs. "I won't lie, Seamus. I'm bitter, and I'm hurt, and I don't know whether to even bother asking to see Reynaud. I loved him, but I can't shake the feeling that I've been used. And his going against the Marquis..."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "That was an attack on me, as well, even if he didn't realize it. He probably thinks I'm dead at this moment, as he sits in his cell. And... somehow, I know that this is what he wanted before I came along. So I have a peace about it."
Chantilly Angevin shrugs. "It hurts, but... there are things I need to do."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Emile slapped the pistol out of my hand with the flat of his blade when we found Reynaud you know.
[Seamus O'Flynn]: You're going North?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "What the hell were you going to do?" She stops short and blinks. "He did what?"

Seamus O'Flynn looks away from Chantilly "He had a pistol so i was going to fire."
[Seamus O'Flynn]: And Emile stopped me.
Seamus O'Flynn takes a long drink of his wine

Chantilly Angevin ponders this for a moment, silently, her eyes churning.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Why...?"
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Did he want the honor of doing it himself?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: If it were two months ago i would've said so he could trade him for more influence
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Now i can't rightly say i know
[Seamus O'Flynn]: And that vexes me too

[Chantilly Angevin]: "He... he didn't... do it for me... did he?"

Seamus O'Flynn reaches out to top off Chantilly's glass.
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'd be a liar if i said i knew Mo Chera.
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'm sorry.

Chantilly Angevin shakes her head as if to banish the thought. "It... was a stupid question, anyway. He wouldn't..." She sighs and takes a drink. "Don't worry about it."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Do you want me to go with you up north?
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I owe him too

[Chantilly Angevin]: "No... it's all right." She gives a weak smile. "This is something I've been putting off for too long. I need to do this by myself."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "I'm taking the Tartane... if I'm lucky, it should be a short trip. You'll hardly miss me."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: If that's your will i shall abide
[Seamus O'Flynn]: You be careful though
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I've a theater outing planned with Cathern and i'd hate to miss another chance for a rescue
Seamus O'Flynn smiles

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Really?" She looks at him with a hint of skepticism.

Seamus O'Flynn snile sheepishly "Aye, we had a long talk in Tampa over a bottle of wine."

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Hmm." She shrugs lightly. "Well... hope it all goes better this time."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'm avoiding British waters for a while
Seamus O'Flynn chuckles
[Seamus O'Flynn]: So when do you sail?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Soon. Probably in the morning, now that I've seen you." She smiles. "Didn't want to take off without at least letting you know I was alive."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Well i'm glad you did Chantilly really i am
Seamus O'Flynn reaches out and squeezes Chantilly's unwounded shoulder

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I know." She pats his hand. "Just do me a favor... and don't tell the Marquis you've seen me."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: If that's your will as well.
Seamus O'Flynn finishes his glass of wine

Chantilly Angevin nods. "It is. I don't imagine he's terribly worried about me anyway, but... I'll want to see him in person. When I get back."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Well then i trust you'll make sure to do so.
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Get back that is
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Are they any arrangements you'd like me to make while you're away?
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I could fetch Father Michael.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Just be prepared to meet me in Pensacola when I get back. For the funerals."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Of course i'll head there tomorrow and wait for you
[Seamus O'Flynn]: If that's the case i should go get the lads ready for sail.

Chantilly Angevin empties her glass and rises to leave. "Be well then, Seamus."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Godspeed Chantilly.

Chantilly Angevin gives a faint smile as she leaves the tavern.
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PostSubject: St. Augustine, soon after Chantilly returns from north   Chantilly Logs Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 11:15 pm

Kaeldurn La Roche looks up to the soldiers sitting at the table above them, and nods. "I'll take my leave, sir." He begins to walk past, but stops, "Ah, you have another... associate to speak to, sir." he nods towards Chantilly's direction. "She's a fiesty'n sir."

Emile deMontfort barely resists the nearly overwhelming urge to roll his eyes before slowly turning his head in the indicated direction.
[Emile deMontfort]: ...
[Emile deMontfort]: Chantilly!

Chantilly Angevin snaps her head up, her eyes wide.

Emile deMontfort simply stares, dumbfounded, for a moment before making his way to her, overturning his stool in the process.
[Emile deMontfort]: You are... well...
[Emile deMontfort]: *It's unclear whether it was a question or not.

Chantilly Angevin stands as he approaches, a little off-balance, her long night of worrying about this moment catching up to her.
[Chantilly Angevin]: I... uh...

[Emile deMontfort]: Where have you been?
Emile deMontfort]: I have had every maréchaussée office in the colony out searching for you...

[Chantilly Angevin]: Well... first, a smugglers cave, and then up the northern coast, and... you what?
Chantilly Angevin looks a little stunned by the revelation.

[Emile deMontfort]: When we found so much blood in your cabin but only one body... I assumed you had been taken.
[Emile deMontfort]: God knows what else... but you were up north?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Well, I had, but... Monsieur M wanted us out of the port before... and then I just... never made it back here for long..." She stammers, not really explaining anything well.

Emile deMontfort's tone remains almost disbelieving, caught between happiness and anger at the sight of her after so long.
[Emile deMontfort]: Monsieur M? *Monsieur M?*

[Chantilly Angevin]: "He just... happened to be there to scrape me off the floor of my ship... I have no idea why. Was a bit hazy at the time. Still is now, come to think of it..."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "It's because of him I didn't bleed to death in my own cabin, so I suppose the why of it doesn't matter..."

[Emile deMontfort]: That makes little difference.
Emile deMontfort's tone is clearly edgeing into anger.
[Emile deMontfort]: You have been fine, for all of this time, so much so that you thought you'd take a little stroll north.
[Emile deMontfort]: But the man in the damn mask knew before me?! I expect O'Flynn and that damn *poet* did as well, hm?

Chantilly Angevin gives Emile an incredulous look. "Monsieur M and Seamus, both incidentally. I sought neither out. And as far as Reynaud, I haven't gone to see him at all!"

Emile deMontfort slams his fist into the table. Instantly the music, and much of the chatter around them stops.

Chantilly Angevin takes a step back instinctively.

[Emile deMontfort]: If only I could believe you. I am always the last one to hear anything from you!
[Emile deMontfort]: And so often, I hear nothing at all!

[Chantilly Angevin]: "For the record, I was intending to come see you. What do you think I'm doing here in the first place?"

[Emile deMontfort]: Oh yes, the damned tavern is definately the first place to check for me.
[Emile deMontfort]: God knows I only keep an office because I enjoy paying the property taxes.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "What the hell do you want from me, Emile? Last time I came to see you, you gave me one of your trademark stone-faced expressions. 'Oh hi Chantilly, that's nice that I might never see you again. Ta now.'" Her voice has turned bitter. "So what if I have to spend half the night in the tavern..."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "... working up the courage to face that again. I was afraid, all right? Afraid I'd walk in and get another of your cold, careless looks, and that I'd spend the next week nursing my goddamn bruised feelings over it."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "You always do that. Always just look right through me as if I'm just some annoying insect you need to swat away so you can get back to doing... whatever it is the hell you do all day."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "I'm sorry that I didn't march right up and stand in line for another reminder that I don't measure up and I don't matter."

[Emile deMontfort]: And how the hell did you expect me to react?!
[Emile deMontfort]: Every month you have another lover for me to deal with, another misadventure that almost kills you, and every time I am expected to pick up the damned pieces.
[Emile deMontfort]: I am the only thing stable in your life, the damned rock you tie you line to before casting off again into the storm. You will have to forgive me if I have grown so used to the role that I am starting to act like it!
[Emile deMontfort]: I have almost forgotten what the hell I saw in you in the first place and why I have put up with your *antics* for so damned long.

Chantilly Angevin bites her lip angrily. "New lover every month... hah!" She laughs derisively. "That is not fair at all, Emile deMontfort, and you know it. And unlike someone else I could mention, I don't chase after random whores in taverns."

[Emile deMontfort]: No, just any random boy that can turn a pretty phrase.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Don't you dare make it sound like I've been choosing someone else over you. There's never... because you've never... you won't..." She stammers angrily. "I can't choose someone over you if you'll never make it into a choice."

[Emile deMontfort]: It has always been a choice, mademoiselle, you have just never had the attention span to give it a chance.
Emile deMontfort slams both hands down onto the table as he lifts himself from his chair.
[Emile deMontfort]: I have a massive investigation to call off, and few new debts to be paid. If you will excuse me.
Emile deMontfort turns on his heel and stalks to the door.

Chantilly Angevin looks completely shattered.

Emile deMontfort stops just before he turns the handle.
[Emile deMontfort]: Capitaine La Roche!

Kaeldurn La Roche]: Aye, sir?

[Emile deMontfort]: I expect you bright and early tomorrow morning!

[Kaeldurn La Roche]: Yessir.

Chantilly Angevin begins to weep openly into her folded arms on the table.
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PostSubject: Re: Chantilly Logs   Chantilly Logs Icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2009 12:54 am

Chantilly Angevin is thoroughly drunk and half-asleep at the table.

Seamus O'Flynn walks into the tavern pausing as he see's Chantilly at the usual table
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Chantilly you've returned
Seamus O'Flynn waves the barmaid over "Get me a rum lass."

Chantilly Angevin looks up with a lopsided smile. "So I have."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: It's good to see you safe
Seamus O'Flynn Takes his rum and has a small drink

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Trip's... uneventful," she slurs.

Seamus O'Flynn grimaces slightly "I'm sorry to hear that."
Seamus O'Flynn takes a deep breath and then a long drink of rum

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Found some graves. No idea whose they were. Maybe Marcus. Maybe not."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Almost worse than finding nothing eh?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Almost. Best I can do though."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Well shall we drink to absent friends?
Seamus O'Flynn raises his glass

Chantilly Angevin raises hers as well, slightly off to one side.

Seamus O'Flynn touches Chantilly's glass lightly "Slainte"
Seamus O'Flynn has a long pull of rum

Chantilly Angevin smiles faintly and drinks deeply before setting it down again.

Seamus O'Flynn sets his glass down "I've been dodging Emile so he didn't ask about you, Do i need to keep it up."

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Non." She looks down into her drink.

Seamus O'Flynn nods slightly "Very Well"
Seamus O'Flynn refills his glass of rum

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I'm an idiot."

Seamus O'Flynn raises an eyebrow "Something's happened?"

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Couldn't tell? Losing your damn edge, Seamus."

Seamus O'Flynn has a drink of rum "Well i knew it was something but i thought it might just have been the trip."
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Emile?
[Seamus O'Flynn]: What's he done now?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Nothing. S'all my fault."

Seamus O'Flynn pulls a cigar out of his vest pocket leaning to the candle to light it
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Hmmmm why do i find that suspect?
Seamus O'Flynn leans back and blows a smoke ring at the ceiling

[Chantilly Angevin]: "S'true."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Believe me or not. I don't care."

Seamus O'Flynn sits back up and looks at Chantilly "So what are you supposed to have done?"
Seamus O'Flynn waves a hand toward Chantilly "Or nevermind i shouldn't pry."

Chantilly Angevin gives Seamus as even of a look as possible under her drunken circumstance. "Turns out.. for every time he broke my heart... think I broke his twice."

Seamus O'Flynn blinks
Seamus O'Flynn shakes his head "So you've seen him."

[Chantilly Angevin]: "If it was him."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: How do you mean Chantilly?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Would never recognize... him. Yelling, angry. At me. Didn't expect... that."
Chantilly Angevin looks away. "My fault. Should've... seen him sooner."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: He has seemed to have a fire to him lately
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I saw him lead a cavalry charge and he cut through the enemy with a rage i've never seen on him

[Chantilly Angevin]: "'cause he loved me. After all this."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: And now you think he doesn't?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I... dunno. Said he'd nearly forgotten what he saw in me. Wouldn't blame him." A tear rolls down her cheek. "After this. Thinks I'm some ungrateful whore, putting him off like I have."

Seamus O'Flynn tightens his jaw "Did he say that?"

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Not the words, but... sentiment. Said I have a new man every month. That I fall for random boys that can..." She thinks for a moment, struggling. "Turn a pretty phrase."

Seamus O'Flynn grasps his glass tightly as his voice lowers "That's hardly a fair take on everything in my book."

Chantilly Angevin shrugs in resigned frustration. "Isn't true... he knows it. Just angry. Tired of being cast aside for lesser men."

Seamus O'Flynn kncks back more rum "And what do you think about all this?"

[Chantilly Angevin]: "That I'm an idiot."

Seamus O'Flynn sighs "well i think quite the contrary for what it's worth."

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Everyone else could see it." She looks at Seamus. "Why didn't I?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'm not so bloody sure everyone saw it, He's not exactly demonstrative."
[Seamus O'Flynn]: He's been wearing a mask for a lot of the time we've known him
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Worse then Mr.M really
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Not that i think ill of him, I owe him one for taking care of you. M that is.

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Suppose, but... pieces were always there. Just... never put it together."

Seamus O'Flynn mutters "You were a visionary not a damn mind reader."
Seamus O'Flynn reaches for his glass again

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Was a mind reader. For a brief time."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Gave it up." Her face goes dark. "Didn't want to know."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: What do want to come from all this Chantilly? Do you want Emile?
Seamus O'Flynn swirls the rum in his glass "Forgive me for being direct."

Chantilly Angevin nearly laughs.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Loved that man for... how long now? Course I want him."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: And when did you tell him that?

[Chantilly Angevin]: " ... "

[Seamus O'Flynn]: You never?.....

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Maybe... a long time ago."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: If you want him now you're going to have to tell him now

[Chantilly Angevin]: "How can I? After all this. How angry he is."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: You'd rather he play the amazing marble automatan?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Non! I just..."

Seamus O'Flynn leans in to whipser to Chantilly "You were a Pirate weren't you? Did you forget how to claim something you wanted?"

Chantilly Angevin snorts. "Pirate girls can't claim a Marquis. Can they?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Titles mean nothing.
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Did i ever tell you the motto of my mother's clan Chantilly?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Don't think so."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Sola Virtus Nobliat

Chantilly Angevin sighs uncertainly. "Nice thought... dunno how well it works in the real world."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: If you took his fancy clothes would he still be Emile?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Dunno. Never had the opportunity."
Chantilly Angevin laughs at herself.

Seamus O'Flynn finishes his rum "See i'm sticking up for him, God does have a sense of humor."
[Seamus O'Flynn]: You know there's only one way to settle this don't you?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "How?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Well as we used to say in the cavlry when in doubt of your tactics, Draw sabre's and charge
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Haven't we spent enough time skulking about the shadows of life?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Too long." She smiles drunkenly. "Far too long."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Then why don't we step into the light for a change?
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I think we've earned at least that much solace

[Chantilly Angevin]: "What if... he won't step with me?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: What if Jesus comes back tomorrow and we're all judged?
[Seamus O'Flynn]: You can only burn a bridge once you've crossed it
[Seamus O'Flynn]: If he wasn't thinking of you he wouldn't have stopped me from shooting Langford
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'm babbling i apologize

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Non... s'okay. Better your thoughts than mine." She sighs.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "Haven't hardly left the tavern since I saw him. Keep thinking maybe I can drown my guilt."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: We both know it never works out that way

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Just wish I'd known before." She gives a sad smile. "Before I hurt him."

Seamus O'Flynn reaches out and squeezes Chantilly's arm I've a tide to catch mo chera but let me leave you with this
[Seamus O'Flynn]: If you can forgive his past "activities" why do you think he cannot forgive yours?
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Even more so considering the lack of malice in yours

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I... dunno if he can't. Just dunno if he... will."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Well then find out if you want to.
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Will you be alright Chantilly?

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I will." She shrugs. "I live here, after all. Patrons look after me."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Then you look after yourself to
[Seamus O'Flynn]: You know i fret like a granny
Seamus O'Flynn winks

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I know." She smiles and waves her hand dismissively. "Go catch your tide."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Good Luck mo chera
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PostSubject: Re: Chantilly Logs   Chantilly Logs Icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2009 12:30 am

Seamus O'Flynn stops before the sentry "I'll be needing to see the Marquis."
[Seamus O'Flynn]: And no delays or Lieutenants get the man now if you please

Chantilly Angevin tugs on Seamus' sleeve. "Do I... have to be here for this...?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: You do

[Emile deMontfort]: *The man remains silent and simply opens the door.*

Seamus O'Flynn motions Chantilly toward the door "Let's go."
Seamus O'Flynn enters the officve
Chantilly Angevin swallows hard and puts on her bravest smile.

[Emile deMontfort]: *Capitaine Danton looks up from his work as he hears the door close.*

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Captain Danton, I..We need to see the Marquis at once

[Emile deMontfort]: "Lieutenant O'Flynn, it is good to see you once more. But I am afraid to say that le Marquis cannot be disturbed."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: He'll warrent it's important enough to disturb him i assure you
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Or do you think i'm here for tea?

Chantilly Angevin speaks up in an uneasy voice. "Please, Monsieur Danton, just..."

[Emile deMontfort]: It does not matter why you are here, monsieur. Le Marquis has instructed me to bar all visitors until further notice."
[Emile deMontfort]: "Je suis désolé, but it cannot be helped."

Seamus O'Flynn scowls
Seamus O'Flynn lowers his voice "Go tell him it's about our last 'card game' and see what he says."

Chantilly Angevin sighs defeatedly. "C'mon, Seamus... let's just go..."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: No dammit!

[Chantilly Angevin]: "He's not going to want to see us... me, more specifically. And he won't want to hear about... this..."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: I disagree
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Danton will you get the man or not?

[Emile deMontfort]: "You could not pay me enough to disregard his orders, monsieur."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Very well then
Seamus O'Flynn smiles

[Emile deMontfort]: "I am sure he will be himself on the morrow..."
[Emile deMontfort]: "Perhaps you should return then."

Seamus O'Flynn bellows in his battlefield command voice "EMILE!!!"

Chantilly Angevin was turning to go, before stopping short. "Be himself? What do you mean - " She's cut off by Seamus' yelling.

[Emile deMontfort]: "If you are quite finished, I am going to have to ask you to leave."
[Emile deMontfort]: *From upstairs the sound of a slamming door can be heard.*

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Seamus, don't - "

[Seamus O'Flynn]: It'd be rude to leave after i've called the man wouldn't it?

Chantilly Angevin cringes at the sound of the door. "Seamus, what the hell are you doing?" she hisses, a hint of fear in her voice.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "You don't just come into a man's apartment and..."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: This is important

[Emile deMontfort]: "Damn it, now you've done it..." Danton mumbles as heavy footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs.

Seamus O'Flynn crosses his arms and waits for Emile to arrive
Chantilly Angevin shuts her eyes as if to spare herself whatever is about to occur.

[Emile deMontfort]: I swear to God, Danton, when I say that I do not want to be disturbed it includes the bellowing of idiots from downstairs!
[Emile deMontfort]: What the hell do you want Seamus?

Seamus O'Flynn smiles at Emile "It's about that basement we talked about in Orleans."

Chantilly Angevin instinctively takes a step backwards, fighting the urge to cower at the confrontation developing in front of her.

Emile deMontfort's eyes briefly dart in the direction of Chantilly's before locking on Seamus's.
[Emile deMontfort]: And it could not wait?

[Seamus O'Flynn]: "I think i've found who else is lokking into the property."
[Seamus O'Flynn]: "Is that important enough?"

[Chantilly Angevin]: "It could have waited. I'm so sorry." She pulls on Seamus' arm desperately. "We'll come back... some other time."

Seamus O'Flynn pulls away from Chantilly "No"
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'll not stake any of our lives on bloody well waiting any longer
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Now should we adjourn to the study or discuss this amongst the men?

[Emile deMontfort]: I am up now as it is... to my office.

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Lead on

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I'll just... wait here..." she trails off.

Seamus O'Flynn reaches to pull Chantilly along "It's you arse on the line too."

Emile deMontfort leads the two upstairs, but passes by the door to his office by a few feet.

Seamus O'Flynn stops for a moment at the ofice door "Not in here?"

[Emile deMontfort]: Go right in and have a seat... I will only be a moment.
Emile deMontfort waits until the two pass through the entryway and then pounds the floorboards once, heavily with his heel, presumably to startle the men below in some form of retribution.

Seamus O'Flynn helps himself to the brandy near the desk

[Emile deMontfort]: "Now then," he begins as he follows the two through and takes his usual place behind his desk, "what have you learned?"

Chantilly Angevin sits down uneasily and finds a pleasant stretch of wall to the side to stare at...

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Mr.M. seems to be bound for Orleans and if i heard right he'd loading for bear if you get my meaning
[Seamus O'Flynn]: And i saw him in the capital while i was attending to our errand
[Seamus O'Flynn]: The three of us need to go to Orleans as soon as we can set sail

Emile deMontfort nods once as if in understanding, but then turns to Chantilly.
Emile deMontfort]: You approve of the new wallpaper?

Chantilly Angevin flushes and her head snaps back around to face him. "I... uh... it's lovely..." she stammers, caught off-guard.

[Emile deMontfort]: I... Merveilleux... *to Seamus* You suppose his intentions are for ill purposes.

Seamus O'Flynn scowls at Emile "A little blase about this don't you think?"
[Seamus O'Flynn]: "I think no one need to go there."

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I'm not sure that you're not overreacting myself, to be honest, Seamus..." She shakes her head, trying to ignore her obvious ill ease over Emile. "Monsieur M has done nothing to make me think he has an ill intention. He saved my life, for God's sake."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: "Tell me why would a french Captain go to Orleans loaded out like we'd sail to Bartica?"

[Emile deMontfort]: Regardless... I am still of the opinion that every last scrap of parchement in that damned repository be set to flame

[Seamus O'Flynn]: "I agree completly."

[Emile deMontfort]: Even if he is not, indeed, after the library, we could still accomplish that.

[Seamus O'Flynn]: "The Mear Gaoth is ready to sail anytime."

[Emile deMontfort]: We shall sail there with my squadron... so we might have some pretext of legitimate action.

Chantilly Angevin shrugs and folds her arms. "You're talking about torching the pace that happens to have my family legacy in it..."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: "The legacy you railed about not wanting to know?"

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I didn't... want to know then, but things are different now."
[Chantilly Angevin]: "I have no family left, no ties to anything, except the history of those Orders. Damned though they might be."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: "Then we can look before we decide what's what."
Seamus O'Flynn bites his lip in obivous anger

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I can't just go along with this. I know it's dangerous to leave the information out there idly, but..."

[Emile deMontfort]: Then what would you have us do?

Chantilly Angevin closes her eyes and sighs. "I... I don't know, monsieur. I had hoped to let sleeping dogs lie."

Seamus O'Flynn fumes "Not a damn option those same dogs could be on our heels if we don't act."

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Why are you so... angry with me, Seamus? I'm not forbidding your action here, but I can't endorse it, either."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: What if it's a trap to get you alone Chantilly?"

[Chantilly Angevin]: "And what if it's not, and I let you burn my family's records for nothing?"

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Those Templars are still out there, do you think they've forgotten any of us?"
[Seamus O'Flynn]: "We can take what you need from the place before we torch it."
[Seamus O'Flynn]: "But we damned sure can't just wait and see."

Chantilly Angevin sighs heavily. "I'd need weeks, months to go searching through it all, if what I have from the Umbra - " She stops short.

[Emile deMontfort]: You have records from the Umbra?

Seamus O'Flynn raises an eyebrow

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I..." She squirms uncomfortably under their gaze. "I do."

[Emile deMontfort]: I should like to see them.
[Emile deMontfort]: But, on the more pressing issue...

Seamus O'Flynn looks at Emile as he speaks

Chantilly Angevin chews on her lip nervously.

[Emile deMontfort]: After we ensure that the library is safe from prying eyes we will allow ourselves a week to plumb it depths.

[Seamus O'Flynn]: Good i'll met you at the docks

[Emile deMontfort]: Afterwards we will dispose of the bulk of it.
[Emile deMontfort]: Its secrets will die with us.

Chantilly Angevin sighs. "If that's... really what you believe to be necessary."

[Seamus O'Flynn]: I don't know many secrets but i've enough folk howling for my blood these days
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Emile, i'll prepare my ship and be ready to form up with the squadron.
Seamus O'Flynn gets up and heads downstairs

Chantilly Angevin is slow to rise from her seat, visably weighted down by the result of the meeting.

Serafie Lesleque arrives to Emile's building with a group of her entourage, they ask to let Serafie see the Marquis but when told to wait an argument begins

Seamus O'Flynn comes bounding down the stairs two at a time
[Seamus O'Flynn]: Serafie, Emile will be down shortly i'd wager

Serafie Lesleque is well behind the men as they argue, she waits patiently and then soon tells her men to cease
[Serafie Lesleque]: bonjour Monsieur O'Flynn, merci, I was just coming to see him

[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'd love to stay and chat but i'm needed on the docks.
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I apologize

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I... am sorry. For bothering you," she mutters quietly to Emile as she finally reaches her feet.

[Emile deMontfort]: It is nothing.... after you.

Chantilly Angevin forces a smile, a blush still creeping up her neck, as she makes her way out of the office and starts heading down the stairs.

[Serafie Lesleque]: Would you need assistance?
[Serafie Lesleque]: i can give you a ship or two

[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'm sailing with the Marquis' squadron so i think i'll be well cared for thank you
[Seamus O'Flynn]: I'll buy you some tea once i return to repay you for my rude exit
Seamus O'Flynn bows respectfully to Serafie Lesleque.

Serafie Lesleque curtsies respectfully to Seamus O'Flynn.
[Serafie Lesleque]: until then monsieur

Chantilly Angevin slows as she reaches the bottom of the stairs, seeing Serafie and her men standing here.

Serafie Lesleque waves to Chantilly Angevin.
[Serafie Lesleque]: Oh, Chantilly how nice to see you *smiles politely*

[Chantilly Angevin]: "... Mlle Lesleque? What are you doing here?"

[Serafie Lesleque]: I have come to do some business with ze Marquis Oui

[Chantilly Angevin]: "Oui, nice to see you as well... as always..." She looks a bit uneasy. "Business?"

[Serafie Lesleque]: But of course, I am a buziness woman *grins*

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I didn't realize you and Monsieur deMonfort..." She looks back towards the stairs, then back to Serafie. "... were doing any business..." She shrugs and bites her lip.

[Emile deMontfort]: *After a moment, Emile follows Chantilly downstairs, decideing to change into something more suitable for the quarterdeck aboard ship.*

[Serafie Lesleque]: How are you feeling? I often worry about you Chantilly.

[Emile deMontfort]: *As he decends he hears the two women speaking.*

[Chantilly Angevin]: "I'm... sober. Is that an improvement?"

[Serafie Lesleque]: Oui *nods and changes the subject* I see you have more colour, Oui, can we do dinner later?"

[Emile deMontfort]: I am afraid that will not be possible, Madmoiselle Lesleque.

Chantilly Angevin jumps to hear Emile behind her, not realizing he was there.

Serafie Lesleque pouty face "aww, pity I feel we need to talk more... ooo Madamoiselle so jumpy..."

Chantilly Angevin blushes deeply, her entire face turning red at Serafie's observation.

[Serafie Lesleque]: Ah marquis demontfort, you are ze man I was coming to see *smiles and brushes past Chantilly to greet him with a fancy bow, flirting eyes, she is dressed to please nobility of course*
Serafie Lesleque curtsies respectfully to Emile deMontfort.
[Serafie Lesleque]: Is zis not a good time for business monsieur?
Serafie Lesleque clearly focused on talking to Emile

Chantilly Angevin turns as Serafie brushes past, watching Serafie's body language towards Emile with obvious irritation. She crosses her arms unhappily at Serafie and struggles to keep her tongue in check.
[Chantilly Angevin]: "I'll... just see myself out."

[Emile deMontfort]: Chantilly, Seamus and I will be sailing with my squadron to Saint Martin. We will likely stay on my estate outside of Orleans for around a week.

Chantilly Angevin leaves, the door shutting roughly behind her.

[Emile deMontfort]: Needless to say, I have many preparations to see to presently.

[Serafie Lesleque]: Oh mon dieu! Why did you not tell me zis before? I should prepare my things at once for my fleet to join you

[Emile deMontfort]: Of course...

Serafie Lesleque smiles, "My ships are always at your disposal marquis demontfort.. or would you prefer.. Commondant? *little giggle as she flirts*

[Emile deMontfort]: But I must ask that if you do plan to join us that you allow me a day to... ah... prepare the estate to recieve a lady of your stature properly.

Chantilly Angevin angrily kicks a barrel outside on the docks, mumbling to herself, before going to fetch her things from her room for the trip.

[Serafie Lesleque]: My growing fleet will be of great use, especially now that you have seen proof of my rightful position Oui, merci marquis but you do not need to prepare too much for my arrival

[Emile deMontfort]: Nonsense. I would be remiss if I did not have a banquet to welcome you to my personal holdings here in Les Antilles.
[Emile deMontfort]: Either way, Danton! See to it that the crews are mustered. I have a few captains to speak with.

Serafie Lesleque looks surprised and very pleased as she chirps with joy "Oh merci Marquis demontfort, I shall see to it you recieve a fitting gift from me as well. I see our future working together looking very mmm how to say... fruitful " smiles

Emile deMontfort nods. "If you will excuse me, Mademoiselle Lesleque."

[Serafie Lesleque]: But of course
Serafie Lesleque curtsies respectfully to Emile deMontfort.
Serafie Lesleque follows her entourage

[Emile deMontfort]: *With a curt bow, Emile turns on his heel and proceeds into the back offices on the ground floor.
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