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 A Night At The Theater

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PostSubject: A Night At The Theater   A Night At The Theater Icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 7:32 am

As Seamus left the tavern his heart sang and a contented smile replaced the scowl he'd been wearing so often lately. It had been pure chance that he had found Cathern in Tampa. As they had spoken near the docks Seamus had found out that she had not attended the ball due to buisness affairs and Seamus' invitation arriving late.
He'd been sure that she was still angry with him over never saying goodbye when he left for Le Compagnie. After a short while they had gone to the tavern to share a bottle of wine, They had spoken first of Chantilly and the fear Seamus had that Langford was driving her to worse madness then he had seen from her. Cathern had raised an eyebrow and nearly frowned when he'd said he loved Chantilly but her smile had returned after he explained that he saw in Chantilly the little sister Moira that he'd lost so long ago. Seamus had never told anyone about his sister not even Chantilly.
After another glass of wine they discussed how much they had both regretted missing the Confedrate's Ball and then how they'd parted so suddenly. Cathern had mildly scolded him for never having said goodbye, So he had apologized and made a promise that he wouldn't let such a thing happen again. Seamus had brought up his fondness for opera and a good play, A sentiment that Cathern had agreed wholeheartedly to.
Cathern had mentioned a lovely playhouse in Point-A-Pitre and had accepted his invitation to attend the next performance thier respective affairs would allow with a smile and a slight blush as he kissed her hand before bidding her farewell.
Seamus continued walking toward the docks as he mused over how happy he was at the idea of attending anything with the beautiful Cathern on his arm.
Already excited over the outing he changed direction and began walking towards the tailor's shop whistling a lively tune as he went.
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A Night At The Theater
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