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 Kaeldurn La Roche, Transfer request.

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Kaeldurn La Roche, Transfer request. Empty
PostSubject: Kaeldurn La Roche, Transfer request.   Kaeldurn La Roche, Transfer request. Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 3:40 pm

You unfold the heavily crumpled letter, which seems to be quite literally covered in writing, and begin reading at the top. The handwriting here is elegant, and refined.

"Sir or Madame of the Highland Confederacy Recruitment office,

With the ever looming threats within the Caribbean, the French navy has begun to see the value in allocating our Naval Officers to smaller companies to help secure assets, as well as increase their naval might so they may act in our stead. Our allies are no exception to this treatment, and we would ask your consideration in taking one of our more experienced Captains on board.

His name is, or at least what he has always gone under, 'Kaeldurn' but he is often referred to by his nickname 'La Roche'. Do not let his odd preference towards secrecy give you the wrong impression. Despite numerous... Issues with his superiors, he has proven himself loyal and trustworthy time and again. He himself has requested this transfer, and we would be happy to oblidge, however, his preference was to move to your outfit.

We then humbly ask if you would allow the captain to join you in your ongoing press towards victory against the English.


Point-A-Pitre Naval Intelligence Office"

Beneath the letter, you see an X sloppily marked, and an arrow pointing to the bottom of the letter. Cocking an eyebrow, you flip it over, and begin to attempt to read the other side which is covered in sloppily writing. It seems the good captain wished to address you directly, and even took the eh... "initiative" to cut through the usual politics.

"I'll keep this simple.

I did not ask to be 'Transferred' out of the Antilles. I've never made my feelings toward the Naval Officers who view a station in the Caribbean as little more than a social opportunity secret. They're more concerned with how they look in their Uniform than securing the seas for France. Many did not take kindly to that belief, and they have decided to push me to some backwater port. I have other plans.

I was not born with a silver-spoon in my mouth. Despite this, I merely ask to be respected for my actions, not my breeding and social standing. I have requested to be specifically transferred to the Highland Confederacy because I believe you will do what must be done, and put me to use, rather than shooing away small time pirates in some pit like Belle Isle.

That said, I would rather you know the truth of the situation, rather than swallow the gilded words of the Naval Intelligence Office. I humbly request that you allow me to join the Confederacy. I will do everything that I can to further your goals.

-La Roche."


I have read the required reading, as was asked.

About me:

I originally picked up POTBS when it first came out, and played on the Rack when it was in it's 'heyday' with some of the oldest folks from the game's community.

I was drawn to it because it is probably the most original setting I've seen in an MMO in quite some time. I'll not lie and say I'm a master of this time period, but I've always found it fascinating, and tried to read up on it.

As for more general information on me.

I'm a 20 year old EMT-Basic who works in Southern Arkansas. I've been a big MMO player since I first came across Ultima Online back in the day, since then I've always loved 'em.

I've roleplayed in quite a few forms, having done Tabletops such as D&D, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Love that one the most), as well as Forum, and Live chat, such as MMO's. I will admit I am not entirely comfortable with trying to roleplay a frenchman with my outrageously southern accent (At least I think I have one) and the entire "I can't speak any French" bit.

I'm always looking to at least do some writing as it's enjoyable and relaxing. Sadly I don't always have a muse or an idea to work with others. Most of mine will often go in the "Never going to see the light of day, aah damn." file.

In a gaming sense of things, I can sometimes feel too competetive, but I've recently curbed that thanks to.. well realizing quite often, "It's just a game." bit. That does often lead to me trying to at least be competent in pvp/pve situations. I'm always open for new techniques and styles in that regard.

I've only been in one port battle, and that was because the French were in desperate need when the call went out. I went down in my MC stralsund waving my willy at a Fourth Rate captained by my old Society's arch-rival. I considered it a moral victory.

PotBS forum Name: Captain_Kael

Profession: Naval Officer Level 43, I'm also thinking of Indulging in making a Privateer alt.

is RP: Putting yourself in the boots and belt of your character, and telling or taking part in a story someone/you have created, or making it up as you go, whatever the scenario.

RP: Simple, really. It's enjoyable, it requires a little creativity, some sense, and quick thinking. You get some interestin' social interaction, and generally it makes games feel much richer when there's more to it than a bunch've goons with exclamation points over there head to the world. It can make what was once a boring battle a knock down drag out brawl, or a normally disinteresting foe into a sanity shattering terror. Mind you that's if you have a CoC player on board Wink

Reason to join: From what I've seen, you lot fit the bill with what I'm wanting. That, and a large portion of what makes MMO's enjoyable is a good community of folks to play with. I think is a good one.

Questions: Is it required to roleplay while on Ventrilo? I've alread mentioned partially why this may be a bit difficult.

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Kaeldurn La Roche, Transfer request. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaeldurn La Roche, Transfer request.   Kaeldurn La Roche, Transfer request. Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 4:06 pm

(( Ah, good, you put in an app. Very Happy

Southern Arkansas, eh? You're not that far off, then. /wave from Oklahoma!

No, we do not RP over voice chat, and not everyone here even uses Vent anyway - some prefer not to and it's not forced on anyone. Those who do use it, do so to shoot the breeze, mostly, and to keep guild chat clear of our random chatter. Mostly we like to hear the sound of our own voices. Except when we're RPing in game, in which case the Vent can get very, very quiet, because we're concentrating on not mispelling stuff... or something like that.

Welcome aboard! ))
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Kaeldurn La Roche, Transfer request.
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