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 A letter from Mcleod

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A letter from Mcleod Empty
PostSubject: A letter from Mcleod   A letter from Mcleod Icon_minitimeThu May 07, 2009 5:10 pm

Good day.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Captain Tillek Mcleod of the Cry of Havoc. I have been.. Well working solo for some time now and recently due to some misfortune and abit of a barter gone wrong I decided to accept the letter of Marque. Hence I am writing you as I hear tell some of my country men are serving in your ranks. I of course would offer my full loyalty to your fleet and agree my past grievences with any of your people will not be brought along with me.. At least from my side.

I am very adept at sailing and fighting and am sure I would be a valued asset to your fleet. I only ask in return that you honor the deal struck with one of your Naval captains that I will remain free to sail and gather goods from any other nation except france.

((OOC Hello people. Most people call me Tuff in RL. Short for Teufelhund I suppose. I am eagerly awaiting a chance to meet and RP with you guys soon. I have read and affirm my agreement with all your required reading. If any more of the story for Tillek is needed please feel free to ask. I will be making a post with his history soon though.. Sadly it got deleted in my old clan's forums when they were erased.

On the topic of Tillek. He is your smarter then average Pirate. He comes from a family of Pirates starting from his grandfather on down to him. He speaks with a very deep scottish accent and tends to be very friendly and gentleman like even during battle. Care free and nomadic he'd rather be at the helm then in a pub any day.

He dislikes ale and rum perfering water or milk as to make sure his mind is clear for any possible troubles that could arise being a ship captain and man of the sea. He dose have a price on his head from the British. So he tends to avoid their navy when ever possible.

Any further questions feel free to ask))
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A letter from Mcleod
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