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 Of murder, money and mystery: Serafie returns to Florida.

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Of murder, money and mystery: Serafie returns to Florida. Empty
PostSubject: Of murder, money and mystery: Serafie returns to Florida.   Of murder, money and mystery: Serafie returns to Florida. Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 5:12 pm

It has been over a year since Grenville heard from one of the more promising business owners of Florida, Serafie Lesleque, the daughter of the late French Florida Governor. As swift as the wind that brought her small fleet into harbor, Serafie
stepped onto the docks of Grenville once more, some recognized her,
others were amazed at the pomp and wealth she seemed to command. Here
she was, a legitimate businesswoman making her presence felt yet again.

Serafie Lesleque
was no longer marked by the French government, instead she was welcomed
back by the French Navy as heir to the vast estate of Florida's former
Governor and the Comte de Aumane Jacques Lesleque. A hasty trial of two pirates was held in which the men confessed to the murder of the Governor. To the Lesleque family shock in France, all of the Governors Florida estate and assets were handed over to Serafie according to a recent Will. There was a Will in France that gave the estates to family members excluding Serafie, however under current colonial French laws, the most current signed and authorized Will was binding. Unfortunate for the Lesleque aristocrats in France, Serafie had claim to most of the fortunes, the families appeal to the King of France would take time.

Since the past year after Serafie's disappearance
following her dramatic falling out with her father, rumors claimed she
had died, or that she had taken in with Pirates. Those who were loyal
to the Governor refuse to accept Serafie's sudden rise to wealth now,
this would make her options in Florida tenuous at best. She would have
her allies, though she would be quite a gem of a target as well.

By the way she walked into town off of her brand new Mont Blanc
ship, surrounded by experts and guards, she didn't seem to care what
anyone else thought. She was coming to do business and stake her claim
in Florida. Some even said she was claiming to be the Governor in her
fathers place until the King dictated otherwise. Florida and France
would soon find out whose side she was really on.
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Of murder, money and mystery: Serafie returns to Florida.
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