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 Stepping Aside

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PostSubject: Stepping Aside   Stepping Aside Icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 2:54 pm

As the stiff wind sang through Le Maudit's rigging her Captain paced the quarterdeck.
The crew watched with a curiosity that normally would have remained hidden, But Seamus' sudden orders to leave St.Augustine had come as a true surprise.
Even more so that they left the harbor when the lookout he'd posted cried out that he'd spotted Chantilly's ship the Tartane. Even Seamus' crew were used to the fact that he followed Chantilly into most of her dangerous situations. The ill informed among them thinking he was pining for her the whole time. Those who knew more were well aware that in Chantilly he saw Moira, The younger sister he'd lost the same plague outbreak that had taken his mother.
The wind picked up and Seamus stopped pacing planted his feet and leaned into it savoring the gale and it's not so tender kiss.
He knew the crew thought he'd had it out with Chantilly but it was actually as far from the truth as could be. When they'd last parted he'd felt and seen some of the old steel in her that he'd been trying for over a year to restore.
Grinning at the way sailors gossiped Seamus spoke as if he were talking to the incoming storm itself. "They prattle on like an old ladies tea circle, but they'd go anywhere i ordered." Shaking his head the grin faded from his face and he turned his back to the wind ready to resume the pacing that everyone knew was a sign of deep thought for thier Captain. Before he could take a step the frigate's Sergeant at Arms walked onto the quarterdeck giving Seamus a crisp salute. Returning it he asked "What's the word Sergeant McKay?" The sergeant had been with Seamus ever since his days with the Irish Brigade and had served with the elder O'Flynn before then and with such a history between them McKay felt at ease speaking plainly to his Captain.
"Well sir, If you don't mind my saying so even the thick lads on the crew can tell you're trying to decide something." Seamus gave a short chuckle before responding.
"Indeed i am Sergeant McKay." Mckay took a step toward the ship's railing motioning him over and then stopping to remove his marine uniform coat.
Seamus knew where this little ritual of thier's was going so he shrugged off his own coat equalizing thier status for the time being. The Sergeant leaned back against the rail and after he joined him there McKay spoke. "So do want to say what's troubling you lad?"
Seamus took a deep breath cursing himself for leaving the last of his cigars in the rush to make sail. "Well Ian, you've been here for all the times we've followed Chantilly into something for good or for ill, But she's changing again and for the better this time i'd wager." Lowering his voice until it could barely be heard over the wind Mckay leaned toward Seamus. "That's well and good but how's it a decision of yours?"
"Well that part's not but she told me recently not to follow her into something because she had to handle it herself." McKay interupted "And you want to follow her anyway, Aye?" Seamus shoke his head "No Ian it's not that either, it's not that i don't want to help her but this is about love and that is something she'll have to handle herself as well.I think it'd do wonders for her to win this fight without being mollycoddled by the like of me."
Mckay nodded sagely "That's wise of you lad, love is hard enough without her older brother hanging about." Seamus laughed "There you are being insufferably correct again Sergeant McKay." Taking his Captain's cue Sergeant Mckay put his coat back on and saluted again. "So then Captain what are your orders?" Seamus pulled on his own coat and returned the salute. "Well Sergeant, We are going to find someone who knows where we can reach a troupe of players called The Malcontents of Melrose."
A puzzled look crept across Sergeant McKay's face. "Sir?" the simple word holding many questions in it. Seamus smiled "We're going to arrange a special performance."
Still somewhat confused, the Sergeant saluted for a last time and turned to return to his duties. Before he had gone down to the main deck Seamus called after him.
"Sergeant, .....Thank you." McKay smiled for a brief moment but resumed his working scowl as he replied "You're welcome Captain, anything else you need?"
"That'll be all." Seamus returned to leaning into the wind and staring out to sea.
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Stepping Aside
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