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 The Aurora

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PostSubject: The Aurora   The Aurora Icon_minitimeSat Oct 20, 2007 3:20 pm

Duncan hurried around his cabin on board the Aurora, he picked maps up off the floor where they had been unceremoniously tossed during the voyage and rolled them up and placed them off to one side. It still baffeled him, how in just over a month his cabin could look like a hurricane had started, and stopped, in his cabin. He could the sounds of the crew as they secured the ship and got ready for some well deserved rest. Hopefully the crew wouldn't get in trouble in this new port like they had the last. But then there were certain circumstances in the last port, most of the Crew were Scottish and the Port was British. To the English that meant the crew of the Aurora were "subjects" and when one guard tested that theory, it was something that didn't go over well with Allan Mackinnon, and it got worse from there.

Ducan made his way out of his cabin and onto the deck. the ship felt alive, each member of the crew worked hard to keep the Aurora in fine shape, Duncan expected no less from his crew, and they expected the same of him. Allan walked towards Duncan "so where we headin' next captain?" Duncan looked him over like the man was crazy then said "we just got inta port after a month at sea and you're already looking for the next horizon?" Allan shrugged then said "okay, maybe I should relax abit before we head out again." Duncan nodded then said "there's an outfit here I want to look into, might help us in the long run. In the meantime, see if we can sell the cargo while we're here, but only if the price is right." Allan nodded as Ducan headed off the ship "I'll bet you two gold pieces this port can't make a decent Haggis." Duncan smiled then said "I'm not that daft! atleast make a wager on something I might be able to win." Since they had come to this new land not one of them had found a place that made a half decent Haggis, they managed to find some passable whiskey, but nothing like they had back in Scottland. Duncan walked down the dock looking at the town and wondering if this was the beginning of a new adventure for the Aurora and her crew.
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The Aurora
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