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 Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider

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PostSubject: Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider   Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 7:25 pm

To: Highland Confederacy,

From Capt. Nafren Crezen Merchant ship Little Man, Charlsfort Harbor Florida.

Dear Sir I am Capt. Nafren Crezen of the welsh town Swansea currently in command of the Otter class Skuda "Little Man." I am seeking employment with your Society. The keel of my ship was laid down 12 summers past in Portsmouth drawing sixty tons I have severed on bored her for 10 of those summers and I can attests to her sea worthiness.

I only recently came to be in commanded of her. Having risked an ocean crossing in a costal ship the former caption a man of great morels and intellect chose to make a fair weather summer crossing to Virginia transporting a handful of gentlemen farmers.
The plan was to winter in the west Bahamas and return on spring tide with a load of sugar.

But the lord seemed to have other plans for the good Captain. During first watch the boson had the deck while the captain sleeps I had just awaken to stand my watch on the next turn of the glass. When the clash of guns sounded threw the ship. A pair of Pirate Vessels had approached in the early dawn mist, and had fired into the ships stern, Killing my good friend and caption along with the inattentive boson.

I took command of the ship and in a sharp action defeated both pirate vessels and lent aid to another ship that was in the area. Being badly damaged and have half a score of wounded men I made for Charlesfort there in we laid our Caption to rest and made good our losses and ship. Among the captain papers was his will bequeathing the vessel to me and also a note of credit to the shipwright of Portsmouth. I have sent dispatch to the Captions man of business in London informing him of the situation but I do believe I will need to pay off the caption creditor the amount of 800 pound owed to retain owner ship of this vessel
Humbly yours

Capt. Nafren Crezen

The OCC part

I am a experienced MMO role-player I have RP in some of the most hostile environments possible. The MMO that caught my eye was Shadowbane I played it for three years on Morning and vindication servers. With The Sundered Guard. Latter after TSG had moved on I played with House Avari. I still log in some time and confuse the hell out folks with random role playing in sea dogs.

I latter moved to Dark and light were I spent two years in beta but did not play after releases I spent a time hear floting I tried WoW, Horizons, earth and beyond, DAOC, SWG, AO, and EQ1 then I found my next true love Eve online. I still actively play this game. Mean while The Sundered Guard formed a Vanguard chapter at first I was very excited about it but it did not take long for me to come to truly despises VG.

But That is were TSG is at The Sundered Guard at this time has no plans for POTBS chapter but if that was to ever change I am Loyal to The Sundered Guard first and foremost. In the past when TSG decided to move in eve I deleted a 2 year old charter to prevent a conflict of interest arising.

I play many different games moistly so I donít get burnt out any one game.
Currently that is POTBS, Vanguard, eve online, and a Beta.
I work a seasonal job from Thanksgiving to mid April I play all day every day. From mid April to thanksgiving I work 7am to 7pm 6 days a week so I will rarely be seen.
I consider my self a project manager not a leader. I will delver a good high end performance but I should not be considered officer material. Just give me a job and turn me lose on it.

Lastly I am dyslexic, thus have a hard time with text based communications.
I can read very well but the way I read is called word recognition. This allows me to read very fast and to recognize words if there misspelled upside down or back words.
But trying to rewrite the word is like trying to draw a picture from memory. You can get close but not really right. For forums I can use MS word to fix my spelling but it will some time replace a wrongly spelled word with a correctly spelled similar word that has a different meaning most of the time I wonít notice. But for chat I am pretty much left to my own devises.

I had originally planed on playing British but I saw your recruiting post on the forums and look over the sight. And decided to throw my hat in with you folks seeing has I have had a bit of curiosity about the Welsh since I played them in the Viking invasion expansion of medieval total war.

[Back story supplement.

Nafren was born a basted the son of a whore. His given name is Neifion.
At the age of ten his mother indentchurd him to one of her better customers. William Clark. Who was the master of a small merchant ship. Captain Clark changed his Neifion to Nafren because it sounded more English. There early relation ship was a but strained but over the coarse of years Nafren came to respect and admire his new caption rising all the way from shipís boy to first mate. He chose the surname Crezen himself.

Nafren is a free trader looking at wood sugar and hemp.
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PostSubject: Re: Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider   Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 5:03 pm

Congradulations on your rencent victory and promotion captain, albeit with the unfortunate circumstance of losing a seemingly long and good friend; you have my condolences.

I think you will find we are all friends here.. and patriots. It is my hope that you also come to find it both comfortable and challenging as well; you see our group faces an immense beast, commonly reffered to as the English Empire, and it will take great heaps of sacrifce, trust, loyality, and fearful risks to make our place in the Spanish Main. But I'd wager you're the sort of man that's up for the challenge. However, you'd be hard pressed to find any group more passionate or determined than we of the Highland Confederacy.

Please join us here on the forums and accept us as your friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider   Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 8:39 pm

((I'll be adding you as a recruit shortly... Welcome to the HC!))
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PostSubject: Re: Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider   Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider Icon_minitime

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Nafren Crezen Welsh Free Traider
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