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 Action Reports

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PostSubject: Action Reports   Fri Dec 07, 2007 10:50 am

Following are chronological reports summarizing actions taken by The Highland Confederacy against the enemies of Scotland and France in the noble effort to restore James to the throne of Scotland and England.

[EDIT] Just a reminder that this thread is open to all who want to report their actions against the enemy PvP and PvE. We all want to hear how you're doing.

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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:29 am

To: Officers, Members and Recruits of the Highland Confederacy
Re: First Blow against St. George Squadron of the White
Date: December 7, 1719

While on patrol on the disputed waters of the Lesser Antilles, Captains Émile deMontfort and Jack McBain did make contact and engage an English ship under the command of the infamous Captain Horatio Hawke.

The ensuing battle took place in two parts.

The first phase nearly proved disastrous for the HC ship commanded by Captain McBain when his boarding party was repulsed by the English. However, soon thereafter the combined firepower of deMontfort and McBain resulted in the complete destruction of Hawke’s vessel although he himself escaped with his life.

The second phase started shortly thereafter and pitted Captain McBain and Captain Hawke as Captain deMontfort was unable to participate. After a fierce fight this battle resulted in the loss of McBain’s ship however he in turn survived.

Although this first fight against England’s St George’ Squadron of the White can be counted a draw, the Highland Confederacy struck first blow for restoration of James VIII to his rightful place as King of Scotland and England, and served notice on England that we will not relent in bringing the attack to the enemy so long as Britannia continues to thwart the just and righteous cause of Scotland and France.

((Great fun last night! Try it, you’ll like it!))
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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:47 am

To: Officers, Members, Recruits of the Highland Confederacy
Re: Mixed Results
Date: December 23, 1719

While assisting our Free Traders in their efforts to establish dependable channels of resources, I have been engaged in setting up facilities in both Tampa and New Orleans. They are now fully functional and labor hours are ticking away - such is the good news.

On a darker note, I find my current situation precipitous. As is generally known, the area around Irish Point is currently under attack by pirates. While continuing the efforts stated above, I attempted to slip through the blockade that includes Port-de-Paix. Whereupon, my ship was attacked by a privateer named TR Baron; remember that name friends. Captain Baron enjoyed an 11 grade advantage over me. My attempt to outrun him was hopeless and a short, terrible battle ensued. Before all was lost and my ship completely destroyed I sued for surrender. His satisfaction required I give up my cargo, which I did grateful to save my ship. I suggest you give him a wide berth if by chance you cross his wake on the burning sea save when advantage is in your favor.

I now find myself trapped in Port-de-Paix, with insufficient funds and the necessary materials I am unable to complete construction of the facility here for which I took this risk in the first place.

The object lesson of this report; had I made this voyage in a xebec mastercraft built for blockade running I may well have succeeded in my mission.

Exhaustion requires I retire the rest of this day. Perhaps conditions will improve by evening. I will contact you when next I am able.

I remain your humble servant,

Captain Jack McBain
Highland Confederacy
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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:43 pm

On the 14th of January, in the year of our Lord 1720, under standing orders to provide all “necessary” aid to the Antilles trading company The Highland Confederacy, The Viscount, Captain Émile deMontfort participated in multiple battles against the prime enemy of said company and the nation of France: the British Empire. The following report is a summary of those engagements taken from information found in his logs.

After receiving a commission to captain a Lancer class cutter, christened Matin, Montfort sailed south by south-east from Pointe-a-Pitre on Guadeloupe to the waters off the coast of Guyana, between the settlements of Georgetown and Les Hattes, in order to harass British shipping. After threatening two merchantmen (both of whom were able to escape due to their distance and superior angle on the wind) Montfort was engaged by a Postillion class frigate flying the standard colors of the British Imperial Navy. Initially, Montfort traded broadsides with the frigate, but it soon became clear that, despite the many improvements it bore over lesser classes of cutters, the Matin’s guns could not break through the frigate’s defenses before her own were compromised. Consequently, the order to hove to beam reaching on a starboard tack ((I hope that makes sense)) was given, so as to make a “fighting retreat” back to Pointe-a-Pitre.

One the Matin was safely docked and repairs were underway, Montfort transferred himself and his crew to his own Postillion frigate, La Francisque, and returned to his previous position where, after giving chase to another merchantman, he was attacked by two privateers. The first, also captaining a Postillion, flew colors that were later identified by agents of the Marine Nationale as those of a Captain Arnold J. Rimmer. The second, who remains unidentified, captained a Locust class corvette.

The battle began in earnest as the Locust moved in to trade broadsides with La Francisque. Rimmer, in the meantime, attempted a maneuver that would allow him to cross-the-t with La Francisque’s stern. Due to the tack both the Locust and La Francisque were following, however, upon the completion of said maneuver, Captain Rimmer found himself significantly out of range. This provided Montfort with enough time to sink the Locust and to turn about to defend his damaged starboard side. Rimmer held his fire, even as he moved back into range, until he could effectively use dismantling and anti-personal shot, and then did so in preparation of boarding action. As he was against a privateer, and thus someone supposedly specializing in such combat, Montfort ordered the loading of grapeshot which he used to decimate* his enemy’s crew.

When the grappling lines were thrown, less than a quarter of Montfort’s crew was fit for combat in close-quarters, while Rimmer had more than half of his available to him. Even so, Rimmer and his boarders were heroically repulsed on two separate occasions before the tables were turned, and he found his own ship being boarded. After the two failed boarding attempts, Rimmer’s men were demoralized to a point where they offered little resistance before admitting defeat.

*A skill

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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:36 pm

I just heard the report. Bravo Monsieur deMontfort.
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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:46 pm

To:Officers,Members,& Recruits of the Highland Confederacy
Dispatch dated January 16th -17th, 1720
Seamus O'Flynn,Captain Le Maudit reporting.

After detailed study and careful scouting of the English presence in the vicinity of the ports of West End & Nassau it has come to my notice that
while merchant shipping appears to be increasing,the convoys that i have engaged are lightly defended by East India Company escorts.
While the lack of a Royal Navy presence is most likely to be short lived, the East India Company convoys are sustaining serious losses with Le Maudit accounting for 9 merchant prizes and the sinking of the one Royal Navy Cutter that was encountered.
I will continue with commerce raiding and will report any contact with the Royal Navy.
In Service To The Crown.
S.O'Flynn,Captain Le Maudit
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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Fri Jan 18, 2008 3:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:02 am

To:Officers of the Highland Confederacy

An extract from the Journals of Malcolm E. Thatcher, commanding an Indiaman named the Bantry Mule.

Sunday, January 20, the year of our Lord 1720,

We weighed anchor in the harbour of Belle Isle at dawn and set out to rendesvous with our fellow comrades, Marie Honor and Henk Owl at Belize to seek out the Confederacy's enemies, the much despised English. By noon we had made headway and Mr. Owl was sighted in his Corvette off the port bow. Soon after we had reached his Marie Honor was spotted off the port closing swiftly in another Corvette and soon after we rendesvoused and set out in search of fat merchant convoys headed to Turtling Bay or Belize. We found, and sunk, several large four to three ship convoys and were quite filled up on doubloons when we headed to the British settlement of Belize to have a drink at the local tavern. We stayed ther a while and set out sinking more convoys when we came upon a 2 ship convoy and found it was commanded by one Sylvia 'Silky' Stretton on a mastercraft Packet-Boat. The battle was short and we made easy work of the notorious merchantman and later sunk and/or captured more British East Indiamen and Merchant Convoys before I grew weary and was forced to return later to Grenville for repairs and provisions. A great day for marauding and a great day for profits.

-Malcolm E. Thatcher
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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:23 pm

I would like to add to the above if my fellow captain does so permit me!

The engagements were thrillin' to say the least and at times it would appear that we grew somewhat too daring for our own good. But as my friend already stated it was a grand day and an incredible yet bloody adventure indeed, one that almost cost me my left eye as some 'o ye already know!

*Points to the temporary eyepatch*

However as the English ships surgeon explained to me while being closely observed by my quartermaster who i might add held a pistol to his 'ead, the resulting inflamation would soon pass and there did not seem to be any damage to my eye. Sufice to say i let the dear doctor go in peace and with his life after he treated my wounds.

One last word if i may, so bear with me if ye please!

These two most valued members 'o our humble society are truly an asset in many a way! They provide aid to those in need and are both pleasant company and most remarkable craftsmen whom i hold in the highest respect! And the fact that neither 'o them even seemed to flinch in battle in which they are also very adept 'n skilled, the honor was all mine and i salute ye both!

"Cheers for Malcolm E. Thatcher and the most deadly but lovely Madame Marie Honor..."
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PostSubject: Re: Action Reports   

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Action Reports
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