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 Heeding The Call

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PostSubject: Heeding The Call   Heeding The Call Icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2007 2:01 pm

So this is the Albatross Seamus thought as he smoked his pipe across the street from the dimly lit exterior of the pub. It had been a long road getting here from New Orleans where he had first heard of the Highland Confederacy. Along the way the Confederacy continued to come up all around him,In an overheard bit of conversation,Or in Gaelic slogans written on a wall by the docks. In Tampa he had even heard a ballad about the soceity. Seamus entered the Albatross and casually made his way to the bar. What'll Ya have mate? the Barman asked Pint of Ale Seamus replied.
When Seamus was almost done with his pint he loaded his pipe and surveyed the pub's common room scanning the patrons wondering how many of them might be Jacobites because discussing such things openly could be dangerous even in a friendly port. As Seamus waved to the Barman for another pint a young man produced a squeeze box and started to sing a song that left no doubts as to his feelings about the cause
OOC:Continued in the Home From Home Post
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Heeding The Call
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