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 Sanctioned Piracy

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PostSubject: Sanctioned Piracy   Sanctioned Piracy Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2007 9:48 am

Part i - One last hoorah!

The sun beat heavily over the skies of Tampa. The French port was bustling with tradesmen and naval personal alike. The clear skies and light breeze made it a seemingly perfect day, and few would have imagined the nefarious deeds that were taking place in a secluded alley.

Leaning carelessly against the rear of the small store house stood Balthier Moutinho, O Fantasma, the ghost of the spanish main and plauge of the East India Trading Company. For the glorious tales of the mighty captain, one usually expected more than what they recieved. Garbbed in his coustomary Black seaman's coat and red bandana, the Privateer hardly fit the bill of the untouchable Captain. His wild hair and scruffy face gave a ruggedly handsome look about him.

The sound of whistling stirred him from his near sleep. With a quick glance towards the sky, as to check the position of the sun, he sighed and shook his head. With the subtlety of an enrage mob he reached out into the busy street and yanked the whistler towards him.

Your late, and you know how I hate to be kept waiting meu homem bom. Balthier said sternly

My appolagizes good captian, you see I was .... the man tried to explain

Spare me. Let us get down to business, for the longer we idle the greater the risk.

Yes ... of course Captain. said the man as he fumbled through his pockets in search of something. Finally finding what he was looking for, he removed a folded piece of paper from his coat. Have you my... fee?

Of course I have your fee, that's what makes this a business transaction. Dangling a small coin purse infront of the man's face, he dropped it into his hand. Now, I'll take that. Balthier said as he snached the paper from his partner's grasp. E agora despešo-me.

He stuffed the paper into his coat pocket and briskly walked away. Making his way back down to his ship, he found his men still loading her up. Adams! How long till we can make berth? he called to his first mate.

Several hours Captain. We're having trouble patching the sails and hull damage. the man called back.

As he was boarding the ship, some called from behind. I am looking for Captain Moutinho. This is the Lady of Lisbon is it not? Balthier half turned, Then you've found him my good man.

I have a message from the Highland Confederacy for you. Your not an easy man to find, even when one know's where to look.

That my friend, is why I am the Phantom! Balthier said triumphantly as he recieved the message.

He unfolded the note and read :
Captain Moutinho,

It is my hope that this letter finds you in Tampa in the best of conditions. I am writing to inform you that we of the Confederacy would be delighted by the assistance of you and your Lady. At your earliest convenience, we would meet with you at the Albatross on Martinique to discuss the terms of our partnership. Until then, I wish you good hunting.

Wilhelm von Somborn
The Highland Confederacy

Today is a good day. Of this I am sure. He said to himself, smiling widely, A good day indeed.
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Sanctioned Piracy
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