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 Cordain GreyLore

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PostSubject: Cordain GreyLore   Cordain GreyLore Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2007 5:49 am

Cordain GreyLore here. I not be much of a talker, ceptin meybe when I hed me a bit too much ale and be a'tryin real hard to chat up a sassy lass; or two meybe, eh . Yer Confederacy be look'in juss like a organerz...er, ornogi...bah, group after me own heart. Be'in as me writin words ain't so good a axed me dis here bar lass ta put er down fer me..

<bar lass> So, the good cap'n Cordain was say'in to mez juss the other nite it was, nevermind WHERE, how'in he'd shore like ta finds a whollopin group a sail'in men, "no landlubbers mind ya", he sez, what really really take a dislikin to them prissy British. <nudges Cordain away, "quit dat...fer now anyways"> He was saying he lookin fer a bunch dat don't stand so much on formalies, but will sure as hell stand fer each other. Anyways, him's a shore hoping dis is it. Time go <giggles>

Ok, she put some good words down der fer me.

I do much preciate yer conserdarasions;
Cordain GreyLore

I am txshepp in FLS forums and intend to be a privateer.

I have played or am playing Dragon Realms, DAOC, Voyage Century, EVE, Tabula Rasa.

I started online gaming with Dragon Realms, an old text based game where RP was king and I quickly became addicted. As gaming progressed into graphics I found it more and more difficult to find decent RP and willingness to stay IC while in-game. This is one of the aspects that led me to apply to the Confederacy. The other is that the character of the Confederacy, sort of bastards of the old world, appealed to my sense of individuality.

Thanks for your consideration.

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PostSubject: Re: Cordain GreyLore   Cordain GreyLore Icon_minitimeFri Dec 21, 2007 6:51 am

Captain GreyLore,
I can respect a man of little words. As such I will respond in kind. Although I am reminded of a fascinating story involving an Englishman and a barrel of salted ham... But that is a story for another time. Regardless, allow me to be the first to extend a hand of welcome to you.

Wilhelm von Somborn
The Highland Confederacy

Welcome to the site. I've added you as a recruit. Feel free to make yourself at home. A nice, if short, application, I must say. One thing that would help it, though, would be if you would explain a bit more IC reason for Cordain's interest in the HC.
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Cordain GreyLore
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