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 Introduction: Argyll Campbell

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PostSubject: Introduction: Argyll Campbell   Introduction: Argyll Campbell Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2008 3:38 pm

Messieurs et Dames,

Je, Count Pierre de LeHavre, veux vous présenter sur mon nom, cette lettre d'introduction portant le nom de Capitaine Argyll Campbell; le bon Capitaine étant retardé dans sa traversée par le dommage pris pendant une tempête. Avec la grâce de Dieu et les vents équitables, il m'a demandé de le transmettre ses intentions sont d'arriver dans Charlesfort sur ou le 7 Janvier.

(( I, Count Pierre de LeHavre, wish to present to you on my behalf, this letter of introduction bearing the name of Captain Argyll Campbell; the good Captain being delayed in his crossing by damage taken during a storm. With God's grace and fair winds, he asks me to convey that his intentions are to arrive in Charlesfort on or about the 7th of January. ))

Esteemed Colleagues,

I am presently bound for the port of Charlesfort aboard the Lorne, a right stout and goodly a vessel as ere rounded The Mull. My intentions are thus: to assist my countrymen and their noble French allies with whatever means I find at my disposal. In truth, I know little of the Merchant trade and would prefer to leave that profession to the abilities of far abler persons than myself.

Rather, I would seek for myself and crew, a letter of marquee and proudly fly the French flag alongside that of Scotland; offering those who required it, protection and safe passage to and from their ports of destination. And, if fate or luck should have it that some damnable English ship pass beneath my guns while in the performance of this service, all the better I say!

I would be grateful of your considerations and graces.

Captain Argyll Campbell

OOC Section
Player Description: I’m male, 45, unmarried and spend far too much time playing MMO’s . Of course being unmarried is probably what allows me to spend far too much time playing MMO’s. I live in Virginia and write programs for CNC machines, which I’ve been doing for the last 23 years. Although I was born in Germany, my family roots wind their way back to the Glasgow area of Scotland…which might possibly account for my otherwise unexplainable love of peaty single malts.

FLS Forum Name: Ezra Pique

Profession: Privateer

What is RP to me: To me, RP is an escape, a way to relax, unwind and get as far away from the day to day doldrums of real life as possible. It’s an enjoyable way for me to unwind and spend time with folks of like mind.

Why I would like to Join: I’ve actually been watching this game for about a year and a half now…lurking I guess you call it. I’ve looked at and visited the forums of many Guilds/Kinships/Societies and the like and finally it dawned on me that lo and behold, this game is going live very shortly! I’m quite astute you know. Seriously though, I find the historical “twist” this Society has chosen to take intriguing and would love the opportunity to help this guild grow…and hopefully have some great fun along the way.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction: Argyll Campbell   Introduction: Argyll Campbell Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2008 7:12 pm

Welcome to ye friend and most likeminded spirit!

Your story is as intriquing as many i have come to know and love! If it be fellowship ye be seekin', Scotsch, kindred and likeminded minds, or plain immersement and fun i shall do my utmost to assist and offer my services in all 'o the above!

Good to have you with us...
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction: Argyll Campbell   Introduction: Argyll Campbell Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2008 7:34 pm

Captain Campbell, your letter of introduction was successfully presented to us by Count de LeHavre on New Years day, 1720. I trust the damage to your ship was not extensive and that you will make port on Jan 7th as anticipated. You will find a fair number of the Highland Confederacy in Charlesfort around the date of your anticipated landfall. Anyone of them should be able to be of what assistance you require.

Regarding your letter of marquee, Monsieur Capitaine Emile duMontfort is France's Naval Attaché to the Highland Confederacy and can assist you in the acquisition of the necessary papers, after a proper interview as I am sure you will appreciate.

Your humble servant,

Captain Jack McBain,
The Highland Confederacy

Welcome to HC! While we await your impending arrival at Charlesfort please feel free to enjoy our forums. We encourage you to post as you feel inclined.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction: Argyll Campbell   Introduction: Argyll Campbell Icon_minitime

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Introduction: Argyll Campbell
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