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 Clouds Over Gibara

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PostSubject: Clouds Over Gibara   Thu Jan 24, 2008 4:41 am

Seamus watched the setting sun outside his cabin window,rising to buckle on his swordbelt. He paused for a moment while reaching for his pistol wondering if he really needed it,"Never know" he mused while placing the pistol in his sash. As Seamus mulled over the instructions for the meeting a knock at the cabin door interupted his thoughts,"Enter" he reached for his glass of wine while the door opened and his second in command Padraic Collins spoke "Captain O'Flynn,Are you sure that going alone is wise? You can't trust any of these Dago's" Seamus replied "Well Paddy you know i'm nae fond of them myself but Commodore De Montfort's orders say we're to support the rebellion that's brewing here, So we shall."
After a few more minutes of making sure that the crew was on guard and prepared to leave swiftly if the need arose Seamus proceeded into the streets of Gibara.
Walking casually he made his way to his destination,a brothel not far from the docks. The madame was a thin haggard looking woman with greedy eyes who greeted him in spanish,"Welcome Senor,would you like to sit and have a drink while i gather the Senoritas for you to meet?"
Seamus handed the madame several pieces of eight and gave her one of his most charming smiles,"If you don't mind i'm looking for a particular girl."
The Madame replied "We have many lovely Senoritas,Does this one you seek have a name?" Knowing he was in the right place Seamus gave the answer "Alas i do not not know her name,but i'm told she's fond of white roses." The Madame started walking to the stairs "Come Senor,I know just the Senorita you mean." Seamus followed her into a bedroom where a beautiful mulatto woman was sitting on the bed,the madame closed the door behind her. Before Seamus could say a word the doors to the armoire opened and a small statured man stepped out. Seamus' hand went to the hilt of his blade until he saw the mans hands were empty. "You are O'Flynn?" Seamus nodded "And you'd be?" The spainard smiled "They call me Villalobos,My contacts tell me you and your coompadres in the Highland Confederacy can be quite adept at making...shall we say discreet deliveries." Seamus spent the next several hours arranging to unload the cargo he had brought and discussing with Villalobos what cargo his forces would require next. The first wan rays of daylight were rising over the harbour as Seamus walked up the gangplank to his ship. Seeing Padraic on deck he gave his orders "Paddy,set sail for Grenville we've got a lot of work ahead of us,Oh and have Dupre bring me some coffee i still have to prepare my report for the Commodore."

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PostSubject: Re: Clouds Over Gibara   Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:29 pm

The docks of Grenville are accustomed to the normal hustle and bustle of commerce,Yet one ship seemed to be a frenzy of activity even by Grenville standards. Sailors were feverishly at work,some loading long wooden crates into the hold,others painting the hull and trim,and the last few fitting a newly carved nameplate over the original. Once the spanish flag the sailmaster was stitching up was finished the illusion was complete.
Thus Seamus' ship Le Maudit(The Accursed) became the San Patricio.
Seamus shook his head at the sight but knew this was a necessary evil.
The rebels in Gibara seemed to be making use of the first cargo of small arms and powder Seamus had delivered,In fact they had stirred up enough trouble that the ports magistrate had declared a blockade of all non spanish ships. As his crew secured the last of the hatches Seamus called out to his sergeant of arms "Mr.McKay,the lads have done a fine job,once we've made our way out of the harbor let's have a tot of rum for the whole crew" Mr.McKay tipped his hat "Aye Aye Sir!" Seamus smiled as a cheer rolled across the deck. With Captain and crew in high spirits the good ship "San Patricio" set sail for Gibara. As soon as they approached Spanish waters the false colours would be raised and hopefully they'd make thier way through the Spanish blockade without incident.
Seamus thought to himself "We damn sure don't want to start a fight while a full third of the ship is loaded with powder!"
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Clouds Over Gibara
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