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PostSubject: Edeor MacGregor   Edeor MacGregor Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2008 3:22 pm

*A handwritten letter arrive at the Confedracy Headquarters*


I am Edeor MacGregor. I was born in the Scottish Highlands some half-century ago, but made my way to France during my 16th year, due to some trouble in my homeland better left unspoken at this time. I joined the French Navy and distinguished myself as a Master Navigator. In 1695 I was granted the rank of Commander for valorous conduct.

However a foreign born officer has little hope of Captaincy in the French Navy, so I retired in 1715. I was granted a Letter of Marque against the enemies of France and have made my way to the Carribean.

Upon learning of the Highland Confederacy, and their efforts to return the Crown of England to its rightful owner, I determined to make my application.

I know that the Confederacy is home some some of the Campbell, my ancestral enemy. However these long years have lessened my anger against that clan and I am willing to fight by their side in a greater cause.

There may be rumors that I have a feud with one Bognor Regis, a member of the Confederacy, and a Campbell on his mother's side. I assure one and all that all matters between myself and Regis are resolved and, while I cannot call the boy "friend", I no longer pursue my grudge. Perhaps if I am welcomed among you I will relate the tale.

Please give my request your due consideration.


Edeor MacGregor, Privateer for His Majesty Louis XV, under the authority of Le Duc d'Orlean
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Edeor MacGregor
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