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 Scatha MacCorragh

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PostSubject: Scatha MacCorragh   Scatha MacCorragh Icon_minitimeSat Feb 02, 2008 10:44 pm

In Character Section

Intro: Please introduce your character to the Confederacy in an in
character manner. This would most likely be in the form of a letter to
the Officers. It doesn't have to be long, just something to introduce
who you are and why you are interested in the group IC.

Character Description: Self explanatory. Note this isn't the back story. That can be written later.

a letter, in neatly curled immaculate handwriting on the finest hemp parchment, addressed to the offices of the Scottish Confederacy

Dear Friends,

My name is Scatha MacCorragh, an officer of the French navy. Daughter of a murdered father and sworn enemy of Britain and all her agents wherever they may be found. I am writing in the hopes of joining your good society, news of your deeds reaced my ear early this morn and I rushed back to harbor at a breakneck pace to investigate further and see if the rumors are true. Having satisfied myself on that count, I turn now to the equally important business of satisfying you as to my own worth.

As I said, I am an officer of the French Navy. My aim in joining was to use my position as such as a thorn in the side of Scotlands auld enemy, the English and their hated empire, and I have been fairly successful in this thus far. I have two siblings, a privateer and a merchantman, and the three of us are all dedicated to the freedom of our homeland.

Though I know your Society has only a few Officers among its ranks, surely you could not turn away one as dedicated to the cause of Scottish liberty as I? I serve France as an officer only until such a time as it is possible to serve my own country; at which point I will bid my comrades adieu and return to the land of my fathers as a proud defender of Scottish independance. France has much to gain from such events, of course, and my superiors are well aware of my loyalties and intentions.

My siblings, Wolfe Tone (a Privateer of some renown) and Fiona O'Neil (a merchantman) would also like to join your bold society. We three eagerly await your reply.

Scatha MacCorragh
Wolfe Tone
Fiona O'Neil

Out of Character Section

Player Description: Name, anything you might want to tell us about yourself that will help us get to know you.

Official Forum Name: (name used on FLS official forums): Scatha MacCorragh.

We are a Trading Company and as such we are looking for Freetraders and
Privateers for the most part. Whichever you choose you are not locked
into it, but this gives us an idea of what you are planning. We do
accept Naval Officers on a case by case basis but these are more rare
in the Confederacy as an over-abundance would not fit with our story.
If you are wishing to join as an officer, please make that clear in the
app and include a good RP reason for being assigned to the Confederacy.

What is RP to you?

A way to add texture and depth to an online world. I'm not normally a deep RP-er, but in this game I think I could get a bit more into it then I might otherwise simply because it's a lot less silly to place ones self into a historical context for roleplay then it is to run around pretending to be a nightelf or somesuch.

Why would you like to join the Highland Confederacy?

When I first picked up the game I had planned to play pirate, but the ability to capture pennants and get a cash bounty for kills made me decide instead to play one of the nations. As a person of primarily scottish & irish descent with strong real-life sympathies for the scottish independance movement and a complete withdrawel of Briitish forces from North Ireland, I decided I didn't want to dedicate my play time to helping build the brittish empire, which left France and Spain. Since historically most Scottish emigres diuring this time period ended up fighting for France, I figured I'd follow their lead and play france with characters with scottish and irish names (Scattha is a pagan gaelic goddess of warfare and battle). So when I heard about the Highland Confederacy I simply had to send an application, and here I am.

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PostSubject: Re: Scatha MacCorragh   Scatha MacCorragh Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 7:18 pm

a second letter, written in a noticeably more hurried script then the last....

Dear friends,

It has been an honour to sail with you these past few days, unfortunately I must withdraw my pettition to join your ranks due to the unfortunate intrusion of other, unforseen events. Due to these events I have resigned my commission in the french Navy and will be unable to sail with you (or anyone else) for the forseeable future.

Please, do not interpret this epistal as a rebuke of the Confederacy or any of its members. I hold you all in the highest regard and hope to rejoin your ranks at some time in the future.

For a free Scotland and an end to English rule everywhere,

Scatha MacCorragh

((hey folks, sorry to appear and dissapear so quickly, it's not usually my style. unfortunately my play-time is going to be severely curtailed for a few months at least; I'm transitioning from a self-employed graphic designer to being an instructor with a local high-tech training company that I've done some design work for, which means I'll basically be working two jobs until I can finish earning the certifications I need and complete the transition. There's a good chance that when I finish that transition I'll find my way back to PotBS and the Bonny server, in which case you'll be hearing from me again.

best wishes,
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PostSubject: Re: Scatha MacCorragh   Scatha MacCorragh Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 7:38 pm

You will be missed.

Come back when you can, you will be welcome.

Best regards,

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PostSubject: Re: Scatha MacCorragh   Scatha MacCorragh Icon_minitime

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Scatha MacCorragh
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