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 A young man walks in

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A young man walks in Empty
PostSubject: A young man walks in   A young man walks in Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 12:13 pm

The courier enters the Albatross. The man scrutinizes the place and after a moment directs himself to the innkeeper.

“Monsieur, I am a messenger looking for an Officer of the Highland Confederacy, I was directed to your establishment by the Harbour Master”.

The innkeeper looks over the man with a bit of suspicion: Frenchman for sure, although he couldn’t place the accent even after so many years spent in France and in the company of Frenchmen of all stature.

“You seem to have gone through difficult times my good sir, what message is it you have to deliver”.

“My message is addressed to the Highland Confederacy’s Officers or Captains, I reckon you’re neither”.

“Right you are, but these gents often gather themselves here, in fact, two of them are in at the moment, and if I knew your name I could introduce you to them”.

“My excuses sir, I am the Lieutenant Jean-Baptiste Lafleur in the service of and under orders from Capitaine de Corvette Réjean LeMay”

“Follow me Lieutenant”

Willem, the innkeeper, walks with the young Lafleur in suite to an isolated table where two men, regulars, were sipping their drink.

“Gents, let me introduce you to...”

“Lieutenent Lafleur... yes Willem, thank you”

“How could he have heard that” thought Willem?

“Lieutenant Lafleur, I am Commodore Jack McBain, Officer of the Highland
Confederacy and this is Captain Benoit Bontecou, my friend and Captain in the Highland Confederacy, what can we do for you”

While talking, Lafleur begins to unbutton his shirt taking out a flat packet, made of birch bark, strapped to his chest, coated with tar and balsam of
fir and bearing some sort of seal in the semblance of a Coat of Arms “Sirs, I was ordered... to place... these documents... into your care”

Jack extend his hand to accept the documents, the young Lieutenant’s knees buckle under him, Benoit Bontecou, with the speed of a man familiar with emergencies, catches him and lay him down gently.

“Jack, this young lad has gone through some hardship”

“Willem, will you take good care of our young friend here”

(The story of Lieutenant Lafleur will continue under a separate thread)

“ What do you say Benoit, a petition of some sort” asked Jack pointing at the sealed packet.

“ I would think it is that and more” replies Benoit, “ the Hall would be a more quiet place to look them over”

(OOC. My humble try at creating a
context to introduce my petition for membership to the HC and preparing a storyline for “Maitre Rej”) English is a second language for me and 18th century Pirates’ argot was not even part of my learnings
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PostSubject: Re: A young man walks in   A young man walks in Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 10:03 am

Jack and Benoit moved the weakened man to one of the cots in the back room while Willem fetched some water. No visible wounds appeared on the body and feeling confident the innkeep could help him recover, the two Confederacy captains moved out of the room and to a more private location in order to look over the packet that had troubled the stranger so much.
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PostSubject: Re: A young man walks in   A young man walks in Icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2008 4:44 pm

A few days later, a Dutch sailor enter the Albatros looking for Maître Rej. He has to deliver a letter from Sommerset.
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PostSubject: Re: A young man walks in   A young man walks in Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2008 11:04 am

Lafleur woke up; slowly coming out of his torpor, he vaguely remembered hearing a soft and gentle voice saying that now he could sleep, that he needed to sleep.
He had this disturbing feeling that something was wrong. A quick survey of the room he had waked in showed nothing out of place or unusual, a cot, a table, where sits a candlestick, a washbowl and a ewer, a chair and a dresser. Opening the dresser Lafleur saw a neat pile of clothes, his clothes... in a heartbeat he grabs his coat searching the hidden back-pocket, just to let go a deep sigh of relief, the message, THE message, was there, frantically he puts on pants and shirt --- how could he have forgotten, how could he--- and ran down the stairs in search of the innkeeper.
Willem was talking with a sailor, dressed in the fashion of a Dutch.
“Ah, the young Lieutenant Lafleur, you seem in quite a hurry lad”
“That I am sir, where can I find one of the gentlemen – he had kept enough of his brain not to mention them by their title—that I met last night?”
“Last night you were soundly sleeping lad, it was two days ago that you met these gents”
“None of them are in town at the moment, but the man sitting there all by himself is someone that you could trust in these matters”
Lafleur looked over the man, middle-aged, finely dressed, a captain for sure.
“Sir, pardon my bluntness, may I have a word with you?”
“You must be the French Lieutenant I have heard of” the man at the table replied
“The one that passed-out in the arms of the Commodore”
Lafleur blushed
“How can I assist you lad”
“Sir, I have done something even more shameful, I...I forgot to give them this message”
Lafleur hands the message written on a piece of cloth. “I know nothing of its content; I only know it is coded and that only the persons to whom it is intended shall be able to decipher it”
The man unfolds the piece of cloth:

A young man walks in Note-c10
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A young man walks in Empty
PostSubject: Re: A young man walks in   A young man walks in Icon_minitime

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A young man walks in
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