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 Madam Baudelaire

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PostSubject: Madam Baudelaire   Madam Baudelaire Icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2008 1:31 pm

IC Intro:

During the bustle of the early morning shipments, a knock is heard on the door of the Offices of the Highland Confederacy. Upon opening the door, a harried packetmaster nods towards you and places a rolled piece of parchment in your hands, saying simply, "It came with this as well" as he kicks a small sealed crate at his feet. Without further explanation he turns and leaves.

Curious, you bring the letter before your eyes, noting the quality of the parchment and the slight scent of jasmine. Tucking the letter under your arm, you bend over to pick up the crate, surprised to discover it is somewhat heavy as you bring it back towards your desk, closing the door behind you.

With a flick of the wrist, you break the heavy red wax seal on the letter and unroll it on the desk before you, placing your pistol on one end and your sextant on the other to keep it from rolling closed. The penmanship is exquisite, and it is clear someone spent a considerable amount of time inking the letter. Raising one eyebrow, you begin to read the document...

Quote :
For the Offices of the Highland Confederacy:

Honorable Members of the Board,

Please allow this letter of introduction to be met with the goodwill and intent in which it was penned. My name is Josephine Baudelaire, better known as Madam Baudelaire, propietor and owner of Baudelaire Provisions, as well as the Black Rose label of wines and rum.

It has been my pleasure to hear of your offices and exploits for some time now, as several of my friends and employees have had contact with you over the past several years. I first learned of your exploits when I was still studying in Paris, not so many years ago when I fell into the company of several Scottish playwrights and poets, the Malcontents of Melrose. They spoke highly of your offices, and one young Mr. McBane in particular suggested that should I ever arrive in the New Worlde, I would be well advised to seek you out.

Having been forced to leave France in duress, I have moved my families estates and our remaining worldly posessions to the outskirts of Tampa. I have had the good fortune to remain in the company of several of the brave Scotsmen that have become my close friends. At their urgings, and my own counsel, I am writing to you to petition for a commision amongst your ranks of office.

Should you consider my name amongst the list of honorables that make the whole of the Confederacy, know that I will do all in my power to support your offices, both materially, physically, and by power of spirit. I can supply the choicest victuals and ship provisions for a fraction of the price you might find them on the open market. Additionally you will never find your cellars empty of wine or rum again. I have sent a small crate packed with the choicest samples of my wares in order to aid you with your decision. It should also be said that Baudelaire Provisions is finiacially viable, and has been making a steady profit in the New Worlde since we have set up shop.

Last but not least, the hardships of the world have not left me without the experience and firsthand knowledge of the more martial arts. I have, upon more than one occassion, had to physically repulse aggressors on the open seas whose foul intent was none other than most vile piracy of my livelyhood and life. I bear no love for those that live outside the covenant of man's laws, as my own parents died to such butchers nay but a handful of years past in these very waters. Should it be a blade or cannon you need, you will not find them wanting should you call upon my services.

Your Humble Servant,


~~Josephine Baudelaire

Looking up from the lengthy letter, your eyes alight upon the crate perched on the corner of your desk. Intrigued, you produce a well worn blade and carefully pry open one end of the crate. Inside, carefully packed in cotton, are several bottles of fine wine, each baring the label of the Black Rose, a small cask of rum, dried boucan, dark brown hardtack that still looks soft, several limes, and other assorted goods. Picking up one of the bottles carefully and holding it up to the light, you look through the dark red liquid as you consider the contents of the letter...

Character Description:

Madam Baudelaire is a young woman of slight build, appearing to be in her mid twenties. Her face has been known to turn heads, yet for all benefits of beauty it has brought her nothing but ill luck. A shock of unruly blonde hair can be seen beneath her cap, its golden hues so light as to be almost platinum white in color. Her form is curvascious, although she often wears a somber black merchants coat in an attempt to lessen the effect. She often dresses i nthe manner of a man, wearing trousers and hose and fine shoes more often than not. That being said, she does enjoy a good corset and evening dress, but has found it easier to do business in the world of men if she herself dresses as one.

She is quick and easy to laugh, enjoying the cleverness of wit as much as she enjoys a bawdy joke or the humor of sailors. Comfortable in the company of both nobility and the common dockhand, she speaks little of her dark past, prefering to look forward in life instead.

Fluent in over five languages, Madam Baudelaire has a depth of education not often seen in a simple vintner or plantation owner. She however considers herself something more than a simple grower of food, but rather as an "Lady Adventurer". Incensed at the very idea that only Gentlemen could succeed in such areas, she has taken it upon herself to prove them wrong.

For Madam Baudelaire's full background and history, please see the post http://highlandconfederacy.forumotion.com/copper-penny-publishing-f5/les-origines-du-baudelaire-t714.htm

Out Of Character Section!

Player Description:

My name is Yarrow, and I love to Role-Play, as well as write. I have been playing RPGs games since before I could read and have been writing on and off all of my life.

I live in Santa Cruz, CA, far from the Caribbean, but instead I have grown up with the majesty of the Pacific at my doorstep for all of my life.

When I play a game, I love to research the part entirely, giving myself over to the character as wholely as I can. To that end I have begun reading both fictional and non-fictional works set in the 17th century and the turn of the century, as well as any works on pirates and the Golden Age of Piracy I can get my hands on. If yo uwould like, I can suggest several titles that I have found to be an excellent read, as well as a good source of information.

Official Forum Name:

Madam Baudelaire


Free-Trader (Specializing in Ships Provisions)

What is RP to you?

I live for storytelling. I have been GM'ing my own pen-and-paper RPGs for close to three decades now, and love the fine art of crafting a story. I am just finishing up my first novel as well.

To me, Role-Playing is a chance to explore the untamed wilderness of one's imagination, while at the same time working with other people to craft a story made more powerful by everyone's direct contribution. Everyone brings something to the story if they but try. When I am in character, I try to play the game from that characters persoective, and none other. This can be made interesting if my characters perspective and opinions differ greatly from my own in real life. These opportunities allow me to greater known myself, as well as come to terms with the opinions of others.

Last but not least, I role-play because its FUN! I am in love with it, and have been all of my life.

Why would you like to join the Highland Confederacy?

I am in an interesting position currently. I have been an unverified member for about a week now, having been invited by the Gentleman Adventurer Henk Owl sometime ago after a series of adventures together. (I asked him if I could join, and he gave me an invite). With Henk Owl's disappearence I find my membership somewhat precarious, and am doing all I can to secure my place within the Confederacy in a more official manner.

My interest in joining the Confederacy are many fold. First and foremost in my mind is the sheer quality and involvement of its players and officers. This Society has a beautiful forum, website, player base, and by God, it has a PLAN! You don't see this from other Societies/Guilds/Clans very often in MMOs. Secondly I am drawn here because of the role-playing opportunities that present themselves here. I quite literally stumbled upon this server by chance, and I find it quite lucky that it is the unofficial home of those who wish to role-play in PotBS.

In short, I think the Highland Confederacy is perfect for me. Hopefully you think I am perfect for you as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Madam Baudelaire   Madam Baudelaire Icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2008 9:56 pm

Blessings Madame! I most thoroughly enjoyed your introduction and look forward to seeing you at confessional often! One of the officers will probably be by soon to officially welcome you aboard, even in light of the loss of our dear friend Henk, but in the mean time I hope this informal nod of approval from the Holy Roman Church will suffice.
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PostSubject: Re: Madam Baudelaire   Madam Baudelaire Icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2008 10:58 pm

Monsieur McDermott,

Thank you kindly for the sweet words and falicitations. They are heartfelt and returned readily. I will endeavor to be a frequent visitor to your parish, and ask you only where you give your sermons?

I have met several of the officers already, having sailed alonside Commodore deMontfort in the initial assault against the pirate stronghold of Rugged Cove, and have met with the good Herr von Stromborn when I delivered some provisions and fine cheese and wines to his warehouses. I have been quite mimpressed with my interactions with both.

Thanks again for the warm welcome. I look forward to sailing alongside you next chance the opportunity presents itself.

Your humble servant,


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PostSubject: Re: Madam Baudelaire   Madam Baudelaire Icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2008 3:39 am

Madam Baudelaire wrote:
having been invited by the Gentleman Adventurer Henk Owl sometime ago after a series of "nightly" adventures together

Milady your words do make a man rather weak in the knees i must say, and the pleasure i assure you was and always shall be mine! Fear not my cabin door is still open to those i hold dear!

OxBaker wrote:
even in light of the loss of our dear friend Henk

Dear father you have not lost me for i do hope that my dealings with my former family will be long and fruitfull! I am still hopin' that ye will alow my humble self to attend a regular, if time does so permit confession from time to time! I am still a loyal catholic and would ne'er wish to distance myself form the holy church ever, or at least no more than i have already done!
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PostSubject: Re: Madam Baudelaire   Madam Baudelaire Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 11:22 am

M'lady Wlecome to our merry band of freedom fighters. I have taken the liberty to view your lovely chateau and look forward to sampling the vintages there.

I would be honored to join you and others of our squadron on maneuvers in Florida.
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PostSubject: Re: Madam Baudelaire   Madam Baudelaire Icon_minitime

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Madam Baudelaire
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