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 Cathern Flowers Chases a Pirate

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PostSubject: Cathern Flowers Chases a Pirate   Thu Feb 07, 2008 9:16 pm

[This story recounts my first solo pvp kill in PotBS]

“Ship spotted, distant, off the port bow!” the crewman in the crow’s nest shouted. Cathern grabbed her spotting scope and made her way forward to the front of the ship. Scanning the horizon she swept the scope back and forth. There, quite distant the mast tops peering over the horizon appeared in the lens. Her first officer approached from behind, “Shall we give chase Capitaine?” The vessel was quite distant but it appeared their paths would cross. “Let’s not beat to quarters just yet Marcelle. If we stay on this course and speed we’ll see soon enough if it’s worth chasing down”. Marcelle looked at Cathern and nodded, “Aye, very good Ma’am”.

Slowly the ships closed distance but it looked like a squall was forming. Sure enough the vessel dipped into the squall line. With a look of disappointment Cathern watched the ship disappear from view. It appeared to be a Limburg Flute flying pirate colors but there was no way to catch up to it. “Well, whatever it was we most likely won’t catch it now with dusk falling soon. Helmsman, come about ninety degree, were heading for Tampa”. The helmsman repeated her orders and starting spinning the wheel.

Cathern retreated to her cabin for some rest. It would take a few days to get Tampa, perhaps they would find worthy prey along the way. The seas were crowded with prey and pirates after all.

A couple of days had passed and Tampa was nearing. Along the way they had captured a British naval vessel, a Locust class corvette of exceptional quality. A few exchanges of broadsides and the British had given up. Clearly that captain had no stomach for fighting and should never have been in command to begin with. The crew fled in their longboats as the ship started taking on water. Boarding the vessel Cathern’s crew quickly made some patches that saved the vessel from sinking. “A splendid prize for the crown Capitaine”, Marcelle commented. Cathern nodded. “Aye, put a prize crew aboard and have them take it back to Cayo de Marquis then resume course for Tampa as soon as we have made repairs. I picked up a splinter during the battle I need to tend to.”

Returning to her cabin she took her shirt and coat off. Blood had soaked through her clothing where the splinter tore into her flesh. Just a scratch on the upper arm really. She could call for her cabin girl to help but decided to take care of it herself. Cathern uncorked a jug of rum and poured some a bit awkwardly over the wound. The stinging sensation made Cathern flinch momentarily. The rum washed the blood away and the splinter was there sticking out, plain as the daylight. Cathern gently pulled it out, more blood welling up as the long narrow splinter came out. Cathern took a clean bit of cloth and applied pressure to the wound. Eventually it stopped bleeding. Cathern looked at herself in the mirror. There were numerous small and not so small scars over her body. Cathern sighed a bit, wondering if the life she choose was really worth it. What man would ever truly want so damaged and impure goods as herself? Cathern sighed a bit more, blotted the thought out of her mind then put on some fresh clothes.

[more to come]

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PostSubject: Re: Cathern Flowers Chases a Pirate   Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:41 am

“Such a dashing gentleman you are mi’lord”, Cathern said with an innocent smile, her fan fluttering a bit. The man gave a warm smile, his interest in her clear. “Shall we dance lass? The music is quite fine.” Cathen gave a look that she might say no then gave in, flicking her fan closed and offering her gloved hand. The handsome gentleman took her hand and kissed it. “You are the loveliest at the ball by far Miss Flowers.” A light blush appeared on her Cathern’s cheeks, enjoying the flattery. The music began a new song and they started the dance with the other couples in the ball room. There was a loud banging sound. Everyone continued dancing apparently not noticing. The gentleman smiled and said in a very feminine voice, “Captain Flowers! Wake up mistress! A ship spotted on the horizon”. Cathern continued the dancing for a moment when the banging began again, her partner again speaking with a woman’s voice, the voice of her cabin girl. “Wake up mistress!”

Cathern’s eyes fluttered open. Sunlight filtered into her cabin through the small windows. The banging started again. “Alright already Jazelle! Bang on my door again and I’ll have your hide girl!” Through the door Cathern heard Jazelle answer quietly, “Yes mistress. I’ll inform Marcelle you are awake”. Cathern let out a soft groan. Her arm ached from the splinter wound. A bit of fever had taken hold over the last couple of days to compound her discomfort. Cathern slowly got out of bed, relieved herself in the chamber pot then got dressed. The sun was newly up and the smell of land was in the air. Cathern took in the view then spotted Marcelle, eye glued to his scope. Cathern walked over pulling her own scope out of its case.

“What do have Marcelle?”, Cathern said while raising her scope in the direction Marcelle had his. “It looks like that same Limburg flute we spotted the other day. Markings look the same, lines the same.” Cathern swept her scope about then picked it out. They were much closer this time around. “Looks like pirate colors to me Marcelle. Beat to quarters and have the gunners load up bar shot. Let loose with full sail and, prepare the crew for a boarding action.” Marcelle tucked away his scope “Aye Capitaine”. Marcelle started barking orders and soon the ship was abuzz with the beating of a drum and the crew scrambling to prepare for combat. Cathern continued watching through her scope at the ship. It was obviously heading for the pirate port near Tampa. It was clear her ship, “Whisper’s Edge II”, had been also been spotted.

Cathern moved from the rail to the helm. The wind wasn’t ideal for the chase but her ship was closing in. The approach to the port’s harbor was closing in on the port side. Cathern exclaimed “Yes! We are going to cut the rat off. No safe harbor for you!” The nearby crew grinned, thoughts of loot and some action evident on their faces. “He’s turning back seaward Capitaine” one of the mates shouted. Cathern peered through her scope again, verifying the course of the pirate vessel. It was clear that the pirate was going to try running with the wind. “Helmsman, match the ‘rats course then slowly change course to get closer.” The ship turned as ordered and the range closed. Cathern smiled again, the chase giving her a thrill like few things could. Closer and closer they approached on a near parallel course. It was almost time.

[more to come]
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PostSubject: Re: Cathern Flowers Chases a Pirate   Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:24 am

(I like this a lot, seems very realistic and your details such as "chamber pot" have a way of flushing out the story in real color. Hope to see more more Oui Oui! ) pirat
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PostSubject: Re: Cathern Flowers Chases a Pirate   Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:41 am

The ships were going as fast as they could and the range closed. Cathern judged the pirate to be just in range of her guns fully loaded with bar shot. There was no way she was going to give the ‘rat a chance to escape. Cathern looked through her scope across the sea. The other crew was hunkered down from the looks of it, ready for the inevitable carnage about to ensue. Cathern took on final look at her prey then tucked her scope in its case. “All right lads! You know what’s expected of you. Load those cannons fast and furious. Keep your wits about you and we’ll be feasting and carousing in Tampa with their ill-gotten doubloons on the ‘morrow”, Cathern shouted to her crew. The crews grinned, and gave a loud hurrah.

“FIRE”, Cathern shouted at the top of her lungs. One by one her port side cannon fired at the opposing vessel. Smoke filled the air and the resounding booms echoed in her ears. Strikes were observed all along the rigging and sails. The crew worked like madmen to re-load and reposition the cannon for the next volley. “Fire!” Cathern gave the order again. More hits all along the pirate vessel. It hadn’t returned fire yet, the range obviously beyond what the pirate cannons could manage. Cathern shouted for the port side battery captain to take over the fire orders while she pulled out her scope to observe the damage. The pirate vessel staggered under the repeated broadsides. Ropes were dragging in the water. Sails were shredded. The Limburg started slowing considerably as the air poured through the rents in the sail cloth. Still there was no return fire, Cathern making sure they stayed at their maximum range. Another volley slammed home shattering the bowsprit. The enemy vessel slowed even more as the remains of the bowsprit fouled itself in front of the bow. “Helmsman, race to the front of her. I want our port side guns to fire right down his throat.” “Aye, Capitaine!” came the reply.

The Lexington swung around closing the range rapidly. As they came about the port batteries again laid into the enemy vessel, shattering the masts. Down with a crash they fell onto the deck, crushing and scattering crew unfortunate to get trapped underneath. “Load up canister! Boarding parties take your positions “, Cathern shouted as she ran for the rails. The cannons spewed out their lethal loads of metal, scything through exposed flesh and bone. “Grapple her boys! Let’s reel her in and put the fear of the French Crown into their scurvy addled brains!” Grapple lines flashed out and hooked on the pirate ship. A few of the pirate crew managed to hack at the ropes, frustrating the first attempt.

The momentum of the ships put Cathern’s vessel just into the firing arc of the pirate cannon. With a series of booms and clouds of smoke, the Limburg at last fired the cannon that had been silent till now. Cathern’s own guns returned fire and sent more shrapnel sweeping through the pirate ship. The pirate vessel fired one more time just as Cathern’s crew threw more boarding lines across. The enemy cannon balls did marginal damage but it was far too little, too late. Cathern gave a battle cry and swung across to the pirate ship, her boarding party doing the same.

Within moments of being boarded the demoralized and bloodied pirate crew tried to beat off their tormenters. The enemy captain was also female led the fight she knew she had to loose. Cathern drew her cutlass and dashed for her counterpart. Their blades met with a clang. Slash and counter slash the two women circled each other as the heavily outnumbered pirate crew was dispatched. Cathern feinted to the left then struck to the right, slashing the pirate captain’s leg. Cathern’s men gathered up behind her and the pirate captain dropped her cutlass, yielding her boat. “Yank down her colors and run up the Fleur de Lis! We have won,” Cathern shouted! The crew of the “Whisper’s Edge II” cheered on both ships as the French ensign was run up a makeshift flagstaff.

Cathern looked about the pirate vessel. It was a mess. The sand and sawdust strewn about barely able to soak up the blood spilled. The stink of men’s innards burst open filled the air mixed with the heavy smell of black powder. Marcelle approached her and patted her on the back, “Well done my Capitaine.” Cathern nodded and said, “Start transferring her cargo. Confiscate her papers. Get a prize crew over to take her to Tampa. Make sure they have enough timber to make repairs. Other than the masts and rigging she’s in good shape.” Marcelle barked out some orders then turned to Cathern, “And the remaining crew Capitaine?” Cathern glanced at the few bloodied and battered survivors, “Dump the wounded in a longboat and offer the healthy ones a place on our crew. If they don’t accept, kill them. They knew the risks when accepting a pirate’s life.” Marcelle nodded grimly. “Aye, they did”. Cathern made her way back to her own vessel, trying to hide the shakes her body was feeling, making banter with her crew as she went.
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PostSubject: Re: Cathern Flowers Chases a Pirate   

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Cathern Flowers Chases a Pirate
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