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 Jon Rollsbach (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Jon Rollsbach (Accepted)   Jon Rollsbach (Accepted) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2007 10:28 pm

To the officials it may concern,

My name is Jon Rollsbach and I am the captain of the sloop 'The Hessian'. I am of Irish and Germanic blood, Germanic being on my fathers side. I have sailed these high seas since the little age of six. I have made the voyage to the Ivory coast more times than my crew has fingers, the tip of the dark continent only twice though.

I write to you understanding that your company will be making a grand entrance into the spanish-americas theatre and this is yet a feat I have endured. I am currently living in Dublin, if you would send your reply to the Spud Seas Tavern it would be much obliged.


Jon Rollsbach

Character Description: A 32 yr old part privateer part merchant part alcoholic from Hesse of the Germanic Nations. Currently living in Dublin but looking for a new future in the land of wealth, the Americas.


Player Description: 19 years old currently enrolled at UT San Antonio. Grew up in Dallas and am a history nut. I have extensive previous clan operating history. I was co-leader and founder for two years of a FPS clan called the 25th Infantry Division, www.codbattle.com , I started the clan when I was 16 and co-led with a 32 yr old. A majority of the clan was at least 4 years older than I but no one thought anything of it.

Official Forum Name: MrMerc

Profession: Privateer and/or Merchant

What is RP to you? The ability to become your character in every aspect of the game. Even under high stress situations.

Why would you like to join the Highland Confederacy? With the dispersement of my own clan, CSO, I began to search for another group with promising ideas. Also due to the bloated ranks of the British I see the Highland Confederacy as a powerful group in the RPing Server.
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Hamish MacBane
Hamish MacBane

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Character sheet

Jon Rollsbach (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jon Rollsbach (Accepted)   Jon Rollsbach (Accepted) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2007 8:43 am

~A letter arrives~

Dear sir,

We have received your message and are interested in a deeper discussion. Knowing it will take you time to reach us, we give you ample time. We ask you to make haste to the port of Martinique in the Lesser Antilles and there seek us out and your fortune.

Captain Hamish Macbane,
Highland Wind

Sorry to hear about your society. I had a couple fall through myself before this one kicked off. Do you forsee starting it up again or something like it? There will be chances here to lead as well. We'll have a core group of officers for those times that we'll need it, but we haven't decided on structure quite yet. Likely start small and grow as we need to.

Oh and as with Ophelie, don't worry about responding to this RP unless you wish to, which you are welcome to in the Copper Penny Publishing forum. I just like to welcome people with an RP reply. You guys already knew we knew about you, but this is how I'll let others know about receiving and viewing their app.
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Jon Rollsbach (Accepted)
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