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 The Albatross - Good beer and less maggoty meat!

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Hamish MacBane
Hamish MacBane

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The Albatross - Good beer and less maggoty meat! Empty
PostSubject: The Albatross - Good beer and less maggoty meat!   The Albatross - Good beer and less maggoty meat! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2007 10:23 pm

Join us for some fun RP in the Albatross. Willem would tell you to wipe your feet, but he know you won't anyway, so he'll just glare at you and grumble as he sweeps! Here's an excerpt

I see you're still apt to finding a way to keep yourself useful... that stool continues not to float away so long as you keep yourself perched upon it. *gives a short chuckle to himself as he prods his old friend* What of Hamish or the others? Have you seen or heard from them lately or have you been more concerned with keeping that stool in place and keeping watch on the darkness behind your lids?

Just as Willem was going to retort to Dermid, Hamish walks into the tavern in a rush. He seems to not notice anyone inside as he stares out the door for a moment. Suddenly he closes the door, jumps to one side and presses up against the wall. Outside a couple shouts can be heard both male and female...

Captain Hamish MacBane
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The Albatross - Good beer and less maggoty meat!
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