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 Connor MacLeod, Privateer

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PostSubject: Connor MacLeod, Privateer   Connor MacLeod, Privateer Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 12:59 am

Greetings Lads and Ladies of the Highland Confederacy,

My name be Connor MacLeod and I write to establish my intentions of joining your fine society! I come from a long line of seafarers of Scottish descent. Some say my family has Viking blood in them, but I prefer to think we simply have our sealegs well attached.

I am a Scottish Privateer, as I have acquired a French letter of marque from Governer Bertrand d'Ogeron of St. Domingue. We set sail from Duntulm in 1702 for the new world aboard a carack with neigh but 40 brave souls aboard. Our first act was to seize an English slave ship near Cartagena. We then sailed down to Jamaica where we offloaded the slaves to wealthy plantation owners.

The MacLeods have no love for the English, and if recruited to your society we would do our best to raid the English's shipping and drain them of their coffers. We currently sail the Intrepid, a fast and sturdy Sloop out of Grenville. Please feel free to drop by the tavern where you can usually find me, and join me for a pint or two!

OOC section:
I am a pretty experienced MMO player as I have played Wow and SWG extensively. I have Ventrilo and Teamspeak if your society uses either of these. I love grouping and am willing to help other society members achieve their goals.

I am also a Privateer and am looking forward to enjoying the PvP aspects of the game. RP is also welcomed as I love to visit the pubs and taverns across the Carribean and sample the local brew. I wish to join the Highland Confederacy due to its noble and exemplary history of roleplaying and commaraderie.
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PostSubject: Re: Connor MacLeod, Privateer   Connor MacLeod, Privateer Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 9:46 am

Connor MacCleod lad, welcome to the Confederacy. We always welcome a spirited individual as yourself. I have to ask you though, as the son of Irish sugar slaves, forced into slavery by the English, why did you deliver those poor souls and not set them free? Perhaps that is a discussion we might have over a pint sometime. Welcome again.
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Connor MacLeod, Privateer
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