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 Announcement: Major Changes, Part Deux.

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Announcement: Major Changes, Part Deux. Empty
PostSubject: Announcement: Major Changes, Part Deux.   Announcement: Major Changes, Part Deux. Icon_minitimeFri Mar 07, 2008 11:38 pm

I have had a chance to hear from Deoiridh about her thoughts regarding some recent events and as I promised in another thread, I am now in a better position to announce those events and thier impact on the Highland Confederacy.

As many of you saw in the game, our beloved Emile deMontfort decided to resign from the Highland Confederacy. I don't think it would be betraying any confidence to share his basic reasoning for doing so. Emile loved this guild and his role in it but those he sailed with most often were among the ones who decided to part with us earlier in the week. After much thought and deliberation Emile decided to resign his role with us in order to continue to sail in thier company. I cannot fault him greatly in this and he will be sorrowly missed.

And now I'm afraid I have some equally distressing news. Our beloved leader, Wilhelm Von Somborn has also decided to resign from his position. The split that occured within the guild was very distressing and weighed heavily upon his shoulders and after much struggling with the decision, our dear friend Wilhelm decided that he could no longer effectively govern us and has suggested that Deoiridh step in as Master and Commander of the Highland Confederacy. He will be greatly missed and always remembered for his tremendous contributions to this guild. He has not yet stated his intentions regarding whether his stepping down was just from his position or from the guild itself.

So as I also said in a previous post, this leaves those of us who remain to deal with some very difficult decisions. But I am happy to say that both Deoiridh and I strongly believe that this guild should continue to strive to move forward. The Highland Confederacy has a great background and basis for roleplaying and a tremendous history behind it thus far and we hope to continue with that tradition while tempering it with the willingness to learn from our mistakes and adapt for the betterment of the guild.

In regard to leadership, as it was offered to her by Wilhelm, Deoiridh is considering the head position either in the interim or permanently. I for one fully endorse her character and ability to fulfill the role but we shall have to await her decision.

There are a few other officers who are currently either on temporary or extended leaves of absence for various reasons and I will not think to speak for them as to thier future paths. We shall give them the time they need to hear of this news and add thier thougths to it.

We have also begun a (hopefully quick) discussion in the members area about bringing some of you well deserved recruits up to full members status shortly so that you can all share in the discussion of our reorganization and future plans. I personally think it is a privilage that many of you have definitly earned for showing your steadfastness through these ordeals.

And finally, we as yet have no definite news about a remerging with those who have left but we cannot allow that to be the basis of our continuation as a strong and united guild. If we are able to move into discussions for reunification, then God be praised. If not, let Him still be praised and those of us who remain be steadfast in moving forward with no regrets or hard feelings towards those who have parted from us.

So I hope that while we take some time to grieve those who we have lost, we will also begin to muster the courage that is found in all true Highland Confederates to wipe the tears from our eyes so that they may focus on moving the Highland Confederacy ever onward in defence of God and France!

Long live the HC!

Bishop Aidan McDermott
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Announcement: Major Changes, Part Deux.
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