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 The Bastard

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PostSubject: The Bastard   Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:35 am

~From Cathern Flowers’s Journal~

What a scene! Surely I must be mistaken but nothing else seems to fit. Chantilly is with child. Marinus's child. A bastard child! Can you believe it? The scandal. Let me back up though and get this from the beginning.

Mr. McDraig held a gathering in Tampa to celebrate the French victory at Irish Point. A victory that Chantilly had some part in from what I heard. Marinus and Chantilly were both there along with many others from the Confederacy, the splinter group, and of course me, the loner. Marinus was quite accusatory to Chantilly about her role in the battle. And Chantilly was so cowed. I have seen slaves with more spirit than her that night. There was talk of some undefined “illness” and that Marinus was only concerned about her well being and yet he spoke to her as if she were his property. Yes, his property! Chantilly commented about not being a ship captain any more. What? What could bring about such a change between them but a bastard growing in her belly? HIS bastard! Why else would he be so concerned and domineering about her health and safety. Yes. Yes, it must be his.

I looked but there was nothing showing yet that I could notice. So maybe she is only a couple months along. She SHOULD beach herself if she is indeed with child. Even I would and we know how fiercely independent and un-lady like I can be. Mr. McDraig thought perhaps it was something to do with opium or perhaps that darky magic…voo-doo. That didn’t seem to make sense to me though. He also mentioned some playing cards marking her for death. That still holds no water. Anyone that routinely goes into battle being afraid of some playing card threat? It’s preposterous. Death will come for us all at God’s appointed time in any case. So why live in terror? No this playing card thing is equally absurd. If she were some doe-eyed farm girl maybe, but not a brave ship captain.

I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl.
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PostSubject: Re: The Bastard   Mon Mar 17, 2008 12:30 am

I'm pretty sure you're right on the money Cathern. I hadn't put together the whole being with child aspect yet, but it totally explains things, and make Chantilly not seem as crazy I had thought. She always seemed a fairly special lady, but lately she's gone all spineless and hysterical (note root, "hyster"). It was like a 180 degree tack. I had already decided that she was under some strange spell, explaining her fainting and hallucinations and such as just the mental stress of her brainwashing and the resulting condition as Marinus's kinky love slave. Yet, it seemed like she was in battle again, so who knows. Maybe Marinus needs to beat the fight right out of her, or else risk losing their child. And I'm sure he'd want it, the whole bastard thing won't be a problem, I'm guessing like father like son, it perfectly explains his sad reaching snobbery.
I should probably shut up now, but hey, this is supposedly why they keep me around!
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The Bastard
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