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 Promotion, Fame, Wealth

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Merchant Captain
Merchant Captain

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Promotion, Fame, Wealth Empty
PostSubject: Promotion, Fame, Wealth   Promotion, Fame, Wealth Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2008 10:18 pm

Well, a promotion at least.

The Confederacy welcomes our newest officer, Von Klein. We have all seen the sterling work that she has put in on the drafts of our new society documents. She is also, as many of you know, an outstanding RPer, and the constant back and forth between the two sisters, Gudrun and Lisette, has been vastly entertaining to say the least.

In fact, that is the real reason she is being promoted. The Confederacy doesn't have a lot of money, and this way we get two extra officers for the price of one.

On a more serious note, the addition of von Klein also extends our officer coverage in terms of time zones. She typically plays late in the Pacific Time Zone, and we've been trying to ensure that we have officers in-game at a variety of times to be able to respond to questions from all of you and from prospective recruits.

Deoiridh D'Alembert, Freetrader.
Merchant Captain of Le Rire de Dieu
out of Belle Isle, New France
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PostSubject: Re: Promotion, Fame, Wealth   Promotion, Fame, Wealth Icon_minitimeWed Apr 02, 2008 2:40 am

"Lisette, this promotion you secured for both of us is a financial disaster!" Gudrun pointed to all the red ink in her ledger book.

"Mein sister, what can Ish do" Lisette shrugged. "Is it duty of an officer to make sure flags and sails are available to members who wish some."

Gudrun groaned. "Fine, fine, but did you have to spend EIGHT THOUSAND doubloons on them!"

"Vell," Lisette said sheepishly, "Ish wanted to make sure had enough..."

"For who, the entire French navy AND all their wives, husbands and children???" Gudrun was a bit red in the face.

"Um... and perhaps stocks for other Confederacy officers, so they need not buy their own...."

"You bought enough for the entire Confederacy and its entire officer corps????"

"Ish just wanted to make sure...."

Gudrun groaned and covered her eyes.

Lisette scuffed one boot against another. "Nora was pleased."

Gudrun groaned again. "You don't have a crush on her TOO do you?"

Lisette turned beet red. "No... no.... she is not like Ish.... it would never be possible..."

Gudrun just shook her head. "Lisette, it's a good thing you fight a ship well and handle a sword better. Otherwise we'd have been bankrupt long ago."
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Promotion, Fame, Wealth
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