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 Offer from Ikooba LaBranche

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Offer from Ikooba LaBranche Empty
PostSubject: Offer from Ikooba LaBranche   Offer from Ikooba LaBranche Icon_minitimeSat Apr 05, 2008 4:09 am

*Ahem* Ikooba LaBranche, of the LaBranche Tradeing Company wishes to annouce that he will (takes a moment to read the poorly writen French) offer goods from his timbercamps, lumber yard, plantations and...ahh textile mill, at cost plus...good lord I wish I could read his damn...ahh at cost plus a percentage of 5 to members of the Highland Confederacy, and...(stops a moment and begins to mutter) I wish he would use someone to write his messages...ahh where was I. And useage of any mill can be obtained if raw materials are provided and cost. Delivery may cost extra considering threat, or free if escort is provided.
List of Facalities and Locations
Oak Logging Camp
Carpentry Shop ((Moveing to P-d-P at 30))
Lumbermill ((Moveing to P-d-P and Upgradeing to Advance at 30))
Port de Paix
Ironwood Logging Camp ((Upgradeing to Advance at 30))
Plantation, Cotten
Plantation, General ((Upgrade at 30))
Textile Mill
Tar Distillery
Fir Logging Camp
Future Expansions
Irish Point-Teak Logging camp ((upgrade 30)) Waiting on funds for purchase of Warehouse.
((Ikooba is my FT alt, I dont use him much and right now hes kindof broke, so if you want anything that requires more than 4-5k DB to produce hes gonna need the moeny up front, IE Ironwood.))
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Offer from Ikooba LaBranche
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