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 Nightmares AND the drive...

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PostSubject: Nightmares AND the drive...   Nightmares AND the drive... Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 11:16 am

The crew were listening at their captain's door. He has served as a great captain these past 5 years since he and his men came south. They were made up mainly of metis, with a few Arcadians or pure blood natives, mainly Hurons, but other tribes too.

The noises and groans coming through the door cracks were becoming a regularity these past few months, but they have never been like this.

"I should never have gone. i SHOULD NEVER HAVE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" they heard the captain utter over and over. Some of the men started snickering and laughing, cracking jokes, but the best of them realized that as captains go, he respected them, and treated them almost as equals. He did not drive them for days without sleep and meals as some of the more vicious captains they served had done.

If they were able to see inside his mind, this is what they would see:

"it was morning, with the sun just coming up over the banks of Lake Ontario. Maguai was just coming home with his band of hunters from a productive trip, as all 20 were laden to the breaking point with carcasses of several deer, some elk, and even a fierce black bear. Maguai claimed the black bear, as it almost ripped him apart limb from limb before he was able to find its jugular with his knife.

Yesterday's rain clothed the banks in a blanket of fog, and the men did not see the village until they climbed over the last hill. None of them were prepared for the sight that "welcomed them home." Nothing but smoke and a few smoldering embers from a fire mostly put out by yesterday's rain. Maguai quickly ran to the wigwam he shared with his wife of only 3 months, who had his 1st child growing in her womb.

Then Maguai heard it. cannonball fire in the distasnce. Another village lay at the mercy of the English ships. Maguai knew it was the the English navy because he saw the Union Jack flying on the ships in the distance. His eyesight was especially keen, everybody called him Eagle because of it. As he looked up, he saw the biggest ship he had ever seen, named "The Pride of London," a name that Maguai would NEVER forget."

As Maguai woke up from his captain's bed, he had a renewed sense of his hatred for the English, or Lobsterbacks as he heard several Arcadians call them, which Maguai prefered to call them.

Maguai quickly thought back to his 1st battle with the English on its terms, warship to warship on HIS lake. He quickly sent the British ship to the bottom, but at the expense of his own. His entire crew went down with his tiny sloop, and only he had the foresight to grab ahold of part of the mast that floated away from the wreckage back onto the banks, just 5 miles downlake from the remains of his home.

Now here he is 15 years older and wiser, commanding a bigger ship with more opportunity to find that ship, The Pride, thinking that he was the only of his village left...
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Nightmares AND the drive...
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