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 The Highland Confederacy - Articles of Confederation

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The Highland Confederacy - Articles of Confederation Empty
PostSubject: The Highland Confederacy - Articles of Confederation   The Highland Confederacy - Articles of Confederation Icon_minitimeWed Apr 30, 2008 8:03 pm

The Highland Confederacy - Articles of Confederation

Article I

The Highland Confederation is founded upon the following principles, to which all members subscribe:

(1) Common Fellowship:
There shall be good fellowship among all leaders and members.

(2) United upon the Sea:
Society members sail together and aid each other upon the high seas, but no member is forced to sail with any other specific member. We strive to be chivalrous in victory and gracious in our (rare) defeats.

(3) Shipbuilding Economy:
The society shall seek to make ships reasonably available to members at reasonable prices. Society shipbuilders shall use their own best judgment in how to accomplish this, including terms, prices, and delivery times.

(4) Coordinated Military Strategy:
The society leadership shall provide strategic military guidance to its members. All such guidance shall be recommendations, not requirements.

(5) Spirit of the Age:
Society members shall uphold the honor and spirit of the Highland Confederation, pray for the return of the House of Stuart to the English Throne, and to support the staunch ally of that House, France.

(6) Leaders as Servants:
Society officers shall consider it their highest duty to serve the membership and support the success of the society.

(7) Treatment of Allies & Enemies:
The Highland Confederacy shall treat all those who fight for the French Cause with due respect. The society especially values its allied societies, and seeks to work productively with them. Finally, members of the society shall treat rivals sailing for other nations with the honor unless or until their individual and personal actions indicate otherwise.

Article II

(1) The Highland Confederate is led by the Proprietor-General, who is the chief officer of the Confederacy. The Proprietor-General may appoint and dismiss other officers at his or her pleasure. If the Proprietor-General feels unable to continue in these duties, he or she is duty-bound to step down and appoint new Proprietor-General.

(2) All Officers of the Confederacy have the authority to invite anyone into membership, and to dismiss anyone from membership. Honor and common politeness should accompany all such acts. It shall be the goal of the Confederacy that at least one officer shall be awake and functional within the Caribbean whenever a significant number of members are present.

(3) The Proprietor-General shall publish a chain of command list. In the event the Proprietor-General needs to act and fails to do so, this list indicates who acts in his or her stead.

(4) All officers shall have a supply of society flags and sails, so they can provide each to new members.

(5) Officers shall keep members informed of society activities in these ways.
...(5a) Formal announcements shall be made by the Confederacy Crier ( https://highlandconfederacy.forumotion.com/the-confederacy-crier-f1/ ).
...(5b) Informal announcements and writings are typically found at La Pouliche Alerte Bordello ( https://highlandconfederacy.forumotion.com/la-pouliche-alerte-bordello-f23/ ).
...(5c) Material relating to military strategy shall be found in a secret council available only to members.

Article III

(1) Persons of good character who fly the French Flag in the Caribbean may apply to the Highland Confederacy for membership. This is done by making an appropriate posting at the Recruitment Office (https://highlandconfederacy.forumotion.com/recruitment-office-f3/ ). Applicants should follow the directions at the entrance.

(2) In addition, prospective members should affirm that they have read the
official notices proclaimed by the Confederacy Crier (https://highlandconfederacy.forumotion.com/the-confederacy-crier-f1/ ).

(3) Finally, prospective members must affirm, by the act of applying, that they are in agreement with the general principles upon which the Confederacy is founded (see Article I, above).

(4) When an officer confirms that all the above have been met, they can immediately induct that person into membership. They then give to them appropriate Highland Confederacy materials (typically certain flag and sail designs). These items the new member may use at their discretion.

Article IV

(1) The Confederation shall have formal gatherings twice each month, on days and times specified by the society leadership.

(2) The purpose of these gatherings may vary. The society leadership will indicate in advance whether the occasion is ceremonial, social, or involves society business.

(3) If no officer arrives within 15 minutes of the set start time, the meeting shall be considered cancelled.

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The Highland Confederacy - Articles of Confederation
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