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 Check your Spreadsheets.

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Edwin Stewart

Edwin Stewart

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Age : 60
Localisation : washington state, USA
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Character sheet
Locations: Tampa, New Orleans
Production: Ironmongery and Naval Stores (Guns, shot,repair items, keels, frames, planks, mast, spars, sails, rigging, tar, etc Everything but assembly)
Requirements: Ores and logs

Check your Spreadsheets. Empty
PostSubject: Check your Spreadsheets.   Check your Spreadsheets. Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 10:33 pm

To all;
I made a significant mistake today, when I took for granted that the recipies had not changed between my 1.3 spreadsheet and 1.4. Wether it was a previous error or wether the change was made before and I didn't catch it is moot. Anyway, I now have a Large Hull when I needed a Huge Hull. No real loss as I will do something with the Hull anyway, and had most of the material for a second large hull, but it was disconcerting and means that Henri will not get his Defiant until Wednesday Evening (sorry Henri)....

So check the new 1.4 recipies against your data before you press the clicky button thingy.

Edwin "D'ooh" Stewart
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Check your Spreadsheets. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Check your Spreadsheets.   Check your Spreadsheets. Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2008 8:29 am

The ship recipes were changed from Beta to live and several of the hull requirements changed. That is why you see the apparent discrepancy of a "Large" ship requiring a "Huge hull -- and sometimes the reverse.

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Check your Spreadsheets.
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