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 Worth reading!!! (copied in our War Council)

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Worth reading!!! (copied in our War Council) Empty
PostSubject: Worth reading!!! (copied in our War Council)   Worth reading!!! (copied in our War Council) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 10:09 am

Few times in a game, or even in life, could a group of people have before them a challenge that could truly define their efforts and accomplishments better than a single 24 hour period France faces before this round concludes.

Few times in Pirates could a faction say, we have been pressed, we have been challenged and we have not only survived, but triumphed.

We face a horde of new arrivals that wish to take credit for our demise as a faction, as a force that few could claim to be amongst and many envy. We belong in first place and we have earned it with our efforts, our sweat and our courage. We have earned it by our lack of sleep, our sacrifice in time, our extended and oft tried patience with one another and our commonality to win under all odds.

I write not of our loud mouths, of our ability to pvp, but our ability to work as a team when it most counts, in the port battles we have consistently won. I write not of our individual efforts, or our societies, or the mad skills of a few. I speak of our common will to resist those that wish to knock us down.

We have proven through months of hard play before we arrived, after and during these many challenges that those of us in France respect our obstacles and rise above the many players in other factions. We do so because we must, we do so for one another freely and we share in that victory as much as we share in defeat.

Those of you that join us, those of you who step aside from your real world responsibilities as I have for that long day from Tuesday to Wednesday will earn my eternal respect. For I say that this point in time is our single defining moment as a nation and will never be eclipsed.

Our outcome in winning this round on Friday is in question, our ports were attacked on hours where as many American's as French could attack, we face molestation from all sides and from overwhelming combined numbers. We must remember our success, our trust in one another, our desire to excel. We must remember we can achieve success and have against overwhelming odds.

I call to you, all European and American French to make yourself available, to clear your schedule and rest deeply and bring your best to the disposal of the common French good. All levels, all classes, any ships. I call on you to raise contention, to prepare supplies and materials if you can for those that will fight. Our moment to come together is here, for there will never be another that will matter more. We will never again be as able to demonstrate our mettle.

Now is not a time for defeat, or accept subjugation or to even slightly lose our grasp as a community on the second victory so close at hand. Now is not the time to throw in the towel or recuse ourselves from risk, for if you do, you will not be able to say you sailed with France on that day in August where we demonstrated our true spirit as one, united, elite faction.


RAdm. Denis Decres, France
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Worth reading!!! (copied in our War Council)
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