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 Nothing tried nothing gained

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Emanual Renard

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Nothing tried nothing gained Empty
PostSubject: Nothing tried nothing gained   Nothing tried nothing gained Icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 9:52 am

Greetings fellow Confederates;

I wish to extend to anyone that wishes a chance to see how good your skills with a sword might be and if I can best you I will offer advice to help you improve yourself. I have so far been able to test my skills with only a couple of you so far. Jazelle, I hope I was able to pass on some knowledge to you. If you have further questions let me know.

And to Athos Renard, I look forward to hearing the story about your last name. As I mentioned it last night Renard is not my name by birth but I use it to recognize the man who raised me. It is a name I am glad to honor and bring honor to it as well. I enjoyed our duel last night and I must say you bring no dishonor to the Renard name. Perhapes we can work together in a mission side by side someday.

I am presently only level 20 but with the exception of equipment feel I have skills to aid anyone that needs help with Sword combat. The offer is out there come to Tampa and I will try and depart some of the knowledge my father gave to me.

Manny Renard
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PostSubject: Re: Nothing tried nothing gained   Nothing tried nothing gained Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 7:21 am

Dear Captain Renard,

(Rather than Captain Athos, who pardons me in advance for the use of his first name, as that's how I distinguish you both!)

I had the pleasure of witnessing your duel the other day and I was most impressed with your form. You both fought with great distinction and honor and I was pleased to be able to bear witness to it.

I think this is a wonderful idea to be sharing your knowledge of sword mastery with others. My compliments to you, sir. As ever,

Yours humbly,
Captain Faye La Roux
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Nothing tried nothing gained
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