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 OOC: A Bit of Light Relief

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PostSubject: OOC: A Bit of Light Relief   OOC: A Bit of Light Relief Icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2008 7:46 am

I have the impression that all of you are a lot hipper than I, so you may all have discovered this guy a long time ago. But if you haven't, you can spend many happy hours laughing yourself into a state of involuntary bladder relief at the game reviews by Yahtzee in The Escapist. The guy has rarely met a game that he likes, but his reviews often tell the truth that other reviewers won't touch with a barge pole, and he also is very smart concerning larger trends and patterns in game development and game playing. Since we are lovers of MMORPGs, here are a few relevant ones:


Tabula Rasa

Age of Conan

Mercifully, perhaps, he hasn't done one of POTBS yet!

Bonus Content: For sheer entertainment value, his review of the Indie title Braid is hilarious.

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OOC: A Bit of Light Relief
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