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 "Spy vs Spy": An RP Event

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"Spy vs Spy": An RP Event Empty
PostSubject: "Spy vs Spy": An RP Event   "Spy vs Spy": An RP Event Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 10:24 pm


I can claim no creativity on this one - this was all Marcus' idea. I just ran with it and wrote up our teaser.

Quote :
Friday, May 15th, 1721, at dusk...
Deep within the dark, winding streets of Pointe-a-Pitre...

A spy is wandering in the shadows, preparing to meet their contact. This spy has sensitive information - maybe true, maybe false, maybe both - that will spark new and bloody tensions in the Caribbean if that information is passed along to its target.

Someone of dubious motives wants that spy to succeed. And someone in a position of power wants them to be eliminated.

Both individuals are hiring teams to scour the city for the spy to either protect or assassinate them. Those who are successful will be richly rewarded by their employer.

Whose side will you take, and why? For peace, or for chaos? For virtues of honor, or to bring disgrace and shame? For right, for wrong... or for whoever's offering the most coin?



This is an RP event taking place on Friday, May 15th at 9:30pm.

This is a roleplaying variant on a "hide-and-seek" style event. The 'spy' will wander throughout Pointe-a-Pitre, and two teams of players will try to find that spy, racing against one another.

The city is naturally a maze, with many nooks, crannies, and side streets, so there are many places that the spy could be hiding. She may even pop in and out of buildings.

Depending on the number of players and the amount of time it takes to find the spy, more than one round may be played.

More information, such as rules and prizes, will be forthcoming.

Mark your calendars!
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PostSubject: Re: "Spy vs Spy": An RP Event   "Spy vs Spy": An RP Event Icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2009 10:16 am

This event is on Friday at 9:30pm Eastern. I'll be sending in-game reminders to everyone, but here's the link to the thread and to the rules:



Hope some of y'all can make it.
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"Spy vs Spy": An RP Event
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