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PostSubject: NO MOAR DIPLOMACY   NO MOAR DIPLOMACY Icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 5:37 pm


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PostSubject: Re: NO MOAR DIPLOMACY   NO MOAR DIPLOMACY Icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 7:18 pm

There's nothing in this release that isn't boner-riffic.

..So far anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: NO MOAR DIPLOMACY   NO MOAR DIPLOMACY Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 7:02 am

Also - release notes for 1.16 (not officially released yet)

Quote :
This is a milestone build with about a month's worth of changes. Some of the
bigger changes you'll notice include:

  • Blockading: This is a new way to generate contention. See the PvP /
    Port Contention
    section below for details.
  • Diplomacy: We've opened up chat channels and removed the need for the
    Diplomacy skill.
  • Skirmish: Synchronized Respawns - When you sink in a skirmish, you can
    respawn with other sunk teammates. This helps avoid spawn camping.

Release Notes for are here.
Known Issues:

  • NPCs have stopped surrendering. They always fight to the death. We'll be
    fixing that in the next build.
  • In at least one of the Skirmish rooms, 3 of the 5 respawn points are so
    close together, it can seem as if you're spawning in the same spot more often
    than you should. We'll be fixing that soon.

Differences between and include but aren't
limited to:

Ships / Outfitting:

  • Bloody Dagger: Reduced reload bonus, acceleration. Changed 10lb guns to 9lb.
    This ship is only available on Testbed but give it a spin
    and let us know what you think.
  • Vengeance: Reduced turn rate, acceleration. This ship is only available on
    Testbed but give it a
    spin and let us know what you think.
  • 'Hyperion' Refit Frigate: Added this Buccaneer only, smaller gunned version
    of the Poseidon. This ship is available on Testbed only and will not go
    live with M16. But give it a spin and let us know how you like it.
  • Heavy Round Shot: Sail Damage 11.5%-16% -> 7.5%-11%, Crew Damage
    4.5%-6.75% -> 3.5%-5.25%.
  • Bronze Round Shot: Sail Damage 12.5%-18% -> 9%-15%, Crew Damage 6%-8%
    -> 4.5%-6.5%.
  • Explosive Round Shot: Sail Damage 15%-20% -> 10%-16.5%, Crew Damage
    10%-12% -> 6.5% 9.25%.
  • Changed Juggernaut Broadside armor from 22% Broadside Integrity to 5% Armor
    Integrity, and 4 Broadside DR.
  • Changed Resilient Gunports 5 from 26% Broadside Integrity to 23% Broadside
  • Heavy Ketch (Captured): Set the level of the ship to match the regular
    version of the ship.

Ship Combat / Skills:

  • As effects are applied, they sometimes show up on the left side of the list
    instead of the right side of the list but we've always flashed the one on the
    far right, making it look like it's the new one. Fixed - we now flash the one
    that's new, regardless of where it appears in the list.
  • Debuffs are now split into two categories: Primary and Secondary. These
    categories stack separately, so you cannot combine two reload debuffs in the
    Primary category, but you can combine the debuffs if one is Primary and the
    other is Secondary. The highest possible reduction in each category will be
    applied for each stat that is getting debuffed.
  • Claim Prize now works on ships marked as (Mission). This change allows
    players to claim, or scavenge any ship, whether minor, mission, or otherwise.
    This does not affect Take Command.
  • Claim Prize and Scavenge now have an increased chance to reward
    Commendations for claiming ships in Fleets.
  • It's no longer possible to reduce a ship below the resist cap (50%) when it
    is in boarding combat.
  • Removed General Trainers from the game. The Advanced Crew Focus skills they
    had available are now in your regular career skill trainers.


  • Disrupt Formation: -2 accuracy -> -1 accuracy, 90 second duration ->
    60 second duration, Max Hits 7 -> 9, Reset 2min -> 3min.
  • Heated Shot: -2% turn / accel -> -1%.
  • Jugular: Duration 90 seconds -> 75 seconds.
  • Scrapper: Fixed a bug that caused this effect to be removed prematurely if
    you targeted ships greater than 350 yards away.


  • Cripple Enemy: Added -3 damage reduction, -2 Accuracy.
  • Decimate: Added -8 Accuracy. No longer requires antipersonnel shot..
  • Defense: All Resist 4% -> 7%.
  • Devil Take the Hindmost: Added -2 Accuracy.
  • Run Them Down: Battle debuff 5min -> 3min, OS buff 5min -> 1min.
  • Target Weakness: Added -2 damage reduction.


  • Jugular: Duration 90 seconds -> 60 seconds.


  • Decimate: Duration 30 -> 60. No longer requires antipersonnel shot.


  • NPCs were sometimes using area of effect skills when they wouldn't hit
    anyone. They also weren't always good about turning to face their enemy. Made
    some improvements.
  • Improved the blood particle effect.
  • Improved the flash powder particle effect. It now covers a broader area.
  • Improved the particle effects for Mark and for Heart Thrust.


  • Jab: Initiative cost 0 -> 10. Now adds 2 combo counters (6). Inflicts 12
    balance damage for each combo on the target. Increased combo duration (12s) if
    the target already has four counters.
  • Cross: Initiative cost 20 -> 10.
  • Stomp: Cripple duration 8s -> 12s. Combo duration 6s -> 10s. Now adds
    a combo point. Target takes 12 health damage for each combo point.
  • Uppercut: No longer removes combo effects. Applies broken defense (12s) if
    the target has at least 2 combo counters.
  • Hook: Damage +15%.
  • Knee: No longer requires stun or removes combo effects. Adds multiple
    effects based on combo counters - 1: Weakened (15s), 2: Shaken (15s), 3: Off
    Balance (15s), 4: 15 Health Damage
  • Roundhouse: No longer reduces stun immunity. Damage +60% -> +40%. Deals
    +10 health damage for each combo counter on the target.


  • French/Spanish Tutorials: If you skipped them, not all the correct things
    would happen. Fixed.
  • Spanish Tutorial: Fixed some confused NPCs.
  • Boarding Tutorial: Fixed an issue with the NPC personas.
  • NPCs below level 40 now have a chance to damage reduction ship supplies on
    sinking. This reduces the impact to low level players of the mission loot nerf
    we did in 1.15.
  • Denouement: Gave the NPC captain a sword so he could fight.
  • Groundbreaking: The mission could break if the Veteran walked away. Fixed.
  • Black Heart, Black Powder: Damage done in boarding combat carried over into
    the land combat. We fixed this for all cases of zoning out of boarding, we
    believe, but this was the most noticeable instance.
  • Nutty Navigator: Corrected the destination.
  • Damage Control: It wasn't always possible to complete this mission. Fixed.
  • Hammer and Anvil: Fixed a bug that caused the mission to break if you
    completed it as a group.
  • Dye Marker: Decreased the difficulty slightly.
  • Pay Dirt: Fixed the reward requirement - you do actually have to dig up the
    treasure to get the treasure.
  • A Small and Deadly War: Buffed the damage from the possessed.
  • Just One More Thing: You're now required to destroy all 16 ships to complete
    the mission. Also, the enemies spawn a bit further away to minimize the lag that
    all of them spawning at once can cause.
  • Failing a group mission caused it to stop being the group mission. Fixed.
  • Group missions now stay active during transitions between stages.
  • Solo daily missions and Group daily missions now have different rewards.
    Also increased the rewards for non-daily missions.
  • Fixed an exploit in the Treasure Map missions.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the X in treasure map missions to flicker
  • Dread Saints were appearing as a faction on your reputation sheet. This
    should not be. Fixed.


  • Fixed the insurance payout on the 'Treason' Pirate Flagship.
  • Marks of Victory are now rewarded based on the insurance value of the ship
    sunk rather than just the level of the ship. This makes it more valuable to sink
    more expensive ships.

Open Sea:

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Battle Markers to show as Closed in the
    tooltip when they weren't.
  • We added a new brand of rare spawns in the Open Sea for the latest chapter
    in Black Flags and Dread Saints. When you kill these guys, you win a title.
  • Slightly increased the spawn rate of Treasure Fleets.
  • We made a number of changes to Open Sea Fleets. We added the Treason to
    Pirate Fleets and the Poseidon to Pirate and National Fleets. Treasure Fleets
    now have more treasure ships in them. We slightly increased the amount of loot
    dropped by any ship in a Treasure Fleet. Also, all fleets are level 65 again.
  • Spanish Treasure Convoy (Cool didn't actually contain a treasure ship. Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused single French Merchant NPCs to spawn two ships in

PvP / Port Contention:

  • Blockading: All players over level 20 automatically receive passive skills
    called Blockade Port and Patrol Port. To use these skills, enable your PvP flag
    by talking to a Port Captain. Create or join a group. A group with strength
    >= 200 sitting in the Open Sea outside a port not currently in contention
    generates (Blockade) or reduces (Patrol) contention for that port. Only one
    group can do this at a time.
  • We slightly reduced the unrest generated by killing NPCs and slightly
    increased the unrest generated by killing players.
  • Fixed another issue with boarding combat in Port Battles.
  • We now reward titles to players who have participated in Port Battles since
    we started tracking individual statistics. Participating in 10 battles on the
    winning side gets you "Battle Worn Commander." 25 wins: "Veteran Commander." 50
    wins: "Heroic Commander." And for fun, 10 losses: "Unlucky Commander." 25
    losses: "Ill-Fated Commander." 50 losses: "Cursed Commander."
  • Removed Writs from the Citations of Conquest exchanges.
  • Reduced the cost of all items in the Citation of Conquest exchanges.
  • Increased the output of the Citation of Conquest > Mark of Victory
    exchange to 20.
  • Added the option to exchange 1 Citation of Conquest for 20 Marks of Trade.
  • Added the option to exchange 3 Citations of Conquest for 1 Lineship
    Structure Bundle.
  • Increased the effectiveness of all outfitting in Citation of Conquest
  • Reduced the cost of all outfitting in the Mark of Victory exchanges.
  • Increased the effectiveness of all outfitting in the Mark of Victory
  • Reduced the cost of Fleet Commendations in the Mark of Victory exchanges.
  • Increased the cost of Explosive Shot from 1 Mark of Victory to 5.
  • Fixed a bug in some Port Battles that could cause the Port Commander to
    spawn at less than full health and guard. Also fixed some exits in the back of
    the main room.
  • Port Battle rewards now all show up in Chat but only in chat. (MOV/MOTs
    weren't being reported at all and doubloons were being reported both in Chat and
    in the HUD.)
  • Corrected the Garrison Commander who was incorrectly stating you defenders
    could only turning in unrest bundles when the port is in International Tension.
    It's now clearer that both attackers and defenders can turn in unrest bundles at
    any time, but defenders' unrest bundles will only apply after unrest has been
    gained on the port
  • Skirmish: Increased the point spread for high level ships. Basic level 50
    ships still have a point cost of 100, which gradually scales up to ~140 for
    refits and then up to 250 (instead of 200) for First Rates.
  • Skirmish: If you sink in a skirmish and another teammate ;sinks or has sunk
    within a few (30) ;seconds and your team has shared respawns remaining, the two
    of you will respawn at the same time. Same thing if more than two of you sink
    within seconds of each other. This helps you coordinate attacks and counter the
    threat of spawn-camping.
  • Skirmish: Decreased the distance between initial team spawns in the Curving
    Coast encounter so you can get to the fun faster.
  • Fixed a bug with Nation chat in Skirmish.
  • We tweaked the Skirmish UI a bit - more to come.
  • Skirmish: It was possible to group with a member of an opposing team. Fixed.
  • If you accept a challenge to Duel, you will be removed from your group.

Art / Sound:

  • If you are a female Buccaneer and received the Buckle-Strap Boots, you can
    now wear the Pegleg version at the correct level if you have earned a pegleg, as
  • Added to the Capital cities rooms for Role Players to party in. Look for the
    drama masks on a door. Schedule your event by posting it in the Salty
    Sea Dog Inn.
  • Fixed a chambering problem in a room used in the mission "It's a Jungle Out
    There" and many others.
  • Ambergris: Fixed the lighting on some barrels.
  • Belize: Fixed an NPC who was floating above a barrel.
  • Belle Isle: Fixed some awning problems.
  • Cat Island: Fixed an NPC who liked to pretend his rifle was a spyglass.
  • Jenny Bay: Fixed some camera clipping issues and several other graphical
    issues in this town.
  • BSharp tweaked lighting and shadows in a number of rooms.
  • Lute players in the taverns now vary their tunes.
  • Added flag rustling sounds to the flags in some towns.
  • Port Royal: Tweaked the sound at the shore - now less intense.


  • Area Chat now broadcasts to the area around a port when you are inside a
  • We removed language restrictions on all shared chat channels, and removed
    Diplomacy from the general trainers. Any players who previously had the
    Diplomacy skill will still have it, but it has no use now. If you have the
    Diplomacy skill, you get 3 free Career Respecs, and will have to respec in order
    to regain the Skill Point spent on that skill.
  • Added a Survey button to the Server Selection UI. Historically, we have
    surveyed you about every patch we release and we notify you of the survey in the
    LaunchPad Message of the Day. Station Launcher doesn't always show the LP MOTD
    so survey response has dropped off drastically. We really do value your feedback
    so are making the link to the survey more readily available.

Stability / Performance:

  • Cut down on the number of unnecessary skills that an NPC acquires. This, in
    turn, cuts down on bandwidth usage. (It may make some NPCs fight a little
    smarter too.)
  • Fixed a crash that a few of you hit that was caused by a list box not being
    able to determine an item's category. (If you hit this crash, it was likely
    while trading or viewing your inventory.)
  • If you walked away from a trade and then tried to accept it after the window
    closed, you could crash the game. Fixed.
  • Fixed a crash that a few of you hit when we did the wrong thing with our
    calculation of your stored labor. (Not that you lost or gained labor incorrectly
    but that we sent it into the ether and caused a crash.)
  • Fixed a mission server crash that could occur if the owner of a Skirmish
    left the skirmish without killing it and then logged out.
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PostSubject: Re: NO MOAR DIPLOMACY   NO MOAR DIPLOMACY Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 8:39 am

I must say these are some awesome notes. Can't wait to see them in action.

mmm blockade Cool
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PostSubject: Re: NO MOAR DIPLOMACY   NO MOAR DIPLOMACY Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 2:58 pm

I'm going to try to patch onto Testbed tonight, and try out the new mechanics. Anyone want to come along?
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PostSubject: Re: NO MOAR DIPLOMACY   NO MOAR DIPLOMACY Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 3:09 pm

crappy lappy is crappy

so you will have to torture me with the details! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: NO MOAR DIPLOMACY   NO MOAR DIPLOMACY Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 5:05 pm

Marcus Villnius wrote:
so you will have to torture me with the details!

I'm more than happy to torture you.

I'm letting the new computer patch up to current testbed while I feebly attempt to help flip Havana.
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PostSubject: Re: NO MOAR DIPLOMACY   NO MOAR DIPLOMACY Icon_minitime

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