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 Supplies from Europe.

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PostSubject: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 2:19 pm

It’s nearing dusk before the Sloop finally ties off at the docks, three men jump from the deck even before the plank is lowered onto the dock. Without a word being said they begin walking inland at a hurried pace. As they reach the door of the Albatross one motions for his two companions to wait outside near the well. He has a long coat reaching to his ankles and a musketeers’ hat with one white feather tucked into the band on the right side. His coal black hair is greasy and cut to the top of his neck, falling from his hat haphazardly, a few strands partially covering his right eye. As he approaches the door to the pub a gust of wind blows his coat out behind him, revealing a saber on one hip, a short dirk on the other, and three pistols in the bandoleer slung over his left shoulder. Holding his hat against the wind he heads for the door and wraps his coat back around him before entering.

The man is quite obviously French and proud of the fact based on the predominantly blue coloring of his outfit and the fleur de lis brandished on his coats lapel. After waiting for his eyes to adjust to the lighting he walks over to the bar and asks the name of the man standing behind it. “Willem.” Came the reply, “and this fine establishment be the Albatross. What’s your drink?”

Placing some coins on the counter before leaning closer, he lowered his voice, but only slightly. “Actually, I am looking for a commandant MacBane, where can I find him?”

Picking up the coins and wiping the counter with a dirty rag, Willem nonchalantly points to a man sitting at a table on the wall opposite the bar.

Walking up to the man indicated, coat flourishing behind him, chest puffed out like a bird performing some ritual, so ingrained in his being that it was simply a part of his nature, he gave a quick nod without lowering his eyes and began to speak.

“Monsieur MacBane?” He asked, pausing for a moment to read the mans expression. The bar keep turned around and began to occupy himself with wiping out some empty mugs, in part to seemingly keep his nose out of other’s business while at the same time keeping his ears wide open, and in part to prevent the newcomer from noticing the barely contained snicker on his face.

Without waiting for a reply, the newcomer jumped into his obviously rehearsed introductory, “Salut! I am Commandant Benoit Bontecou of the free trader Luron de mer. La Regent Duc d’Orleans, Philippe the Second, has sent me in the name of King Louis the Fifteenth and on behalf of the peoples of France.” Wiping his hand on his coat and offering it in greeting he continued his dialogue. “You have received correspondence concerning of my coming and our arrangement, oui?”

Although the wide brim of his hat cast a shadow over his face it was quite plain by his demeanor that the Frenchmen’s eyes had never stopped wandering from one dark corner to the next during his conversation, as if expecting something to jump out at him. During the silence which ensued, while MacBane sat quietly judging the Frenchmen, a gust of wind outside caused the door to jiggle in its hinges and Benoit quickly turned around slipping his right hand into his coat. After determining no one was coming in, he turned once again to face MacBane. At this last notion of paranoia Willem could no longer contain himself and let forth a short chuckle accompanied by his trademark huge grin which showed all his teeth, or at least all those he still had left.

MacBane was now standing and offering his own hand in greeting, “Yes, I have received a letter.” He had a smile on his face as well, but with none of the contempt which had been displayed by that of the bar keep.

Accepting his hand and continuing on with his conversation, Benoit gave a short description of his ship, his crew, and news from Europe; his English having that thick French accent indicating he hadn’t been too enthusiastic during his studies.

After most of the formalities were out of the way, the French free trader stood up, gave another nod to MacBane and declared, “My ships’ hold is filled with timbre, sabers, pistols, nails, and whale oil as promised.” Then leaning in close to MacBane, he continued in a whisper, “and a couple casks of rum, compliments of la Regent.” Then, folding his hands across his chest, he said “All of which are to be immediately turned over to your authority. In addition, my orders are to use my ship, my crew, and my holdings at Saint-Domingue to make trade in the name of France and to assist you, God willing, in sending to the bottom of the sea, any English dogs who get in our way.” At this point he thrust one finger up in the air.

Smiling to himself, Benoit turned for the door, pausing for a moment and then turning back to face MacBane he said, “Ah, I almost forget,” reaching into his coat he pulled out a yellowed envelope, “I was asked to give you this.” And he pushed the envelope into Hamish’s hands. “I will stay on the Luron de mer until her holds are empty, and then sail for Saint-Domingue. You are welcome aboard anytime, bonne soiree.” And with that, the Frenchmen gave a flourish and stepped out into the night, hand once again holding his hat in place.

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PostSubject: Re: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 8:26 pm

Dermid peers out from private area of the tavern and enters slowly after the Frenchman takes his leave. Making his way over towards Hamish is still a chore but the legs are recovering at a measured pace.

"Evenin'." He gives Hamish a quick pat upon the back. "Don't be scared. I'm not dead yet. Did I hear that he brings supplies? Indeed you continue to do good work for us good Hamish. I thought most was lost. Perhaps more of your letters will find old friends and bring us back to our feet sooner than I thought just a day ago."

"I must say that it is good to see the support of France without the crown so tightly knit. Wilhelm tells me of the recent turn of officers from the king and whilst I understand the current need, we need not be watched too close. I am a man of an arm's distance and want little part of official duty."

"Bah... but enough of work. It is time that I eat and regain my weight so that I don't become lost in the next wind. Plus my ears heard of rum." *laughing* "Soon enough... soon enough.. I may have lost my strength but not my love for the tin."
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PostSubject: Re: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2007 10:18 pm

Hamish shakes his head and chuckles at the flurry of activity revolving around the French Freetrader. The man was in and out before he could say much of anything. He wondered if the man knew that in joining the Confederacy he would not be reporting so closely to any King anymore. Hamish found it more beneficial to all involved if their activities were kept closer to the coat and only those that needed to know anything knew. It made it easier for the King and his people to say what they needed to if they really truly did not know what was going on. As long as the taxes were paid and the governors were given their "incentives" then everything was well with them. Not to mention the King's presence was never really felt in the Indies. Even the Naval Officers were more of a free sort that did what they needed to. There may be no declarations of war, but that didn't stop most enterprising Officers from making a bit of profit here and there.

Still, the letter he had received concerning the gentleman said he worked for a friend and if the man was directing Benoit to throw in his lot with the Confederacy then Hamish would give the man a chance. That's all he could do with any of them. He felt the right people were coming to this little endeavor.

Hamish nodded to Dermid, "Wull thank ye fer tha' vote o' confidence. Ah'm nae knowin' ef et's me doin' a thing. We posted ower cause an' grievences an' apparently we strewk a cord, eh? We've a journey ahead o' us though. Thurs riches tae be 'ad an' Ah want ower merchants getting more'n their fair share o' et. Ah wanna see thus lit'le venture turn inta sumthin' grand. Per'aps sumthin' Darien shoulda been." Hamish knew he had touched a sore spot, but he also hoped perhaps that it would give Dermid something to shoot for. His family had been one of the ones to suffer greatly during that venture and Hamish wanted him to look beyond what was to what could be. What they could make happen that would surpass any previous attempts.

"Wull, we'll see, mate, we'll see. Per'aps God 'as more o' 'Is Grand Plan tae share wit' us, aye?"

Hamish clapped Dermid on the shoulder and continued nursing his beer.

Captain Hamish MacBane
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The Highland Confederacy
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PostSubject: Re: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2007 3:04 pm

((All communications in this post are conducted in French))

Because Benoit had arrived so late into port that evening, he put all other things out of his mind that didn’t revolve around locating the Albatross. Having had no desire to wander around in the darkness trying to find it, he grabbed two of his gunmen and headed off to the reputed Highland Confederacy establishment before his ship had even been tied off. As it turned out, the place hadn’t been too hard to find, just outside the docks he happened upon an old woman carry a basket of fish trying to make that last sale before dusk. She had no trouble pointing the way for him; it was almost visible from the road adjacent to the docks. The French tradesman passed her a coin as was the proper thing to do and made his way to his destination.

It wasn’t until later in the evening, when he had returned to his Sloop, that Benoit realized how hungry he was. Once on deck he dismissed his companions, asking one to find the first mate and have him report. He then headed for his cabin, closed the door behind him and threw his jacket and saber onto the bad. Pulling a loaf of bread from it’s wrappings inside one of the cupboards, he ripped off a large piece and hastily shoved it into his mouth, laying the rest down on his desk. he took some cheese out of the same cupboard.

The knock on his cabin door once again reminded him that the night’s activities were far from over, “Yes, Zacharie?”

His first mate spoke up from outside the door, “It’s me captain.”

“Come in.” Benoit set the cheese on his desk next to the bread and then bent down to grab a jug of water from one of the many crates along his cabin wall. Zacharie came in and sat down in one of the two chairs opposite the desk, he waited patiently for his captain to situate himself.

Finally seated behind his desk, Benoit set the jug on top and opened one of the drawers, pulling out a knife he sliced off a piece of cheese, tore off another, somewhat smaller piece of bread, put them both in his mouth and took a long drink from the water jug. “You hungry?” he asked after swallowing hard to get his food down, suggestively pushing the loaf of bread he now had in his hand out towards Zacharie.

“No, thank you.” was the first mates only reply. He looked on as Benoit busied himself with staving off hunger; he was all too familiar with his captains tendency to get so caught up into something that he would forget to eat, he was wealthy enough to afford the finer things but, food was not his passion, somehow though, he did have very specific preferences in wine.

After a few more combinations of bread, cheese and water he finally felt contented enough to focus back onto business, “Sorry, I’m just so hungry and I don’t know why.” Zacharie nodded in understanding and Benoit continued on, “Is everything all set up?”

“Yes, I am ready.” He knew what the captain really meant was ‘Are you ready for a long night and are the men in place?’

“Good, I think everything will go well, but” he raised his eyebrows to emphasize the point, “there has been a change in plans.” Zacharie didn’t show it on the outside, but inside he began to wonder whether some stroke of bad luck was about to fall upon them. The captain showed no signs of concern and that did much to make him feel better.

“Just a modification really, but it will have no effect on what you are to do tonight.” Benoit took a swig of water and ripped off a little piece of bread, holding it in his hand while he talked, ”I’m going to stay in port for a month or so. As soon as the supplies are off loaded I’m going to move the Bitch over to the shipyards for maintenance and repairs.”

The ships name was the Sea Sprite, but the crew usually referred to her as the Sea Bitch because she was so sturdy and strong and had stood up to many fierce storms, holding out well, almost defiantly so. “She’s not bad but, I want her in pristine condition when we do decide to leave.”

Zacharie noticed the captains use of ‘I’ when talking of staying and ‘we’ when mentioning leaving, “Are you sure that’s wise?” He said, adjusting himself to the other side of his chair, his leg having become numb on that side. He and Benoit were more than just first mate and captain but, they did a good job of hiding it, even from the crew; their work involved more than just trading goods.

Standing up and walking over to the starboard window Benoit pretended to ponder the question but, he really just wanted to look outside and see if anything interesting was going on, he saw nothing but beach and ocean. It was a half moon so there was some light, but the clouds were low effectively dimming the scenery to a soft glow, he supposed that was a good thing.

The Sea Sprite had been directed to the Northern most dock in the harbor; it was shallower on that side and therefore could only accommodate mid-size or smaller ships. He had pulled her in bow first so that the starboard window was facing away from all the other ships docked there.

Turning back to his first mate he said, “No, not at all, but it should be fun.” And with a big smile he sat back down in his chair.

Zacharie shook his head, but he was smiling too, “How typical.”

“Tomorrow sometime, I’d like you to look around town a bit, see if you can find any legitimate weapons masters, our men should become acquainted with any local styles.” Benoit paused for a moment and took a deep breath, “Also, please see if you can find an English teacher.” Zacharie started to laugh but Benoit cut him off, “No, really I’m serious. We’re going to be in these waters for quite a long time and I’ll need to be good with English, really good in order to make the best deals. Set up sessions for the men too, it will be in their best interest to understand what the enemy is saying if we ever get into a scuffle.”

Benoit carefully wrapped the left over cheese and bread before placing them back into the cupboard. “Let Joachim and Theo know; tell them to divide the men up into three shifts. Let Theo work out the details, make sure there’s enough here for unloading and when we move over to the shipyard. Tell Joachim I want two on the deck and one on the dock at all times.”

Benoit stood up once again, put the water jug back in place and pulled three cups out of a small cupboard, placing them on his desk. “Oh! And I know how good you are at finding things out, so please find which place in town has the best wine.” Zacharie already had a good idea of where to go, he had made use of his time while Benoit was at the Albatross, walking along the docks and speaking with the sailors from the other ships in port that night. He had a way about him, a gift of sorts, people would always open up to him, they somehow found him easy to confide in, even after just meeting him, and he had used that gift to it’s fullest, and worked on it, and built it up, until finding out even the best kept secrets were as easy to obtain as breathing in air or walking down the street. It also helped that he had an excellent memory and could recall things from years past, things that most people would have forgotten even before they had finished hearing them.

Having picked his discarded items off the bed and putting them in their proper places among the pegs on his wall, Benoit turn to his first mate and said, “Thanks Zacharie. Please have our two friends come up to see me, I’m ready for them now.”

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PostSubject: Re: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2007 3:49 pm

After Zacharie had left his cabin, Benoit lifted his necklace over his head and used the key on it to open a large chest at the back of his cabin. He then took out a match box from a cubby in his beds headboard; inside was a small key which he used to open a second, smaller chest that had been placed inside the big one. From this new chest he pulled out three small coin purses, placing one in his pocket and putting the other two on his desk.

Next, he opened a large chest that was at the foot of his bed, this one was
unlocked. He stopped momentarily, hearing voices outside his door followed by a soft knock. “Captain?” his first mate had returned.

Pushing aside some clothes he removed a bottle of wine and paused to admire the label before closing the chest. “Please come in.”

Two men entered his cabin; one was a dark haired Dutchmen named Nicolaas and the other an Englishmen named John, both were of average height and build. Zacharie stayed out side, closing the door after the two foreigners had entered. The Englishmen was the first to speak up, “Eve’nin Cap’in.” He looked to be in his late twenties and had the beginnings of a beard on his face, it was quite evident the man was starting to go bald but, he made no effort to hide it. “Hope all is well with you.”

The Dutchmen made no words, he was a quiet man who tended to look down on others and had a very cynical approach to the world, but he was very good at what he did so most times his rudeness was overlooked. All three remained standing.

Benoit began pouring wine into the three cups. “I am well John, thank you. Are you both ready? Are there any last questions?” He handed out two of the cups and took one for himself.

Taking the offered cup, the Dutchmen finally spoke up. “Yes, been ready.” John voiced his readiness as well.

“Well then, to your health.” Benoit raised his cup to each man in turn and took a drink. “There, on the desk,” he nodded at the coin purses, “are three months advance, I’m sure you’ll use it wisely.” He finished his wine, set down his cup and began walking towards the door. “Oh yes, we will be staying in port for at least a month, so take your time getting set up and make your contacts with Zach in around 30 days.”

Before reaching the door the captain turned to face his two guests. “Gentlemen, don’t forget, do not leave at the same time tonight.” And with that he opened the door and all three walked out into the night.

Zacharie was standing near the planks leading down to the dock, speaking with one of the ships gunmen who had been one of the unlucky ones picked for night watch. Benoit called over to him, “Zach, I’d like to speak with you.” then waved him over.

Nodding to Nicolaas and John as he passed, Zacharie followed the captain into his cabin. Once inside Benoit took out the third coin purse and handed it to him. “Gautier will be wanting this.”

The first mate quickly put the purse inside his tunic, nodded, and made for the door.

After everyone had left, Benoit sat down on the bed and laid his bandoleer over one of the posts. Taking his boots off and letting out a deep sigh, he clasped his hands behind his head and lay back contemplating his next moves.

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PostSubject: Re: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2007 6:23 pm

Benoit awoke to voices carried on the wind from somewhere out on the docks. He gave a soft curse under his breath; he must have fallen asleep while laying in his bed thinking. Looking out his window to gage the sun he figured it was fairly early, but well past the time for the night fishermen to have returned. He pulled out a wash bowl, poured some water into it and began cleaning himself up.

Down on the docks things were as they have always been, sailors going through the motions of their usual tasks, locals calling out their wares, hammering and haggling mixed in with the calls of the gulls all to create the sounds and smells of a sea faring life. After changing into a fresh shirt, captain Benoit of the free trader Sea Sprite stepped out onto the deck of his ship and poured his washbowl over the side.

“Good morning captain.” The ships cook was coming up the gang plank, having just purchased some fish from the morning market, which would be the morning meal for those on duty. “Conch and Jacks” he said, lifting his basket into the air, “You want breakfast this morning?”

“Yes, sounds good, thank you Maury.” Benoit returned to his cabin and stowed the wash bowl. He had meant to do some writing last night but that will have to wait now, he hated doing any serious thinking in the morning, preferring to relax and collect his thoughts for the day. Besides, he told himself, he had already missed this morning’s mail ship so there was no hurry. Instead he walked out to the poop deck to take in the sights of the harbor and town.

Some time later Maury brought up a plate of food for him, after finishing Benoit went out to explore the town a bit. It was a pleasant little town, and seemed in good condition when considering the stories of hurricanes people gossiped about back in Europe when talking about the Caribbean. The free trader had no goal in mind or set path, he just wanted to get a feel for the town layout and what shops were present. Their was a tiny little church in the middle near the town square and canvas tents set up all along the out side of the square, people calling out for him to “just take a look” at any and all imaginable assortment of baubles, medicines, charms, spices, vegetables… the list seemed endless, all needs seemed to be represented in those tents, well almost, he also noted a couple brothels and several pubs during his stroll. All in all, the town was fairly small compared to the places he had frequented during his trading trips along Western Europe and the Mediterranean.

It was long past midday before he returned to the docks and his little sloop at the North end of the harbor. Shortly after arriving, Zacharie came to his cabin and gave a report of the previous nights activities and the results of his search for a local weapons master, which turned out fruitless, but he was able to find an English teacher, a Mr. Clark, and an inn keeper who carried quit a nice selection of wines.

After all the reports were finished and a small problem with the watch schedule settled, Benoit finally decided it was time to sit down and write the letters he had been promising himself to do.

Quote :
~ le 20 octobre.
Mi amour, il est aussi dur que j'ai prévu. Chaque fois que je ferme mes yeux que vous êtes là, quand personne ne me parle directement mes pensées dérivent au loin vers vous, quand je peux parvenir à bloquer dehors tous les bruits je me trouve peux juste à peine sentir vos cheveux et sentir mes lèvres légèrement toucher votre joue. D'autres fois je peux vous entendre chuchoter à moi mais, je ne peux pas faire dehors ce que vous dites, à lui n'importe pas, audition juste votre voix et en sachant vos mots soyez pour moi est assez pour me passer, même lorsqu'elle est seulement imaginaire. Mes dernières pensées chaque nuit avant que je dorme sont de vous, se demandant ce que vous faites chaque jour tandis que je suis jusqu'ici parti. Parfois j'étends éveillé et nous imagine m'asseoir ensemble sur la véranda pendant l'une de ces pluies d'été, je combats outre de mon sommeil de sorte que je puisse rester avec vous plus longtemps. Je sens mon coeur affaiblir chaque seconde de chaque jour, comme l'essai ainsi mettre en forme de tasse dur l'eau dans des vos mains, il n'y a aucune manière pour que je l'arrête. Je mets dessus un visage pour le mon sers d' équipier mais, je crains qu'elles puissent reprendre sur mon manque de foyer ; les décisions semblent venir plus lent à moi en date de tard.

Je suis arrivé en Martinique hier et le rai avec M. Hamish MacBane qui a le fonctionnement l'organisation que j'ai été affecté à, il est un Scotsman et moi n'ont aucune impression de lui en date d'encore. La ville ici n'est pas complètement désagréable et le paysage est tout à fait beau. Je resterai dans ce port pour qu'un peu donne au servir d' équipier un repos et pour nettoie le Sprite vers le haut d'un peu. J'espère que chacun est puits là, n'indique le grand-papa non manger trop voient la nourriture et ralentissent sur le vin ou sa goutte reviendra. L'élasticité Solene une étreinte et un baiser pour moi, lui indiquent que le non, je n'ont vu aucun pirate encore.
Amour, L'Olive

~ October 20th.
My love, it is as hard as I expected. Every time I close my eyes you are there, when no one is talking directly to me my thoughts drift off towards you, when I can manage to block out all sounds I find I can just barely smell your hair and feel my lips lightly touch your cheek. Other times I can hear you whispering to me but, I can’t make out what you are saying, however it doesn’t matter; just hearing your voice and knowing your words are for me is enough to get me by, even when it’s only imaginary.

My last thoughts each night before I sleep are of you, wondering what you are doing each day while I’m so far away. Sometimes I lay awake and imagine us together sitting on the veranda during one of those summer rains, I fight off my sleep so that I can stay with you longer. I feel my heart weakening every second of every day, like trying so hard to cup water in your hands, there’s no way for me to stop it from leaking away. I put on a face for my crew but, I fear they are able to pick up on my lack of focus; decisions seem to come slower to me as of late.

I arrived in Martinique yesterday and spoke with a Mr. Hamish MacBane who’s running the organization I was assigned to, he’s a Scotsman and I have no impression of him as of yet, only haven spoke to him briefly. The town here isn’t completely unpleasant and the scenery is quite beautiful. I will stay in this port for a bit to give the crew a rest and clean the Sea Sprite. I hope everyone is well there, tell grandpa no to eat too much sea food and slow down on the wine or his gout will come back. Give Solene a hug and kiss for me, tell her 'no', I haven’t seen any pirates yet.

Love, Benoit
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PostSubject: Re: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2007 7:44 pm

Benoit took a sip of wine, then fished a signet out from his desk drawer and sealed his first letter, the second one he wrote in English:
Quote :
~ October 20th

Gwen, I have arrived in Martinique without any trouble from my crew. I found my time piece but, haven’t looked at it much, my impression is that it’s not of high quality, but maybe it’s built well, I’ll have to wait and see. I’ve heard there is a small amount of fishing here, but I’ve only gone out once.

Once I get situated I plan on studying the history of the local Civilizations. I haven’t bought any wine here yet, so I can’t give any impressions as to the quality. Remember before I left I was reading up on the Mongolian Aggressions, I plan to continue that study as well while I’m here but, haven’t found any books on the subject, though I haven’t really had time to look. Please tell Solene I will look for some jewelry for her.
Hope you are well,

Love benoit
Looking over his latest work, and being satisfied with the results, he sealed it and addressed both letters identically. The second was quite obviously coded but, he felt confident no one would be able to decipher it.
Relieved that his work was finished, Benoit took another sip of wine and left his cabin in search of his first mate, Zacharie; he wanted to make sure these letters made it safely and discretely to the mail ship tomorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 5:55 pm

Benoit awoke the next morning to a knock on his door. He looked out the window and saw that it was still dark out but, there was a glimmer of light on the horizon. Throwing on some pants and a shirt he heard Zach call out softly from behind the door. “It’s me, Zacharie.” The captain walked over and opened the door, motioning his first mate to come in.

“Sorry to wake you up at this hour but, something has happened during the night and I think you will want to know about it.” Zachrie stayed silent while waiting for the captain to get his bearings.

After massaging his face with both hands Benoit still felt only half awake so he took his shirt back off and splashed some water on his face from the wash bowl. The coolness of the water on his face helped a lot, enough to realize he might as well wash up, like it or not he was up for the day. He put a towel around his neck, looked at Zach and said, “Ok, let’s hear it.” Then began splashing water through his hair and grabbed for his soap.

“There’s talk around the docks that some sailors saw three men carrying the body of a fourth along the harbor last night; it was during the short hours." Thinking about when and where he got the information reminded Zach of other business he was up to that morning. "Oh, By the way, I put your letters on the mail ship myself this morning." Then he came back to his previous train of though. "Anyway, at first I didn’t understand what was so interesting about a few drunken sailors carrying a passed out mate back to their ship, but everyone seemed more hushed then normal so, on my way back from the mail ship I asked around.” Zacharie stopped to consider what order to relay the night’s events. After a few seconds of silence Benoit looked up to see if something was wrong, the look from his captain brought Zacharie out of his contemplations and he continued on, “As it turns out, Hamish MacBane came up missing last night as well.” At this latest statement, Benoit stopped what he was doing and sat down on his bed to listen carefully to what his first mate was saying.

Zacharie sat down in one of the chairs and continued, “Of course I tried to find out all I could, the problem is almost every story I heard was conflicting. Some said the man was carried aboard a ship with black sails, some said they took him to one of the brothels, one said they went aboard a 50 gun Brig and the sailor right next to him said it had 100 guns. One guy even said they put the body in a rum barrel and carried it aboard the Luron de mer!" both men gave a chuckle at his last story.

“Ok, well I guess we’re going to have to investigate every story and potential lead until we come up with something.” said Benoit as he stood up and continued washing. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of this new turn of events. Having just arrived two days ago, and only haven spoken with MacBane briefly, he wasn’t sure if he should get directly involved or not. He wondered if it was going to be the norm for people to come up missing over here, perhaps he should tell his wife not to even consider coming out to meet him, but that’s something he could think about later. Right now he wanted to get as much information as possible about MacBane and who took him.

While Benoit’s mind was racing about how to best use this information, Zacharie was describing to him who was following what lead, “… then I went to Fernand’s and asked him to look into the story about a body being driven off in a small wagon pulled by two horses…” Benoit was only partially listening, he had some decisions of his own to think about.

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PostSubject: Re: Supplies from Europe.   Supplies from Europe. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2007 7:31 am

OOC: Excellent story!! Took me a while to get to it, but great!
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“Captain?” Zacharie had not seen Benoit this focused since leaving Europe. Perhaps this is good for him; take his mind off his wife and daughter and focus on our assignment he thought.

“Hmm? Oh yes, I’m sorry Zach, what did you say?” Benoit had finished washing up and was fully dressed now.

“I was asking if there was anything else you wanted me to do.” Zacharie felt confident that he had set everything up nicely and hoped a real lead would show itself soon, but The Captain of the Luron de Mer was no mere merchant and his quick rise had more to do with him making his own luck that with any provided by Zacharie or even Lady Luck herself.

“No, you know what to do Zach and you are the best at it.” If something comes up look for me at the Albatross if I’m not here.” Benoit clasped his friends shoulder as they both made their way to the cabin door, “Thank you old friend.”

Zacharie smiled and went on his way; he had many people to talk to.

After Zach had left, Benoit took an envelope out from his desk drawer, opened the letter within, and removed a yellow card which he placed in his pocket before returning the letter and envelope to there rightful place. Locking the door to his cabin the Free Trader took note of the weather, it was breezy but, for the most part there was a clear sky; it may turn out to be a good day he thought, he hoped more than just the weather was good that day.
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Benoit entered the small church and quietly sat down in the third row, taking from his pocket a yellow card which he held in both hands as he leaned forward as if in prayer. After some time a man in robes approached him, “You look troubled, would you like to talk about it?”

“Yes, thank you, I would.” Benoit put the yellow card back in his pocket as the priest sat down close to him and they began to whisper.
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Supplies from Europe.
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