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 The Story of Kiel O'Cahan

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The Story of  Kiel O'Cahan Empty
PostSubject: The Story of Kiel O'Cahan   The Story of  Kiel O'Cahan Icon_minitimeMon Sep 03, 2007 10:06 pm

Kiel o'Cahan was born in 1685 in a small seaside village in Ulster, Ireland. His father was a longshoreman and a patriot. When Kiel was 4 his Father and Uncle left to join the Jacobite forces in their rebellion aginst the british. His Father was killed on 12 July 1691 at the Battle of Aughrim. His uncle had been killed a year earler at The Battle of the Boyne. The straw the broke the camels back was when Pro-british gurillias burned Kiels Pro-Jacobite village. After the war ended Kiel and his two Brothers Liam and Patrick took to being sailors of a sort. They were crew-members upon the merchent ship Caldoon. The merchent looks of the ship was a cover up, the real goal of the ship was to continue the war aginst the british by raiding british merchants. This is where Kiel learned many of the skills he would later use as a Privateer.

In 1715 the First Jacobite Rising began in scotland. Hearing news of this Liam O'Cahan gathered local patriots and sailors to the towns pub. They formed a a Irish company of Voulunteers willing to fight under the jacobite flag in scotland. They called themselfs "The Northern Company" because they were from Northren Ireland. The company headed to Scotland and became known as a toughf company of "crazed irishmen". They fought with distintion at the Battle of Sheriffmuir, although sadly Kiels youngest brother, Patrick was killed while leading a charge. As the jacobite cause was slowly getting defated the Northren Company never gave up hope.

In 1719 the Company and other rebels met the british at the Battle of Glen Shiel. The battle was a horrific loss for the Jacobites. Kiel O'Cahan also watched as his older brother, and Commander of The Northern Company was shot dead by british troops. Seeing that the army was gone for and that much of the company was dead Kiel, the survivors of the Company, and a few scotsman retreated to a nearby port witch was in posession of a brand new british ship. With little trouble Kiel, now commander of this company of rebels "commandered" the ship and sailed it with his crew to southren france. He named the ship "Northern Hope" to show thast the cause the Northern Company fought for was not yet lost. While in exile in a french port Kiel sees a intresting reqruitment flyer for a confederacy of freedom fighters and patriots. He immediatly sends a letter to the commander.........
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The Story of Kiel O'Cahan
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