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 Captian Jack McBain - Bio

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PostSubject: Captian Jack McBain - Bio   Captian Jack McBain - Bio Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2007 4:22 pm

To Clan McBain nothing has been more important than their fight to restore James VIII to his rightful place as King of Scotland and England. It has been that way as far back as Jack can remember. As recently as 1715 grievous losses were suffered by the Highland Clans during the First Jacobite Rising; Jack lost two of his Uncles and four of his cousins to the fighting in the Scottish Borders. Now, four years past that sad day all the highlanders have for their devotion to James is great loss of both souls and treasure.

As Sept of Clan Chattam and under its auspices Clan McBain spent most of the first half of 1719 hatching a long shot effort to reverse their fortunes with a risky plan that put Jack at the point of the biggest and possibly last effort to restore James. He was to take his family maritime trading company’s schooner, Hornet, to the Greater Antilles and there make contact with a group calling itself the Highland Confederacy. His objective was to join their ranks and secure letters of marquee from Scotland’s ally, le Bein-Aimé, France’s 19 year old King Louis XV. But, there existed much confusion at the time and nothing was certain

At 29 years old, Jack felt himself both capable and confident to undertake his mission. He was an active member of his family’s maritime business since the age of 13. The past five years were spent as Captain of various small merchant vessels his family owned; currently he is Master of the schooner Hornet – a vessel of which he is most proud.

In August 1719 Jack made ready Hornet for the crossing to the Carib; many of the details of his venture were yet to be confirmed. He knew little of the group he was to meet save he was to locate an inn called Albatross on the island of Martinique and there, using all caution in his inquiry, identify its owner, one Willem McDough. He was assured that letters of introduction would be sent on ahead and that the matter of marquee would be taken care of as well.

One thing he has always known; it is impossible for him to hide his heritage; he stands above the crowd with his six foot two frame and 16 stone weight. But, it is his flame red hair, clear green eyes and Scottish brogue that make his identify obvious. He chooses to wear the standard dress of a modest sea captain. He is a young man, not formally educated but naturally intelligent and inquisitive. His good upbringing provides him with the natural confidence of a young man who knows both his allegiances and obligations. He trusts his own instincts and relies upon them. Most of all he is true to his clan and to his King, James VIII.

It is now November 11, 1719. Hornet completed a safe passage on October 10, and Captain Jack McBain has met with leaders of the Highland Confederacy. After a month of anticipation he is formally accepted as a full member of The Highland Confederacy. He now adds this brave group of men and women to those whom he pledges his honor.

As has been the bane of all who fight for just cause, he now awaits the action sure to follow…
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Captian Jack McBain - Bio
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