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 An outlet for our fan fiction

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An outlet for our fan fiction Empty
PostSubject: An outlet for our fan fiction   An outlet for our fan fiction Icon_minitimeMon Nov 19, 2007 7:10 pm

Hey everyone, Pasanda over at the POTBSVault sent me an e-mail announcing that the site just went live. There's a lot of content there, including some that (according to a post on the official POTBS boards today) seems to come from the Beta, posted with the consent of POTBS.

Perhaps the most interesting thing from our perspective is that they have a section of the site devoted entirely to POTBS-related fan fiction. We have a wealth of material already, and a lot of good writers here, so this could be a useful way to a) get your work more widely known, and b) promote the confederacy.

Here's the link to the fan fiction site: there's a submit button down the side under the "features" menu:

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An outlet for our fan fiction
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