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 Seamus O'Flynn Bio

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PostSubject: Seamus O'Flynn Bio   Seamus O'Flynn Bio Icon_minitimeWed Nov 28, 2007 4:10 am

Seamus O'Flynn was born in Dublin,Ireland to Connor & Siobhan O'Flynn.
Connor O'Flynn was an officer in the army of Confederate Ireland forced to leave during the infamous flight of the wild geese.
Unable to immediatly follow Connor,Siobhan and the infant Seamus sought refuge in the highlands among Siobhan's clan, the McKendricks.
Yet misfortune seemed thier lot with Siobhan being felled by the fever within the space of two years leaving Seamus to be raised by his uncle Hugh McKendrick. After eight years in the highlands a letter arrived for the now 11 year old Seamus,the letter detailed his father's service with the Irish Brigade of the French Royal Army as well as containing money for a passage to Calais. Seamus' education was continued in France for the next four years aquiring the education expected of a young man of aristocratic lineage.(Even minor aristocracy like Seamus' family)
Now fifteen Seamus joined the Irish Brigade as a cadet attached to the cavalry company his father commanded serving as Connor's Aide-De-Camp while learning tactics & command.By 1714 Seamus had earned the rank of Lieutenant and command of his own cavalry squadron,Both Seamus and his father commanded troops during the 1715 rebellion where they were among the lucky ones to escape mainly due to the help of thier kinsmen of Clan McKendrick. Arriving back in France Connor O'Flynn announced he was retiring from the Irish Brigade. Seamus decided to resign his comission and join his father on board a ship bound for New Orleans where the elder O'Flynn had plans to settle down on a large plantation he had been awarded for service to the French crown.
Alas Connor's peaceful retirement was not to happen,An English privateer attacked the vessel the O'Flynn's were onboard Connor and his son both rallied to the defense of the ship,the English were defeated and driven off
but Connor O'Flynn was among the dead.
Driven by a desire for revenge Seamus sold the family plantation shortly after his arrival in New Orleans using the funds to purchase a small schooner and grease the right palms to receive a letter of marque and reprisal from the French Crown.
In the years since that day Seamus O'Flynn has been the Captain of the Le Maudit(Trans. The Accursed) seeking his revenge and fortune upon the sea.

Seamus O'Flynn is a man of medium build standing six feet & two inches
Blueish grey eyes and dark auburn hair which he shaves and sideburns.Despite the aristocratic background of his family Captain O'Flynn's manner of dress tends toward simple but well made clothing worn in an almost formal style(longcoat,vest,tie,& pressed white shirts)
His only flashy items are the gold hoop earrings and gold buckles on his boots and the fine quality weaponry he has collected over the years

Seamus was raised and educated as one of the aristocracy so besides being well versed in Mathmatics,History,& Classical Literature. Seamus can converse in and read Gaelic,French,Latin,& English. His education also included vocal music and the harpsichord.
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Seamus O'Flynn Bio
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